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  1. as for now, Paypal will bann any accounts if it was known to be used for anything bitcoin related,

    like buying/selling ASIC/coin-mining devices, or exchanging bitcoins for other fiat currencies, etc..

    I remember reading that Paypal cited that too much transaction fraud happned involving bitcoins,

    so Paypal decided to bann it all, even if both both seller & buyer actually doing a honest transactions.

  2. you can try experiment by uninstalling that KB and

    blocking that specific KB patch so it wont be installed again by windows updates,

    using workaround like this:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB267038]"Installed"=dword:00000001

    then try to see if installing IE10 and/or IE11 afterward would cause instability or not.

    Don't forget to set up a restore point, before starting the experiments.

  3. if somebody know how to edit the .css files s/he can make a personal MSFN-forum-skin customization specific for his/her browser,
    with help of Proxomitron's $RDIR function.
    like this:


    • Find out the URLs for the MSFN .css file
    • Download the files from said URLs
    • Edit the said .css and save it to proxomitron html folder
    • Create header (out) filter to intercept said URLs and redirect it to the saved css files

    EDIT: my .css manual editing skills & coloring sense are just as sucks, please recommend me a good .css editor

  4. This add new "Steam-Envy" to the list of Microsoft's sickness.

    XBox division are envying the steam business model,

    but they hates the fact in steam model they need to actively use discounts to attract sales.

    ... they could do super discounted s**t.
  5. Speaking of flat and boring, I was recently forced to upgrade to the "new and improved" Yahoo mail, looks like it was made for Win8...


    I agree, the new yahoo mail are visualy sucks, other available themes are just equally sucks.

    I find myself prefer the old one too.

    But if you remember the old yahoo-mail url (check your browser history) ,

    you still able to access the yahoo mail classic.

    as per today, yahoo hasn't delete the old assets (.js ; .css), yet.

  6. We've talked a little bit about browsers here lately (IE, FF, Opera). Does anybody have an insight into the following, from @ciHnoN's second link two posts upthread?

    Mozilla in their 'wisdom' decided to disable the ESC key that a lot of people used to stop animated gifs running https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=614304/ [mozilla.org]. It also stopped the page loading - dead in its tracks - which I personally loved. However some Mozilla devs didn't like it (as scripts etc may not be loaded properly). So they've now taken control away from the annoyed user who is going to cop entire page loads of crap.

    Does that really mean what I think it says -- that in Firefox you can't use the Escape key any more to stop one of those interminable web page loads?? :unsure:


    I already suspecting something like this would happen, when i notice most recent browsers UI began omitting the "Stop" button.

    "You can press the 'Esc' key dude" that what they told me before, when i ask why they removing the stop button back then.

  7. Building on HTML5 with IE10 is the best way to develop for your business, today and tomorrow.

    huh, where did i read that before?

    something like: HTML4 with IE# is the best way.....

    surely MS want you need to cough up more $$$ for another OS/Browser when HTML >5 cames around ...

    Standarized corporate environtment brower

    I wonder if MS will suggest for standarized web-searcher anytime soon?

  8. its prudent to wait a few weeks before installing the 'update' especialy if such updates was to address 'problem' that has no real-life case.

    The October 2012 'security' updates for example,. there no such "security-problem" case ever reported,

    but the updates are known to degrade the NTVDM subsystem.

  9. We started planning Windows 8 in June of 2009,

    before we shipped Windows 7, and the iPad was only a rumor at that point.

    I only saw the iPad after we had this design ready to go. We were excited.

    A lot of things they were doing about mobile and touch were similar to what we'd been thinking.

    We [also] had differences.

    We wanted not just static icons on the desktop but Live Tiles to be a dashboard for your life;

    we wanted you to be able to do things in context and share across apps;

    we believed that multitasking is important and that people can do two things at one time.

    June 2009?

    and just a month before Nemulator version 2.0b1 released ( release date: 2009-07-07 ) ?

    Somehow I got this vibe that folk at MS reading CharlotteTheHarlot's post above (#1317) about Nemulator and informing her about it,

    which prompts the Granny to 'moves' the date from 2010 into 2009 accordingly.

  10. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/home-and-student/office-home-student-rt-preview-FX103210361.aspx
    If you already use macros, add-ins, InfoPath forms with custom programs, or other custom programs in your PC or Mac version of Office, you will not be able to use them in Office Home & Student 2013 RT.

    Having Excel without Macros/Add-ins :ph34r:, what would be next, power drills with no chuck but a fixed 6 mm steel drill bit, adjustable wrenches fixed to 13 mm?


    somehow i got this feeling that MS would said the crippled Office-suit decision were based on (dubious) 'telemetry' result.

  11. Theres also differents result on what "Properties" will said from various context menu.

    if the link are contain both image & text (tested on IE8):

    Right click on image part, choose properties, will show image source

    Right click on text part, choose properties, it will shows useless information

    Using app key, choose properties will shows link destination.

  12. I never like the IE9...

    anyhow, how about using the "App key" (key that on the right of right win-key) did they broken too?

    i'm usualy navigates links using "Tab key" then use the "App key" for context menu,

    and of course I also using proxomitron's filtering to ensure context menu is allowed.

  13. Suggesting that MS would have been better to backport these features into NT4 would be like suggesting that Halo 4 should have been back ported to the original XBOX.

    I must nitpick on this one.

    Did you ever realize that you make unfair comparison:

    2K run on P4

    XP run on P4

    yet you said it was like :

    Halo run on XBOX

    Halo4 run on XBOX-360

  14. I personaly found how MS doing things with win8 is 'distasteful',

    probably because i'm a techie user.


    i also seen that M$ antivirus reads the file and can not bear to read www.facebook.com

    TL;DR: http://www.howtogeek.com/122404/how-to-block-websites-in-windows-8s-hosts-file/

    seriously, MS should at least include a help file in win8 installation explaining this, but they don't.

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