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  1. Hi amitri,

    don't tell me you still use WinXP!?

    XP support will be re-added, but you should upgrade to Windows 7, if you want full functionality.

    True, I was using some unofficial tiny "Mini XP" just to boot and run WiNTsetup - faster than any of my WinPE versions and good for older PCs.

  2. Hi,

    Great tool. I'm using it to install WIN7 from unpacked iso from folder on USB key and I have a question.

    My setup finishes OK, unattended works great. However it looks like the $oem$ folders from sources\$oem$\$$\setup\scripts\.. and setupcomplete.cmd doesnt get copied and run from %system% folder.

    Tried same setup from DVD and everything was OK. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Sorry blinkdt I'm new to Autoit, very impressive script. So if it's not too much bother - could you also change the script for the "Adjust for best performance" option.

    During unattended XP somehow I always fail to do it in nLite or through regfile. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: nevermind, found it, button3 only works OK

  4. you can run directly install
    Spybotsd_1.5.2.exe /verysilent /components="" /tasks="" /norestart

    Interesting Sonic, so just to be sure: no Wizard, no TeaTimer and no SDhelper with this switch?

    Can anyone confirm? thanks.

    It seems to work, just tried manually on Vista x64. However it gives you an error putting all that double quotes in 7Zip's config.txt (like in example).

    P.S.: Nevermind, found, use backslashes!

    RunProgram="Spybotsd152.exe /verysilent /components=\"\" /tasks=\"\" /norestart"

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