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  1. anyone knows when aeroglass starts to hook into windows 10. I explain why I would like to know.

    I did the updgrade today - worked fine till I tried to login, screen went on and off all the time with error sound. In the end I had to do the hammer method - unplug computer 3 times on startup to get into repair otions and go back to 511

  2. If donation.key was accepted correctly and symbols do not download then please provide your debug.log (it would be good to enable verbose logging - see guide on the website how to do that)


    I used program files in 8.1 Pro but it looks like 1o doesn't like that as much (;:-)) I installed in c:\aero glass and symbols did download.


    I still got an errro message abot a dvm library not compatible - seen this in this thread in several cases. I clicked cancel and it stopped bugging

  3. could you upload that symbols pack?


    Maybe I can copy it into areoglass folder and let aeroglass recognize it (:-))




    Found them



    1) Inside the directory, where AeroGlass is (or will be) installed, create subdirectory called "symbols".

    2) Download my DWM symbols pack for W8-1-1, W8-1-0, W8-0-0 - x64 or x32 actual to 2015-05-12:

    3) Copy the content of appropriate subfolder of archive \2015-05-12_Symbols\W8-x-x_xXX\symbols to the created "symbols" subdirectory.

    4) Install AeroGlass 

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