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  1. In group policy, go to User config->admin templates->control panel->display, and set "screen saver" to enabled, and "password protect the screen saver" which will enable the screen saver for the default timeout, and it will be locked. Also, if you don't want users changing the timeout, set the last option, "Screen saver timeout" to the appropriate number of seconds.

  2. "Phyridean" came from some illegible doodling I did in a history class five or so years ago. I went back to read it, and couldn't figure out what I'd said, except that it looked an awful lot like the name it came to be. Afterwards, I went back and added up the numerical values of each character (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc) and found that the sum was precisely 100. It's stuck ever since.

  3. *ahem* when advice fails, go with an anecdote, I say.

    My friend was running on a cheap power supply. It exploded. I mean literally. Exploded. He's now waiting on a better replacement, and (because he doesn't have a spare) wondering if the motherboard and other components will be okay when it gets there.

    Save your components from an early death. Better to be safe than to have to put up a headstone that says "My dream rig. It was loved, and is now in that big LAN party in the sky"

  4. Also if you were more specific about how much you want to backup it would help. Do you have 80GB of data on each drive? Because 34*4.5GB= 153GB. So please be less ambigous in what you need.

    DVDs are 4.7 GB last I checked, which works out to 159.8 GB (which is the same as 2x80 GB hard disks)

    It seems he needs 160 GB of data backed up. To me, that screams "hard drive" as compressing and decompressing that much data will take a long time. A 200 GB hard disk is quite cheap these days ($99 US), so I'd recommend that solution.

  5. I don't think I'd consider this an indicator of the beta's stability, after all, it's a feature that was SUPPOSED to be there, and now they've finally got it working.

    When we migrated to Exchange 2003 at work from 5.5, we had a lot of users like Prathapml, with thousands of items in their deleted folders that they wanted to keep. We told them that we'd keep the messages on the old server, but not to expect that they'd remain. "They are deleted, after all," we told them.

    Few of them listened :(

    In any case, I'm sorry for your loss, Prathapml. Data loss like that is unpleasant.

  6. RTM (released to media)

    I should point out that RTM means "release to manufacturing," that is, that they send copies to computer manufacturers so that they can put it on new computers. I think Vista's RTM is supposed to be sometime at the end of third quarter 2006, or beginning of fourth quarter?

  7. I think in this case it may be because you're looking at such a niche product...probably not many of these around. I know I WANT one...but then HAVING one is another matter entirely. :P

    Hope you get some posts

  8. This is likely because of the Wireless Zero Configuration service, which is supposed to search for the most reliable wireless network. In many cases, however, it just makes your service unreliable.

    In order to turn it off, go to start->run and type "services.msc"

    Scroll down to "Wireless Zero Configuration" and double click on it. Press "stop" and then set the "startup type" to "Manual"

    If you ever find that it's not connecting to your network, you can go in and start the service, connect to the network, and then disable the service. It's likely that through this method you'll never have any more wireless problems. I know it fixed mine.

  9. There's always that .1% chance that Microsoft finally got something right... :P

    I'm hoping (perhaps naively) that all of Microsoft's process improvements (the frequent Vista releases, for example) will result in a better OS out of the box, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'll get Vista for my fun machine at home, dual boot it with XP (in case some of my old games don't work in Vista) until they release SP1, and get used to it and enjoy the new features while waiting for it to be secure (this machine stays away from the internet).

    Some of us are forced to be early adopters, so that when the people we support get new machines with Vista preinstalled, we actually know what we're troubleshooting. After all, it's hardly moral to suggest that these people spend another $200 to get XP, when Vista comes preinstalled (unless it turns out like WinME, of course...then it'd be entirely worth it).

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