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  1. I'm trying to access Business Objects XI for my work on my Vista laptop. It says it requries Internet Explorer 11 but the last version that worked on Vista was Internet Explorer 9. Is there a workaround to get IE11 running on Vista? Or are there any other browsers using the Trident 7 layout engine that might support running Business Objects on a Vista machine? Lunascape, Avant, Maxthon or Sleipnir? Which would be best? I've heard Maxthon has funny ideas about user privacy.

  2. Unfortunately M$ has done everything to forget about w98 and make you forget about it.

    They eradicated w98 in all ways possible, down to erasing its name from the popular memory.

    For them the history of Windows starts with windows 2000.

    Running w98 is an abomination for them and many poeple. they may not understand well why you still want it.

    But in our mind, the more Windows evoluates, the more you will want w98.

    In 87 years, w98 source code will be public domain. Then there will be hope to update it... LOL.

    Doesn't this require Microsoft to release the source code? Or has it ever been leaked?

  3. Yeah, I'm mainly using it as a web browser with flash. I used Linux for a while - but recently set up WPA2 and various distros stopped connecting (could be the T41 internal wifi). Apart from that, I hate activation, bloat, real-time virus scanners and the upgrade cycle, I like Office 2K/OpenOffice (hate Office 2007 etc.) and it would be nice to play a few games from the 90s and I always found WINE and Dosbox a lot of hassle when games just black out. I like multi-user. I don't think I can be bothered with dual boot.

  4. Just stating the obvious, BSD and Linux are completely different. The only similarity might be licensing.

    The point about the vulnerability of open-source software to bugs is the same.

    Thats true, however it was sort of a red herring.

    As deliberate distractions go, I'd say the news of an 8 year-old bug discovered in the Linux kernel was more of a red herring to distract from Linus' Law.

  5. The question really is "do many eyes make all bugs shallow?" - or why would closed source make bugs more identifiable? Does Linus' Law still stand or has it been undermined? "It just does, look at these statistics" isn't a good enough answer given the manipulability of selective statistics. It would be interesting to see if open-source OpenBSD suffers a comparable level of bugs?

  6. How do I create a report with multiple records on one row in the detail section? Like in a database of addresses to create a report with a detail section;

    Downing Street


    instead of

    Downing Street











    I suppose you might call it a rowular report (as oppose to a columnular report).

  7. At my network in work, when you close the PC down it says it is synchronizing. Also when you log in on another PC sometimes your desktop lacks your icons. Do you think they have set it up wrongly? There is a personal drive (G:) on the server and a shared drive (H:). But the user profile seems to be stored in C:.

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