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  1. just an update, i have found out by removing windows colabrcation this removes people near me and windows meeting space, however i had disabled windows dfs service yet it still starts itself?

    would appreciate if anyone knows what other component or services might be starting this service?

    failing this i know i can remove it however i dont no if i need or is important, hence i disabled only.

    many thanks in advance...

  2. Hi guys,

    i was just wondering if there is an option in vlite to remove windows meeting space?

    i tried disabling windows DFS replication however windows meeting space keeps turning it back on?

    your reply would be most appreciated.. :thumbup

    many thanks in advance.....

  3. Hi, guys i recently slipped stream sp1 to my Dell Vista Basic and all was well until now :blushing:

    i tried installing norton anti-virus 09 but fails when trying to install? its saying i need terminal services and

    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) enabled?

    i have checked services and Remote Procedure Call is running, however can not seem to find terminal services?

    i have not removed these ervices syet maybe i might of removed a service dependent for the above to start?

    i have upload my last effort and would appreciate if you can see a service or component i need to put back.

    many thanks in advance... :thumbup


  4. OK I am super tired here so I can't really see the removed component that is causing this.

    I can tell you someone should be along shortly with an answer.

    OH! And welcome to MSFN!

    no worries m8, i cant sleep until i sort out this prob... :wacko: lol

    although having said that, its reasuring that you quoted that you cannot see any obvious conponent service removed. :thumbup

    i have spent many hours/weeks reading all forums on vlite and only been taking away services and components i know i do not need.

    anyways hoping someone might have had same prob and can help.

    Great Site & Software chaps your time & effort well appreciated :thumbup

  5. Did you try clicking restore at the bottom of vlite and see if you accidentally hid the option?

    Hi, yeah no option to restore? not highlighted.

    have tried a fresh iso again then slipped streamed sp1 again no worries, however once i go to edited other options

    windows firewall still not showing even with compatbility option all unticked, yet i did notice before i slipped stream sp1

    i checked to see if i could see windows firewall and yes its there but when i integrated sp1, option to remove windows firewall is gone :realmad:

    i guess the only option i have is to just disable it instead. :angry:

    failing this however i would still very much appreciate any further comments on this issue.

    thanks to all trying to help me solve this :thumbup

  6. DID you select anything in the compatability options???

    I just checked my SP1 source and yes its there untill you select the internet explorer compatability options...


    yes i unticked all compatability options before i slipstreamed sp1 and unticked all other options also but still

    it seems windows firewall still not showing?

    the version of vista i am currently editing is DELL Vista Basic, maybe this might be the reason?

    maybe i should use another version of vlite?

    your help is much appreciated... :thumbup

  7. Hi again,

    yes i have looked under all options/network components :blink:

    however since i recently slip streamed sp1, removing windows firewall option is gone?

    can someone confirm once sp1 has been integrated this option is no longer available.

    thanks again in advance...

  8. Hi all,

    using vLite-1.2.rc,

    i cant seem to locate the option to remove windows firewall anymore? plz help

    which option is it under?

    thanks in advance... :thumbup

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