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  1. The cover DVD product manager of "PC Praxis" magazine in Germany approached me to ask if he can put xpize on the next issue of the magazine. I told him yes, so if any of you lot can snag a copy of the next issue and upload some scans let me know :)

    Maybe I can do this, but I am not sure about that - so if somebody else is buying the magazin, please consider to upload the article also.

    W3bbo, can you please provide more information? (When will the magazin released? What magazin number will it be?)

    Maybe you should also include the latest updated German lang file, I sent you - You wanted to include it in version 7.

  2. If anyone has any suggestions that haven't already been posted on the Release 6 thread, I'd like to hear them.

    Well, maybe my wishes have been ask before...

    I would love to see:

    - easy slipstreaming alongside with nlite usage

    - Luna Element 5.0.5 inclusion (I really like this non-shiny theme!)

    => Luna Element 5.0.5 and 5.1 are definitely the best visual styles ever! - It would be better to drop the Zune theme and include both Luna Element styles instead. :)

  3. Hello W3bbo, hope had a nice Christmas time. All the best for 2010!

    Sorry for that!

    I just saw the pictures... - Where is this place and what did happen?

    I guess there were no earth quake in Great Britain. They must have took it down. - But why?

    (Or do you just study in Great Britain, because I did find Bel Air only in US?)

  4. Just type in the search field 7zip and you'll see.There are only few axamples.

    Well, you call

    583 popular deviations submitted in all of time for 7zip
    "only few examples"?

    I guess it is interessting for W3bbo, which one of all these resources you like the most. Where is the problem to give the exact link?

    Look, W3bbo is spending already so much time on this project - its a question of politeness to not make it harder for him. :)

  5. Given my notes above, why is the blue screen still appearing?

    What about a black Wallpaper? - This should work, since the 'MCE Black.jpg' was shown, right?

  6. Oh my God, what a simple, beautiful idea! :) I love it! :)

    Yes, if you cannot get rid of something - just hide it! ;)

    I am using GINA, so I don't have that problem. But regarding to the questions in this forum, there are quite some people, who don't like to see the wallpaper until the welcome screen appears. - Maybe xpize could use its welcome screen ressource as wallpaper for the default user account, since this is used for the welcome screen only.


    The textbox should be a little darker as usual, so the the user thinks it is deactivated. I guess it would be pretty annoying trying to click a textbox, which is actually a bitmap! ;)

    Showing the welcome screen as wallpaper gives the impression, that the system boots a little faster, than just showing a black background/wallpaper. But if the not working textbox is too annoying, a black wallpaper would be preferable.

  7. And what we must write in the key wallpeper for don't flash the new bliss?

    I guess the path to the wallpaper you like.

    Maybe you can also take a screen shot of the welcome screen for that purpose...

  8. After i have installed Xpize, when i boot my system, i see my desktop wallpaper for a second, and after the login screen. How resolve?

    Well, the same question was ask just 4 topics before - and it was answered fully by W3bbo.

    Its more polite to search a forum before asking a question - otherwise the same question has to be answered over and over again... :)

    Here you go:


  9. If I do an R7, it'll be around Christmas time, assuming I don't win any internships at the places I've applied for.

    Would be a nice present for Christmas than. :)

    But I hope, that you will get your intern! :thumbup

  10. Hi Webbo, I found another bug, it's on bluetooth resources, the panel on the left keep the old blue style instead the black one (I use darkside mod).

    Can it be, that this sidebar was created by you bluetooth driver and is not a standard Windows thing?

  11. Surprisingly few people who uninstalled wrote anything down.

    It's laziness, or the shame to give bad feedback I guess...

    The guy who left the long feedback also left me his email address. I'll get in contact with him.

    Thats good. You can try to explain him, what xpize is doing - and he can translate this into a short non-geek description... ;)

    A lot of people also don't like the static bootscreen

    I don't like it either... :blushing:

    a lot also ignore the message in the "first-run" document which explicitly details why their systems will run slow for a few minutes after installation.

    I guess there's no patch for human stupidity.

    I wouldn't call it stupidity - its just laziness.

    But there is unfortunately also no patch for that... :|

    BTW, can those who can read the non-English feedback post translations? Thanks!

    The only German post "Verlangsamt das System" says, that xpize did slow down the system. - The laziness issue again!

    Because of our translations, the xpize user might think, that writing in their native tongue will be ok.

    Maybe you could add the hint, that people should write their feedback in English. - Otherwise the feedback will not be heard in most cases.

    Maybe its also possible to give several language options: English and Spanish, for a Spanish package developer for instance.

    I did attach the latest German language file. It should be almost perfect now. :)

    Please let us know, if you will change/add some strings for R7.


  12. If your system is restored properly, you can try it again.

    Make a Backup folder and create a System Restore Point - just for safety.

    (sorry, I did a quote instead of an edit... my bad)

  13. Any advice on how to avoid this happening again?

    Did you uninstall R5 and install R6 right away? xpize is prompting to restart after uninstallation - you should really do this.

    There can be major problems (even more critical, like a BSOD on Windows start up), if xpize setup collides with a pending Installation (e.g. a Windows Update).

    If you did install R6 right away after uninstalling R5, I assume this is the evil factor in your case.

    I guess it would have been better to install R6 without uninstalling R5. - That should work too.

  14. Upgraded to Xpize 5R6, but there's no Reloader. What happened? :whistle:

    Yeah, its too bad...

    I assume W3bbo has some life besides xpize too ;), therefore he couldn't include such a feature I guess.

    W3bbo will take a break now. - I can understand this, because he did spend several months for xpize already.

    Btw: What means "looooong time" approximately W3bbo? - A couple of monthes, a few years or for ever...?

    Edit: I did slightly change the resx again. Does it make sense to post it here?

  15. Although I don't personally recommend installing xpize to a CD image since it misses out on a lot of things that you can only get by installing it locally.

    What are these things?

    Maybe it would be good to inform the user, while he is trying to run the slipstream process.

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