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  1. check the intermediate section here http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/1/
  2. you can use runonceex.cmd which will create a list of programs to be installed / are currently being installed. It does not give you a progress bar but the list is nice and it puts a check mark next to the program currently being installed. you can find more info here http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/v...f117ef2546d1c2/
  3. @puntoMX Drivers: Audio: 2009/09/07 Realtek Function driver for Realtek Azalia audio chip (Including Microsoft UAA Driver in English edition) r2.30 Chipset: 2007/08/10 NVIDIA MCP61 Chipset Driver (include chipset\lan\sata raid driver) 11.10 Video: 2009/08/21 GeForce 8400 GeForce/ION Driver Release 190.62 On-board GeForce 6100 Disabled in BIOS to prevent conflicting geforce drivers @iamtheky checked for boot from pci and found none
  4. thanx for the reply i have already looked into the auto restart but i will have to check the boot from pci device
  5. Hi I have a bit of a weird one I just finished building a system and with all current drivers or drivers shipped with motherboard/video card my system will not simply turn off. It goes through the windows xp shutdown procedure and the system turns off ie fans stop spinning but then it instantly turns back on and boots. The system is an amd 6000+, a gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P AM2/AM2+, and 2GB DDR2 800 Kingston Dual channel, and nvidia geforce 8400 video card. any insight would be appreciated. edit: the system is off a clean xp sp2 installation
  6. Thanks for the great tips Mac/PC_ this will prove very useful.
  7. Are you running malwarebytes on your pc scanning via ide/sata to usb or are you running it locally on the infected pc? if local safe mode or normal mode?
  8. I have run into several varieties of this demon of a virus all of which have defeated my attempts at removal forcing me to do a clean install of windows. I have tried several different methods found online and all with some success but never complete. my first step is to remove the drive from the offending system and run a scan with NOD32 then to run a scan with Malwarebytes then to go through all temp files and application data folders to manually remove any files I can determine are a part of the virus. Any tips would be great or any methods found to work as of recent.
  9. was wondering if it is possible to cab compress silent installers and integrate them into win source using svcpack method. Also would this save any space on my install disc? I know how to do this with nlite, I need to do this via Start=>Run or Command Prompt.
  10. you should be able to use DPs_BASE located at http://driverpacks.net/applications/driverpacks-base/8.12.5 to slipstream your driver packs into your os source.
  11. Figured it out I didnt notice that I had to copy my winnt.sif to the same directory as the setupldr.bin and txtmode.sif.
  12. when running the "C:\xpcd\I386\winnt32.exe" /noreboot command should I be using the original xp files or the unattended setup files. I have successfully used the original files but when I attemp to use the unattended files I receive an invalid product ID warning. wondering if I am doing something wrong.
  13. The menu is pulling the windows files and starting the text mode and allows me to format but my unattended set up is to skip windows repair options and skip eula. and when I choose the partition to format it goes through format process and errors on sp3 file. any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I need to attach something.
  14. Okay here is what I have figured out so far. I have started using flyakites multiboot cd guide http://flyakite.msfn.org/ and used cd shell to create a custom menu which I have just placed the info I want to display on a seperate menu line. this seems to work well if anyone else would like info about this I would be glad to help. I have come across some issues but I will post them in the multi-boot forum.
  15. I have searched but am unsure how to phrase what I want. I would like to create a custom screen that has a press any key to proceed before loading the windows text based setup. can anyone point me in the right direction on this. Thanks.
  16. I have finally got everything to work thanks to all of you who helped. I wasnt sure if I was gonna make it through but I made it with your help. Thanks A TON.
  17. I have tested the install and the above mentioned files work. thank you.
  18. Can anyone look at my useraccounts.cmd and autologon.reg to tell me if I have it set up right for a new user (Owner) with no password and have it autologon? useraccounts.cmd: net user Owner /add net localgroup Administrators Owner /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited REGEDIT /S autologon.reg EXIT autologon.reg: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="Owner" "AutoAdminLogon"="1"
  19. sorry I got lazy on the last post. so i did some searching and found that these folders WIN9XUPG WINNTUPG are for upgrading from windows 9x and NT respectively. Thanks
  20. thanx g-force I was just checking in to see if anyone noticed my question as I posted one almost immediately after that one. can you tell me what those folders are for as I would like to leave multiple language options for usability. Thanks again everyone.
  21. I was surfing the comcast on demand just now and have come across the tv screen savers. these are awful. the aquarium one has the audio from a beach (wave crashing) and the video quality is terrible and it says its hd. the hawiian sunset has people walking around at the bottom of it. If your in the US and have comcast on demand check them out its pretty good for a laugh.
  22. I am still confused as to why nlite adds silent installs at t -13 instead of using runonceex.cmd. Here is what I am talking about I have attatched a copy of an nlite svcpack.inf, let me know if there is a benifit or if this is just to hide what programs are being installed. Thanks svcpack.inf
  23. I have seen this before but I have not been able to figure out how to create an installer to install several silent install .exe's. If anyone has a tutorial or some info on doing this please let me know?
  24. cmonkedo

    Petition to Nuhi

    Commercial version would be very handy
  25. Alright we're making progress now I have input all of program entries into the runonceex.cmd and just on a wim I decided to check the size of my unattended folder and its huge 726MB. Am I missing something on my nlite discs I have no problem adding 8 or 9 programs and slipstreaming sp3 and adding updates. I would like everything to fit on a 700MB cd-r. Let me know if I missed something. Thanks

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