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  1. My Sig

    Hahahaha yes exactly
  2. How to start unattended

    Ok my friend ... Thanks
  3. How to start unattended

    Well after read and re-read again what I'd like to do: Integrate SP3. I want to exactly know or list all the hotfixes released after SP3, then want to integrate them into the source. I want to integrate the drivers packs by BTS. I want to include all the applications I want using WPI. I want to have office 2k7 shrinked after integrating latest SP and hotfixes. Finally I want to have some kind of customized setup for XP. That is it
  4. ATI Radeon 9200 128 MB Ram for vista

    wow it is 150 MB file .... downloading now and I hope to find it works. Thanks matey
  5. Hey, It is me again ... sorry for starting a new topic that quickly but I've tried several times to find any suitable driver for my a bit old ATI card but did not found anywhere. I do not want to upgrade now, so any other way to find a solution for this issue?
  6. Hello

    Thanks Blade
  7. Hey, I've explored the unattended guide from the above link ... but I'm lost where to start or end ... any more easy steps will be much appreciated
  8. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Thanks a lot mate
  9. Hello

    Hello all, This is James and I've been advised by a friend to join here ... hello every one