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  1. Hmm.. I found something strange.

    This is Luna Element Screenshot:

    Seems the button icons are messed up. This is Xpize 5.5 fresh install. Tried rebuilding the icon cache but nothing changed.

    Anyone else see this?


  2. Also, the Luna Element theme seems to be missing customization on the left menu screen. First is a screenshot of it, compared with Embedded style.



  3. Man I couldn't figure out why all the themes were messed up as well. I hope you can fix the installer or the theme selection. I think you should make only one option to choose only one theme, that way, people won't keep overwriting the theme install. I guess you would need preview screens though, since we have no idea what the actual themes look like. Also with the additional theme elements.. it's a bit unclear as to what we should choose. Hope the R5 will adress these. Other than that, great work!! And thank you!

  4. I was just reading the front page headlines.. and noticed that the text could be a bit larger on the story titles..

    Example from today:

    LindowsOS Goes Retail {This title needs to be a bit larger text.. it's too washed out with the rest of the text, and makes it hard to grad the story title.}

    Posted by xper on 18 Dec 2002 - 19:33 2 comments

    Anyway.. it's just a suggestion.. thanx. :)

  5. Actually up here in Canada, we get the levy EVEN on the data only blank cd's.. Well any way, they are seeking to boost the levy in Canada again, wich is double the US levy... however the US levy is supposed to go up double in the new year.. as they are planning..

  6. Excellent Idea!

    And what about the recoding industry imposing a levy on blank cd's! Thats a crock! The levy is for the blank cd's that they ASSUME you will be burnning music to. OH? What about data cd's? Or the CD's I burn my photo's too? Why should I pay a levy or tax because some asswipe assumes all we do is burn music.. I burn data, and I shouldnt have to pay a copyright levy on that cd. F them..! :)

  7. Man... I just had to fix 2 of my friends computers who installed EZ CD Crapola. Even with the patches, it would not work. That software is the biggest pile of crap on earth. All bloatware too. What is it about 100 MB? Nero is 12MB. Nero is the best software out there. I had to convince my friends to use it. They said it looked ugly and was hard to use. But I said what do you want, a screwed computer that burns coasters or a working computer that burns sweet cd's? NERO WINS!

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