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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to force Adobe After Effects CS3 to install on Win2k. I need it for an animation class next semester and while I can simply use the school's computers I don't feel like staying there all day just to get projects done. My computer is perfectly capable of handling it except for the OS. It requires XP or Vista to run. I know there is a way to get software to run in 2000 that is XP+ only but I don't know how and searches weren't turning up anything either except people saying they had gotten things to run (without explaining).
  2. Heya, I am looking for an imaging program that will give imaging functionality similar to Windows XP's imaging. What I want is something that will display images as thumbnails instead of the standard image file icon (such as you get when you look in the My Pictures folder in 2k or just any folder in XP with the "view as thumbnails" option selected) and also adds some functionality such as zoom viewing (scroll in and out to zoom in) and printing. I am an artist by trade and I keep thousands upon thousands of photo references and digital art pieces in several different folders organized for my convenience. I found a program called "Thumbs" that seems to work pretty well. It creates thumbnails and makes an icon for EVERY single image. It looks just like an xp thumbnail but the problem is it is extremely memory intensive when loading up one of my photo folders. Screen will actually freeze and such. This computer isn't necessarily slow either it has a decent processor and 2gigs of DDR RAM but it still slows when loading those! I also had a program I lost after a recent reinstall that offered similar functionality to XP's imaging and a few other options (view as slideshow with transitions) and fluff I didn't need. I don't remember the name of it either. Together with Thumbs it worked decently well but now that I have a new install I was hoping for something a little more streamlined and less memory intensive. I -could- just put everything into the "My Pictures" folder in the "My Documents" folder and use that folder's special ability to view as thumbnails but I really don't want all of my stuff in one place as I had it categorized pretty well according to usage (textures/reference/photomanip/animationobjects/etc). And it's a crapton of files to have all in one place. If anyone could help me out that'd be awesome!
  3. Thanks for all your hard work! I've been trying to get tclock3 that came with Vistapack2000 to run on Win2k but no luck, just keeps getting messier and messier the more options I toggle on/off and I still can't get any of the images that came with Vistapack to make it look like the Vista taskbar to work either (the start button and backgrounds). But I've seen screenies of how it can look so I'm really anxious for the next version to come out! Hopefully it will be a little more straightforward to use.
  4. Maybe I should wait until the guy making Tclock releases his new version. He said it was a million times better than 3.5. So let's hope it comes out awesome and at least a little bit more user friendly!
  5. Well, somehow I really messed it up and beings it was a clean install I just re-installed Win2K and repatched. I then installed Vistapack again and everything worked fine (although I had to refresh the iconcache a few times to get them to show, was strange I found the refresher program buried in my temp files under my administrator account). The icons turning into the universal "windows does not recognize" icon seems to be a bug in all windows if I recall correctly when you drag a stored My Documents folder over a new one. So it's nothing to do with your program specifically. I preemptively fixed it by just dragging the folder contents instead of the folder itself on this install. For some reason it has to do with them being Windows system files or somesuch. Now about tclock. I loaded up your En- preset file and all it did was turn the entire thing black and transparent. For some reason it wouldn't show the Start button or any windows/dividers. The only thing I could seem to change was how the clock was displayed. Very strange UI for a program like that, was definitely hard to follow. I haven't figured out how to work it still so I don't know what to do. I noticed there's a segment to upload a windowblinds skin. Is there a Vista skin I could use with it and would it even work with win2k (I know windowblinds had alot of problems on win2k, but apparently Tclock is just using the skin to apply settings...)? This program just confuses me greatly so I just let it unload after reboot. Could you possibly write how you got it to look like yours? Like what buttons you pressed in what order? Everything else seems to be running fine. If I can get the taskbar to skin properly I might try messing with the icon settings in Win2K to see if I can get some more interesting ones(been working on modding a few glassy ones from a Vista skin from an old dock program I have). Not to knock yours of course, they are extremely well done; sometimes I just like changing colors around for icons for different schemes.
  6. Hey Damian I love your Vistapack for Win2k! I am having 2 very specific problems though. I just did a clean install of Win2k Service Pack 4 and then updated all my drivers and windows update. Then I installed Vistapack. Everything works great except: 1) The taskbar doesn't display correctly after install. All it did was grey out the normal Win2k taskbar. How do I get that fancy Vista taskbar to display? I tried uninstalling, rebooting, installing, rebooting and still no dice. 2) I transferred the My Documents folder I had saved on a seperate hard drive before doing the clean Win2k install. Then I noticed that all the "My ----" folders that had unique icons turned into your standard "Windows doesn't know what this file is" icon except for My Music which just turned into the default file folder. Any Way I can fix that? Here's a screenshot showing both problems:
  7. Hey Dave, the link you provided for ActivIcons set off a Trojan Alert on my NOD32 Anti Virus active scan when I ran the .exe. I found the actual real download site from the company that made the freeware: http://www.cursorarts.com/ca_aifw.html No trojans there

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