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  1. Hello there I tried Firefox 5.01 on a Pentium II computer with 384 mb. Firefox 5.01 is just as slow as firefox 4.01.

    I will keep on using Firefox 3.6.19.

    Thanks, but don't you mean Firefox 3.6.18? or has there been an update recently to 19?

  2. I see that Firefox 5 is out, just curious if any 98 users have downloaded it and what they may wish to say about it whether it works (fast/slow) or what needs to be done to get it to work either with KernelEx or whatever?

  3. Is there any way to install successfully the Java Runtime Environment on Windows 98 with or without KernelEx on Firefox 3.6.17?

    I have even tried installing it when the install missing plugin message appears, but it always fails, and will do so if I try it manually too.

    Is this a system issue or a browser issue?

    I do believe that Firefox removed the Java 6 plugin due to security issues.

    All I am trying to do is to install a working Java on Firefox 3.6.17

  4. What is the correct process when updating KernelEx?

    Do we just un-install reboot then install the newest?

    I don't know for sure, but I installed over 4.5, rebooted as prompted and it seems to be working OK.

    Glad it's still working, still be interested to know the correct method though.

  5. So God knows what I will use as a decent browser once the FF3 version is dropped.

    you may want to stick with the FF 3.6 series as there will be an upcoming FF 3.6.18 release once FF 5 goes final.

    I will as anything else above this that I have tried fails to work properly.

  6. This sounds like a bad stall. I hope some new developers are able to grab the controls and recover.

    Our household's two XP machines are currently down and out, so we have resorted to this 14-year-old Pentium I with Win98SE. Thanks to KernelEx, we're able to use a fully modern browser (Opera) and get done what we need to. Xeno86, thank you for all your work on this project!

    I have a suggestion for future development, whoever might be doing it. For me, the most important software BY FAR to get to work on Windows 98 is Opera, followed by K-Meleon and Adobe Flash. No other software is important to me. Maybe the project would demand less time If the developer(s) focused on these programs only, especially Opera.

    I totally agree with that, Adobe flash is really important to me.

  7. Thanks Xeno86 for supporting all the Windows Me users of the world.

    I'll definitely be saving my copies of KernelEx and Firefox 3.6.17.

    Windows Me has reached it's zenith. It's all downhill now. :no:

    I am thinking the same thing about 98. :unsure:

  8. I just attempted to try the Firefox 4.0.1, and it was exactly like the last time I tried the Beta, slow to the point I had to use ctrl/alt/delete.

    So God knows what I will use as a decent browser once the FF3 version is dropped.

    I wonder if it is anything to do with the fact I only have 256RAM? I did try some time ago inserting another 256, but the internet looped and would not connect until I removed the extra RAM, so if it is because of the RAM that FF4 is slow then I don't know what to do but purchase a new computer that I can't afford.

  9. Just out of curiosity :), are you going to start a new thread for each and every minor release of Firefox? :whistle:

    Wouldn't have been more logic to continue here? :unsure: :


    Please tell me where I mention on this thread about a minor release, surely Firefox 4.0.1 is a major release.

  10. Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but can I ask a question related to the new Firefox 4 which is out in full from the beta.

    Well for instance I tried the Beta on Windows 98 with KernelEx and it did not like my system whatsoever, so I reverted back, but I wonder if this new full version of Firefox 4 may actually work better, and thought to ask any of you that are in my situation with regards to operating system etc if you in fact have managed to use the very new Firefox 4 on your system?

    In other words is it as fast as FF3 and is it stable?

    I don't really want to go and install it and then have to revert back again as last time I had trouble getting my bookmarks back.

    I thought to ask as I am sure there was someone on this forum that said that FF4 Beta was really slow on his 98 machine, and if I remember right he removed it, but then perhaps he has tried the latest FF 4.0.1 and it may work for him.

  11. Looking for a no limitation freeware program that will let me combine more than one mp3 into one single mp3 file.


    I'm using mp3DirectCut for years. It is fully compatible with Windows 98/Me! :yes:

    No install is required.

    His main interest is that it is non-destructive, that means you can do as much as operations you need with it, without loosing any quality and instantly.

    Audacity, for instance allow you to do much more, but you have first to edit (decompress) the file in Wave, and at the end to re-encode it in MP3. ;)



    Hi Charles,

    I have downloaded mp3DirectCut, and have also downloaded and extracted the mpglib.dll file successfully, however does this program merge more than one mp3 into one? if so could you help me doing this with this program as it looks just a bit complicated.


  12. GDIPLUS.DLL goes into the system folder.

    Have you looked at Audacity? I haven't used it in ages (don't have it installed any more) and am not sure it does what you want, but it does just about anything else you can do with audio. Open Source. Not sure if the present version is 98 compatible. If it's not, I have the older versions that are.


    Version 1.2.6 is 98 compatible and still available at SourceForge.

    I see I have 4 other GDIPLUS.DLL files in other programs, such as Ahead Nero Vision, Sun Java which I don't use on Firefox, and Net Framework version 1.1.4322, so I take it each program can have it's own?, or should we have only one of these files in our systems?

    I don't see one in my windows system directory, you think that is where the problem lies?

    Should I place any of these that I do have by copying and pasting into the system directory, or would that likely cause issues?

    Btw, Audacity works on 98, but not good for the merging of multiple files.

  13. A required .DLL file, GDIPLUS.DLL, was not found

    You can find GDIPLUS Here at MDGx's.

    Thanks, which one would I be looking for on that link? as I have Windows 98, but I have Kernel Ex installed.

    Also where do I put the GDIPLUS.DLL once I do download it? do I stick it in the folder of the program I was trying to run?

    Would it be this one http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms09-062.mspx





    or is it a try it and see ?

  14. Looking for a no limitation freeware program that will let me combine more than one mp3 into one single mp3 file.

    Any help appreciated.

    Have tried MediaJoin, but it seems to be limited to 15 days and does not output larger than 128 bitrate.

  15. I've used Firefox since version 1.0 and have been a big fan, but it's been painfully slow starting with versions 3.x on my older hardware. Opera is significantly faster.

    The errors stopped after I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player 10 and reinstalled version 9. I may try installing version 10 on another system to see if the same error recurs. Still no idea why it's happening as others apparently have successfully used it.

    Very strange, I wouldn't have thought that Adobe Flash would have anything to do with your browser functionality, unless it's the actual flash that you're having the issue with.

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