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  1. Is that a Russian Service Pack? :blink:

    Okay, I found the English version also. Thanks nuhi.

    Sounds a little suspicious to me. Hope you're not jumping the gun. :rolleyes:

  2. Gone dark meaning it shuts down or ?

    Check if your ACPI is installed and maybe it's Hibernating.

    Screen goes dark, hard drives still run. It used to go to standby when I shut the lid and wake up when I opened it. I checked the Bios, Nothing about ACPI in there. Under Device Manager\System devices, all ACPI devices say they are working properly. All drivers seem to be up to date. I've decided to disable the Standby via registry. (see attatched) disablestandby.reg BTW This is an old hp pavilion ze5568cl. Thanks nuhi. You da Man!

  3. :hello: Just did an nLited 1.4.1 SP2 Pro VLK version with Xable's Update Pack including OGA and WGA stuff. nothing special. I used a "last session" from the last time I used Xable's stuff, being careful to insert renewed packs etc... For some reason as yet undiscovered, my laptop just goes dark when I close the lid where it has always gone into standby like a good little laptop should. The standby button is still there where I disable it on my desktop systems. Anyone have a clue as to what might be causing this malfunction of the Standby? :whistle:
  4. :hello: Okay, I think I understand now.

    That's an old addon that is no longer available. :sneaky:

    It takes me a little longer to figure these things out. :whistle:

    I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box. :wacko:

    Merry Christmas :thumbup

    God Bless us everyone.

  5. I've been seeing this advice in various posts...

    Install latest WMP Slipstreamer and then run nLite and add WMP11 installer and it's hotifxes on the hotfixes list and nLite will automatically detect WMP slipstreamer and will use it.

    I on the other hand just use nLite to integrate WMP11_Tweaked.cab without the WMP slipstreamer at the same time as other addons.

    I have not seen any issues and MU doesn't say I need any hotfixes and WMP11 seems to work okay.

    Am I missing something here?

  6. I have a folder I like to call "EXTRAS" in which I have a few post install applications and a few .reg files. I add this to the root of my Installation CD and the first thing I do when the installation completes is copy the "EXTRAS" folder to my desktop to be installed in the time and order I choose and then delete when finished. :rolleyes:

  7. :hello: Okay, I replaced my cable modem even though I had a good connection w/o the router. My new cable modem has a wireless access point built-in. In case you're interested, it's a Motorola Cable Modem Gateway SBG900. My old Toshiba PCX100U DOCSIS modem was 6 years old. I think that may have been the problem. I'll know better in a few days. :hello:

    :thumbup New Cable modem fixed my problem without a doubt. :thumbup

  8. This sucks. I just installed a virgin (not nLited) WinXP SP-2 non-patched, non-updated; not touched in any way new source factory non-slipstreamed disc, and it had the same connection issues when used with my router as the nLited installs. The only way I could connect is w/o my router. My issues are not limited to wireless, but my wired connection (which was working great just a few hours ago) also sucks. :angry: It's a good thing my connection (cable) is so good w/o the router or I would really be losing it! :wacko:

  9. :hello: I'm pretty sure we have the same issue. I'm surprised no one else has reported it. Until your post, I thought it was something I was dealing with alone. I see you have been working on this longer and put much more work into identifying the cause and am much further along than I am. I'm hoping I can contribute something so as to find a solution. Now that I can login to the msfn group again I will post to this thread as soon as I have something constructive to add. Please keep me informed as well as the nLite group.

    BTW What router do you have? Mines a Linksys WRT54G v.6

    My problem affects wired the same as wireless connections.

    It also seems to "fix" itself later in the day. Mornings are bad.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I'm thinking this may have started right after I made a new source by slipstreaming SP2 about six months ago. I lost my original source around then and had to re-slipstream my original disc. I'm going to get another clean SP2 source and start testing with that. If it works I'll post to this thread.

  10. :hello: I guess I should have looked at the link you sited. :whistle:

    There is another copytomoveto.reg that acts differently. I like this one best.

    I'm thinking you need to make it an addon to integrate it, but I don't know. :unsure:

  11. :hello:

    I really like the Prompt Repair option in unattended installation, but ever since I started using this I am getting a License Agreement just before the T -37minute. I figure one has to do with the other. Am I wrong? :unsure: It would be nice not to have to check that box and hit Enter, but I can live with it if necessary.

    Anyway, I always check "Skip OOBE" but at the end of the installation I get the OOBE, except on my old Pentium 3 machine that went straight to the Administrator account. :blink: This is the same installation disc, just different hardware.

    I kind of like the "Who will be using this computer?" prompt :whistle:

    I would appreciate hearing about similar experiences and what if anything can be done to "fix" it.


  12. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    "SetWindowPos"="HwndInsertAfter, Hwnd_Top"


    Make a registry file out of this. It seems to work for me.

    Someone else posted it here awhile ago. :rolleyes:

    See attachment :whistle:tooltips.reg

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