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  1. Post your config.txt file you used.

    here is the for silent install and after making exe file of silent install i used this procedure


    Copy and paste [between the lines] into Notepad














    Change example.exe with the actual switch-less installer name you are using

    Save this file as Entries_exampleAddon.ini

    Put the emample.exe into a folder named SVCPACK

    use rar or 7zip to package the ini file and the svcpack folder together with the same name as the ini file

    but nlite is not accepting the file for nero :o i dont know why i do same procedure for msn, itunes and winamp.. successfully added to my xp cd .. but in case of nero the error is as follows

    Unsupported File


    can't able to understand..

    one thing i want to confirum my procedure .. for making silent install 1st i have to install the main exe file into a folder .. then zip it using 7zip. in ultra mode, and put it into a folder.. after it i have to copy a file named as 7zS.sfx and then write the config file as i upload it .. after it i used this command

    copy /b 7zs.sfx + config.txt + (whatever the archive name).7z (Installer_Name).exe

    and one exe file is created that is silent instell

    kindly tell me is that procedure is right ? plz mention here my mistakes ..


  2. hello all here. i am a new user. this is Ali from Pakistan. I am really happy to found this forum, u can say i have no idea about any thing here but i want to learn alot , i hope u with all ur support i'll me able to learn many good things here.

  3. update 1.2.4

    Selecting the archive executable it already fills the fields of information

    Suported language:


    Arabic (Q8)








    Português (Brasil)




    Turkish (Turkey)

    Translations can send for the email virtualltek@yahoo.com.br

    Thankz to all

    Add-on Maker for Nlite 1.24


    Easy create add-on programs to nlite

    Hide 100% windows extract setup files in windows instalation

    Hide 100% Prompt windows from batch files .cmd .bat in windows instalation

    More speedy in create cab files

    Compression Level System

    Template Silent Install programs

    Selecting the archive executable it already fills the fields of information



    Small utility to help in the creation of add-ons to use with nLite via the 7-zip method.

    Download new version 06/17/2006

    New Beta version (09/31/2007)


    Homepage - VirtuallTek



    Using Add-on Maker for Nlite:

    1° - Create a folder.

    2° - Put the archives of the installation on that same floder.

    3° - In Files of Program select the folder where the archives of installation are.

    4° - In Instalation file select the archive that you want to be executed by the system.

    5º - If the installation uses switches, type them.

    6° - In the descripition field, type information about the program.

    7° - Click on 'Make File' and select a folder to save the archive .CAB you just created.

    Example .exe file


    Example .bat file


    Example .cmd file


    Example .msi file




    1° Create silent install to bach files .cmd .bat

    not show windows of prompt in the installation of windows

    2° Easy to use.

    3° It visualizes in the folder only selects installation archives, .exe, .com, .cmd, .bat e .msi

    Thankz Gouki

    ========================= // ====================

    killprocesswait by Virtualltek

    Excellent to be used in Bacth Files



    killprocesswait process seconds


    killprocesswait.exe winamp.exe

    killprocesswait stays in the Memory waiting the winamp.exe process to end automatically.

    killprocesswait.exe winamp.exe 15

    killprocesswait stays in the Memory waiting the winamp.exe process to end automatically,

    if the process not apperars in 15 seconds killprocesswait close automatically


    killprocesswait.exe ( console )

    killprocesswait32.exe ( Full Hide )


    how do we know that any application need swtiches or not ?

    and from where i get msn swtich ? can any one guide me about that ?

  4. hay guys i got it... its successfully run by the usb :) thank you

    i have one more question left that if by using nlite include some addon in xp and burn a cd .. and that cd is used as for xp source and make a usb bootable xp... so the add on added in the cd will also be in usb ? can they also be installed from usb with xp ?

  5. as u said

    "When using Nlite did you select Operating System Options-->Manual Install and Upgrade for removal? You must NOT in order to install from USB"

    i did'nt select operating system option i just add sp3, some drivers and remove windows help and support and some languages by using the given options of nlite nothing else ...

    and in my xp in folder of i386 i have file of winnt32 file present.

    my xp is in english language ..

    i have also complete the setup and successfully bot from usb ...

    now how to install xp from usb ?

    and pardon me about my confusing question :)

  6. ok i got about HDD2

    now i just want to install xp from my usb drive as we do from CD. i read about its procedure and download the usb_multisetp8 file and create a usb drive by following its instructions ... now how can i run xp windows setup from my usb as we can run from xp cd.

    guide me plz i think now i clear my question and i am sorry about the post in windows xp i am new here i saw latter this thread of Install Xp from USB.

  7. well i have download the file named as usb_multi boot_8

    when all the usb multi boot file trying to copy files there were one file not found names as bootfont.bin

    which was failed to copy ... is it cause any type of error ? and for what reason it'll not be able to copy .. as i have image to xp cd which was my source.. and this xp has sp3 and i also remove some fonts when i was using nlite to make this cd .. is that error for this reason or any other ?

    and one more error occures .. as i finised all job i boot with my usb its works .. but in 3rd option which hi INSTAL WINDOWS XP FOR HDD2 ... as i select this .. there was an error ... unable to read from HDD2 check the location or some think like that ... need help ..

    One thing more my usb have file sytem FAT16 and C: is NTFS ...

    plz plz kindly help me .. i want to run xp setup from my usb ... i'll be really thankfull to all ... kindly tell me how to get rid of it ...

  8. Hello Alls. .. i am new here .. i need a help. My problem is that i am trying to boot from usb but its creating many errors... well i tried different ways..

    here i want to say first that my i have GCNL intel motherboard completely supporting usb boot and having corsair 2 gb flash drive ... for making is boot able 1st i format it using FAT system by HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL after that i copy three bot files from main root of C: named as boot.ini ntdlr and ntdetect.com and copy to flash root then i used a third party software named as BartPE follow the instruction and make a boot able usb .. after completing when i boot my system .. as it start booting there is a black screen with blinking courser nothing else no more activity ..

    now on other hand i use BartPE bulit command for making boot files on my usb called as pe2usb -f <usb drive> when i complete this there was 4 files in my usb named as winnt.isf ntdetect ntdlr and BartPE.iso, after completing the procedure i tried again to boot my system from usb but this time the error was different .. it boots from usb but there was 2 lines on a black screen

    remove distake or other media

    press any key to restart

    as i press any key the system runs no normal mood as normaly xp boots from C drive ..

    in short i tried alot but unable to get success

    now i need ur help kindly guide me for this ..

    looking fwd for replies ..

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