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  1. use waik to pre-install them [with permanence="permanent">]

    and then u could remove tablet pc too and help comps and more to get it to 2.5giga [install size]

    do updating after installation and then remove winsxs dir like vlite remove

    then u could get it 1.6giga with updates and aero and more stuff u wanna

    my server 64bit is 3giga and winsxs is 400mb [was 2.5-3giga]

    but i cant logitech setpoint to work :( that a shame [lol]

    check my topics if u looking fore more info

    I gonna try, thanks =).

  2. After 36 VMWARE installations, I've founded a compact configuration that keep working the possibility to add some features like Desktop Experience (includes Aero), Wireless LAN, .Net Framework 3.0 (for Visual Studio 2008). The image shows my configuration:


    Works only on 32bit version

    I hope that could help.

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