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  1. @argon007 How come you have to uncheck "Finalize CD" ? I don't use VMWare or Virtual PC a lot but I always finalise my CD when burning with Nero...
  2. Did you make sure your .bat file is also renamed to winnt.bat as well? Also you must edit the .bat file so this line looks like this: set AnswerFile=.\winnt.sif
  3. If you mean the icon right next to the start button (not the one next to the time display at right) they are stored here for All Users: %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\ So if you want to remove something there, I would do it via a batch file or RunOnceEx depending on your unattended install. In my configuration, RunOnceEx.cmd execute my batch file named cleanup.cmd Here is an example from my cleanup.cmd: DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\QuickTime Player.lnk"
  4. I think the real problem you have is caused by your partition not being formated. In my Unattended installation, I do pretty much the same as you guys: C:\Windows D:\Program Files E:\Documents and Setting I have to partition and format the disk before my unattended setup (with Partition Magic) so it can work. Otherwise you get an error message before GUI in your unattended installation. The reason is that Windows installation only format the destination drive of \Windows. Later, I'll try to find a way to partition and format my drive without having to use Partition Magic... but for now I'll stick with it
  5. Holly crap! You're certainly paying attention. I copy/pasted from the SDK post without noticing! I corrected my post! The funny thing is that I wanted to show the code so people could grab easily without reading 5 pages...
  6. Well SiMoNsAyS, would you mind posting your regtweak.reg? I'll dig in I've already used the search function but I don't really get what I need.
  7. Me too! I'd like to thank you guys! This is why it is the best Forum on the net Confirmed Silent Installation via RunOnceEx.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\001 /VE /D "MS Windows Media Player 10" /f REG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\MediaPlayer\WMP10.exe /Q:A /C:\"setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q /R:N\"" /f
  8. Easy to find with the search tool... anyway here it is: ;Put my computer my network places my documents on the desktop [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\HideDesktopIcons\NewStartPanel] "{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}"=dword:00000000 "{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}"=dword:00000000 "{208D2C60-3AEA-1069-A2D7-08002B30309D}"=dword:00000000
  9. The other possibility is that your domain controller is in the Windows Server 2003 Familly and that the SUSadmin Service is installed (Automatic Update controlled by Group Policy) For my part, I Have a French Unnatended Install with SP2 slipstreamed and the Automatic Update is working normally... no problem so far
  10. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **ENGLISH VERSION** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** In your winnt.sif set theses parameters: [Data] AutoPartition=1 [Unattended] TargetPath=\WINDOWS Repartition=No The AutoPartition=1 value means that the setup is going to choose where to install (usualy C:\Windows) BUT if there is already a windows installed in the first partition of the hard drive it will install \Windows to the second partition and so on(if there is not another Windows installation present). The Repartition=No value means that the Windows Installation will never repartition and format the hard drive... so it is a good protection BUT NEVER FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR DATA KID! ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **VERSION FRANCAISE** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** Effectue les ajustement suivants dans ton fichier winnt.sif : [Data] AutoPartition=1 [Unattended] TargetPath=\WINDOWS Repartition=No La valeur AutoPartition=1 signifie que l'installation va choisir ou sera placé le répertoire (normalement C:\Windows) MAIS si il y a déja un système d'exploitation présent sur cette partition, il va choisir une autre partition pour installer \Windows et ainsi de suite (encore une fois si il n'y a pas de Windows présent...) La valeur Repartition=No signifie que l'installation de ne repartitionnera et ne formatera pas ton disque dur... ce qui est une bonne protection MAIS N'OUBLIE JAMAIS DE FAIRE DES COPIES DE SAUVEGARDE JEUNE HOMME!
  11. You can do it in your winnt.sif under the section unattended: [Unattended] ProgramFilesDir="D:\Program Files" CommonProgramFilesDir="D:\Program Files\Common Files" BUT you must format your D: drive BEFORE you install because only the destination drive of the Windows folder get formated. Believe me, it will halt the installation process early if there is no D: drive formatted The cool thing about that is when you install software later on your computer, they automaticaly points to D:\Program Files without having to change the destination directory manualy during an installation! Only old software installer still point to C:\Program File by default. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that all the Windows programs (that are installed in C:\Program Files normally) will also go there (ie: Internet Explorer, Movie Maker, MSN Messenger, etc.)
  12. Thanks guys, I'll try this tommorow: [COMMANDS] "RunOnceEx.cmd" "REGEDIT /S regtweaks.reg" I hope the regtweak will apply to ALL users... @SiMoNsAys, I suppose you install via the Catalyst Setup and that's why you get those annoying things because my installation is from the $OEM$\$\drivers via OemPnPDriversPath and I only get an icon in the tray. I know that this method doesn't install all the part of the Catalyst driver but it is enought for our corporate needs. Anyway 90% of our computer use Intel Integrated Graphics ... By the way, these are next things I want to modify via the registry: 1- Activate the Clear Type Font effect 2- Apply the ROYALE theme (MS Media Center Style) 3- Apply the 3D Windows XP screensaver 4- Disable the Intel Graphics Icon in the tray 5- Disable the Realtek Audio AC97 Icon in the tray 6- Activate the RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) 7- Change keyboard layout to Canadian French (I don't know why but this feature of winnt.sif never worked well) And finaly, clear the startup (MSCONFIG) by removing useless stuff... they are located in (I think)HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and I suppose that all I have to do is remove these entry but I don't know how. So if you happen to know these keys let me know!
  13. thanks SiMoNsAyS, it was to simple to think about that! I have two more question: 1- If I want to import theses Registry Setting during the Unattended setup and apply them to ALL users (not the one logged in) how should I do? There is this method on msfn [COMMANDS] "REGEDIT /S regtweaks.reg" but my cmdlines.txt already contains: [COMMANDS] "RunOnceEx.cmd" Can we mix both? 2- Also, what will happen if I set these tweaks before I install my applications (ie: disable the QuickTime Icon before it is actually installed via RunOnceEx.cmd on the first logon)
  14. Thank you guys! I've tried regmon and I found the key I wanted to change for QuickTime: ;Disable the QuickTime icon in the taskbar [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apple Computer, Inc.\QuickTime\ActiveX] "QTTaskRunFlags"=dword:00000002 The next thing I wanted was to disable the ATi icon as well. I think I've found the value but since I am not an expert in registry setting, I don't know how to change a value that is REG_SZ... i've tried this: ;Disable the ATi icon in the taskbar [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ATI Technologies\Desktop] "EnableIcon"=sz:0 but it is not working... I'll need some registry lesson! anyone familiar with REG_SZ? Also I'll give a try to the other registry monitoring applications you all suggested since it was quite a long process to find those keys with regmon
  15. Is there a way of knowing what modifications we are doing to the registry? For example, when I deactivate the QuickTime icon in the tray, what is the value that changed in the registry? I'm asking this because I want to tweak my Unattended Setup and I suppose the best way of doing it is by importing registry modification during the final phase of installation...
  16. Is there a way of knowing what modifications we are doing to the registry? For example, when I deactivate the QuickTime icon in the tray, what is the value that changed in the registry? I'm asking this because I want to tweak my Unattended Setup and I suppose the best way of doing it is by importing registry modification during the final phase of installation...
  17. Hi! I can wait to test Guide4Drivers tommorow... As I Understand your instructions, step 3 is your way of transferring theses files to SYSTEM32... So if I put theses files in \$OEM$\$$\System32 it should do the same instead of editing TXTSETUP.SIF? Right? thanks!
  18. Nevermind, I found some info in the other sections of the forum... Hello, I'm kind of new to Windows XP Visual Styles... How do I install a theme I downloaded from deviantART ?
  19. Wait, IT WORKS. By using command.com and changing to Quick Edit Mode I was able to cut (Lucida Font) and paste in the DOS windows (lucida font also) THANKS!
  20. It is supposed to be ALT + 0221 but I get this caracter ¦
  21. QuickTime hum... (this is what you get with MACintosh people!) the thing is how do you get this caracter in DOS? I cannot copy and paste from the Caracter Table in DOS
  22. I remember reading something about this but I can't find that post anymore... I get a Ý (Y with an accent) folder with nothing in it at the root of my C:\ Drive. I could solve this problem by deleting the folder with my cleanup.cmd (I'll need to figure how to write this caracter in DOS) but I would like to know what is causing this? ANY LUCK?
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