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  1. I  re-installed Windows 10 and instead of using my old StartIsBack  I upgraded to the latest version  2.8.7

    Now, when I pin a shortcut to the Start Menu the number 2 is added to the name like this:  (2)

    Here is a screen shot:


    This never happened in the older version of the program.  This is extremely annoying and I don't want the added (2).  I tried removing the shortcuts and then adding them back in but the (2) is always added.

    How do I get rid of the added (2).

  2. These bugs have existed for a long time.  I am using the Windows 7 style Start Menu.

    (1) When I run a program it does not get added to the list of recently used programs in the Start Menu.

    (2) Every couple of days, StartIsBack dumps all of my shortcuts from the All Programs menu into the recently used programs list.  The only way to get things back to normal is to go through and right click on each one, one at a time, and select remove from this list.  Since there are about 50 of them, it is very annoying.

  3. vLite is an excellent program that works really well. Unfortunately, Vista isn't so great. After SP1 finally comes out, I'll try some heavy cutting with vLite and see if it makes a difference. But unless I see a major performance imporvement, I'll be sticking with XP for a long time.

    One of the articles about vLite had a funny line -- "ironically, most of what vLite removes is the stuff that makes Vista different from XP".

  4. In case when vLite's ISO engine isn't compatible with your drive

    I don't understand this. What do you mean vLite ISO not compatible with my drive? If you make a bootable ISO, why would it matter what drive you use or what speed you burn at?

    Just trying to learn and understand.

  5. I burned my DVD at 8x

    Its not that the problem ;)

    I had the same problem recently. I always burn at 4x and I've never had a problem in the past but suddenly all the ISOs that I create with vLite wouldn't boot when i burned them to DVD. I was going to try burning at a slower speed but vLite and Nero won't let me choose a speed slower than 4x.

    After making several coasters, I finally got one that worked. I guess it could have been bad disks?

  6. Hello,

    Can some one tell me how do we slipstream vista sp1.

    You can't......

    Everyone says that SP1 makes Vista faster and more stable . . . . which is really great . . . . but . . . .

    1. Vista is so bloated you really need vLite.

    2. If you remove the wrong thing with vLite, the SP1 installer crashes, BUT it won't tell you what is wrong -- it just gives you a meaningless error number. So, you have to spend hours and hours experimenting to figure out what the problem is.

    3. OK, So I'll wait till SP1 is officially released and slip-stream it into Vista and then use vLite on that. OOOPS, Sorry. Can't do that. Microsoft has changed the SP1 installer and says that you won't be able slip-stream SP1 into Vista.

    4. So, in a couple of months, when SP1 is officially released, someone will get a full DVD of Vista with SP1 integrated and upload it to one of the warez groups. Microsoft complains constantly about piracy and then does stupid crap like this that encourages people to go out and get pirated copies of Windows.

  7. It's something removed I presume.

    hmm, has anyone actually tried to manually install with a non-vlited vista? Sounds silly but again... process of elimination. :) You don't want to do lots of hard working trying to find the problem when its the Service Pack itself.

    Yes. I tried installing the latest SP1 beta on a non-vLited copy of Vista and it installed fine, so the problem is defintiely with vLite removing something that SP1 needs. Which is pretty wierd if you think about it -- a vLited copy of Vista works fine, so the SP1 installer is depending on something that Vista itself doesn't really need.

    I also had the same problem with 2 previous SP1 betas (builds 16633 and 16549) -- except they gave me different error numbers when I tried to install them on a vLited copy of Vista.

  8. i did, but it doesnt help :/

    I had a feeling it might not help. The only information i can find about Error 0x8007007e is related to Windows XP. It's pretty ridiculous that a product (Windows) that has been around for over 20 years still won't give you an error message that actually tells you what's wrong.

  9. There's definitely a problem with vLite deleting something that Vista SP1 needs. It's a shame that Microsoft only gives a you meaningless error number.

    Doing a search for Error 0x8007007e indicates that the problem may be with "MSXML 3.0 assembly files (msxml3.dll and msxml3r.dll)". and recommends downloading an re-installing a package called "msxml3usa.msi". Unfortunately, all the download links I can find for this all point to a Microsoft page that no longer exists.

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