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  1. Yo whats up Its vinay, a BCA student. I am intrested in programming ( especially C, C++, PHP/SQL, Perl, JS ) and anything related to computers. :unsure:

    This is my first post here, I hope I will enjoy! :thumbup

    Yo Whatup boi! Welcome baby and have fun here..Ya know what the deal is xD

    Sorry :blushing:

    Welcome my friend !

  2. I have some experience in Browser..Opera is 50% slow than IE and FIrefox..trust me.

    Sorry for being not able to fulfill your wishes :(, but NO :ph34r: , I won't trust you on your word and self-declared experience.

    When I'll see some data I may.

    Of course, as long it is your personal opinion on the matter, I will hold it in the greatest consideration. :), but still at the moment it sounds to me more like a:

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.

    kind of innuendo.


    You know, I don't care if you don't "trust"me. I don't think i'm important in your life. But, I'm a pc user since I was 5. So please, do not tell me those cr**@

  3. however very slow comparing to Firefox and Google Chrome

    Care to share some data? :unsure:

    Are there more recent tests?



    Or are you talking of "pure" javascript speed?



    It seems like latest 10 Alpha is much faster in them too:


    However, I guess that the small differences in tests cannot really be appreciated in "real life" use, and choosing one over the other should be made over a "personal feeling" rather than on benchmark data....;)


    No , I mean in every things. Take the exemple of loading a Flash Component! To see the flash controls, you must click on the Animation! This is crapy. FIREFOX POWA, PLUS...I have some experience in Browser..Opera is 50% slow than IE and FIrefox..trust me. And to finish, see the title of your Download.com document ! Just the title :D xD

  4. Oh God, Opera is now 9.6. It's a fantastic browser :blushing: , however very slow comparing to Firefox and Google Chrome :whistle: ! Has some nasty things like the IE ("bug") 'Click to active this control' :ph34r: BTW, I prefer Firefox :thumbup

  5. post-115825-1227239570_thumb.png


    I Prefer using Tweak UI. It's a 300 KB Package and canbe download from Microsoft Site. Install it.

    Go to My Computer => Drives => Autoplay

    Disable the drive(s) by unchecking them. Then Apply and ok. Close.

    It Can be done by directly editing Registry but the above process is the safest one.

    [PowerToys for Windows XP] => Tweak UI.

    Thanks. Hope problem solved.

    OK, the problem he told us is that he uses Virtual Drivers. Not Real drivers...

  6. that isn't really what i was asking.

    i don't want to remove the SP1 from the build, I was wondering if with a retail copy of vista with SP1 already installed can you remove stuff just like you can with a normal edition of vista?

    i ask this because i have read if you integrate SP1 into a basic vista install you can't remove/add stuff without an error occurring.

    Ah ok, sorry bout' that, yes you can :D

  7. Hello there, how are u today ?

    I'm not bad but got a problem. When I run Photoshop and or Delphi (2009) The Aero theme is available only with the application itself but when I creat a new document in Photoshop or Delphi, the Windows dosen't get the aero aymore :S please help me



    Have a nice day ALL :hello:

  8. First of all; you can at any time remove the SP1 from your CBuild Windows, but only in Windows .

    Second, ou can't and won't remove the SP1 from a custom B. Because the Sp1 is in the B as a "normal" Windows

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