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  1. Compaq Presario 4850

    Pentium II 300MHz

    384 mb RAM

    Integrated ATI Rage Pro AGP chipset w/4 MB

    52x cd-rom

    6.5 gb Quantum Bigfoot CY (3600 rpm?)

    Wired Ethernet to my router

    I had WinXP on it but it crawled. I am thinking of putting Win98SE or WinME on it and using it for some old multi player games. So I NEED some good advice.


    Unreal Tournament GOTY



    QuakeIII (if it will play with 4mb video)

    1, I wont be using any web browsers on it since it is just for multi player FPS games. Does that mean connected to the internet, I am immune from getting infected by a virus or exploits since I don't web-browse with it?

    2, which should I use Win98SE or WinME for my particular computer for these games? and why?

    3, should I install any of the unofficial service packs since this computer is just for games?

    Perhaps someone is using a similar system for the exact purpose that I am. What do you recommend?

    Thank you!

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