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  1. Thank you both ! :)

    jaclaz: I understand your arguments. I totaly agree, but we all know that a torrent-downloaded installation media is illegaly obtained software.

    I guess that this forum do not permit their users to link to illegal material (like torrentfiles or other links providing Microsoft installation media).?

    Since the legal aspect of this is rather complicated i guess the best thing to do in my case is to recommend to the forum admin at itpro.no that the forum rules prohibit this type of discussion and linking like it's done her at msfn.org.

    1.a This is not a warez site! Links/Requests to warez and/or illegal material (e.g., cracks, serials, etc.) will not be tolerated. Discussion of circumventing WGA/activation/timebombs/license restrictions, use of keygens, or any other illegal activity, including, but not limited to, requests for help where pirated software is being used or being discussed, will also not be tolerated. You will be warned on your first offence. If you choose to continue, you will be banned without notice

    Thanx again :hello:

  2. Hi

    Hope someone could help me out here. I have an argument with a guy in a Norvegian forum and i can't find evidence on the web supporting my claims....

    Regarding a preinstalled XP laptop...

    My statement: It's illegal to download Windows installation files from other sites than Microsoft.com. The Windows licening rules are broken as soon as the software is downloaded ( It's a crime to have an unauthorised copy of Microsoft software in hand ).

    The other guy says: There is nothing wrong with downloading Windows installation files from a p2p-network as long as the installation key under (laptop) the pc is used under installation.

    As far as i know is the XP COA sticker on pc's from an OEM that uses preactivated installation locked to the harware (SLP) only an indicator that the pc was intsalled with genuine Windows XP software. It can not be used as an installation key as other versions of the COA.

    OEM that uses SLP are: ACER, DELL, HP, MEDION.....

    Further he claims that he have sucsessfully reinstalled a Vista laptop (oem preinstalled) using his own Vista retail-dvd and key from the laptop COA-sticker.

    I beleve that this will detroy the preinstalled systems recovery functions and overwrite oem-bios files. Correct?

    I'm confused :(

    Is there anyone that will clarify the use of the COA-sticker key on preinstalled / preactivatet systems.

    Also please answer my first Q regarding piracy.

    TheMetalGod :)

  3. Thank you for a clarifying answer. :)

    This is a topic from an Norwegian forum, and i did find the discussion on this so interesting that i desided to ask for help here at msfn.org....


    I suspect that this may be the reason for missmatching MBR partition table vs actual disk structure:

    4. The special Acer Master Boot Record (MBR) has become corrupt or has been overwritten with an non Acer MBR. As long as the PQSERVICE partition is there or you can get your hands on a couple of Acer service files for your model, then you can remake the special Acer MBR. Let’s cover how this is done.
    From: http://www.roundtripsolutions.com/blog/200...ecovery-broken/

    Have in mind that the D:partition is removed from the hardrive while the Acer eRecovery tool always will write a mbr partitiontable for the factory-configuration of the laptop... ( with C:, D: and PQSERVISE partition)

    From comment under the article:

    Weblog Says:

    March 2nd, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    @Polo: The instructions we have on this blog post are about as much as we know. We’re not Acer agents and have never supplied such “cheap” system, prefering to go with high quality alternatives.

    Combining your C & D partition will result in D2D NOT working. It expects to see a certain partition structure, in fact, the one that it left the factory with!

    I'm not sure what will be the next steps, but thank you again for the replyes and the toolstips we got from you jaclaz :thumbup

    I have posted link in the Norwegian forum to this topic btw..

  4. Ok.

    The pc owner didn't do the recovery as i suggested for him, but instead he installed W7 on the c: partition. Still the same problem!

    He says he managed to shrink c: a little more, but still no unallocated space shows up in the disk manager tool....

    This should tell us that the problem is "outside" the system-partition?

    Could this have something to do with a faulty master boot record or somthing like that? ( i dont have a clue, just guessing )

    (MBR contains the partition table if i understand things right)

  5. No POST screen u mean?

    EDIT: If thats the case i have two possible workarounds/solutions:

    1. Reset BIOS ( you may have to configure the correct bios-settings after the reset to get the pc booting)

    (if this does the trick, you may have a faulty psu/cmos-battery or simply a partially defect motherboard that corrupts the bios-settings)

    2. Try another vga-card and/or screen.

  6. But there should have been also a "base recovery DVD" (if not given together with the PC) capable of restoring to "factory", including the hidden partition.
    I Know :)

    Don't have a clue wat he have tried and his "skills" at making a recovery dvd ( guess this is the first and only recovery-image he has made ).

    I will ask him to perform a recovery from hiden partition if possible. Will come back with update as soon as i can :)

  7. Some facts:

    Acer Laptop.

    The owner has used the Acer eRecovery tool to make a a recovery-dvd before any changes/installations to the system. (this was pre sp1)

    After some time he decided to wipe out the D: partition and expand the c: partiton on the unallocated space.

    He then desided to test W7 on the laptop, but changed his mind shortly after. (he wanted to use the license on another pc)

    He then performed recovery from the recovery-image (dvd), and booted up Vista.

    Almost everything seemd to work out fine exept that the installation program for the Acer programs halts when trying to install Acer eRecovery. (i dont know if this has to do with the missing D: partition?)

    Second symptom: When trying to shrink the C: partition (to free up space for a new D: partition), the shrinking prosess works out fine, but the unallocated space on the harddrive will not show up. Nothing at all... Take a look at this:


    (This is an 160GB hdd)

    As you can see there is missing 40-50GB harddrive space!!

    He has confirmed that sp1 and updates installs fine btw.

    Any ideas whats causing this problems?

    Sorry my lausy english guys :)

  8. Hey

    I am trying to save an old laptop from the trash-container. The pc is a Toshiba equium M50 and was preinstalled with XP home. The owner of the laptop has wiped the recovery-partition of the hdd and there are no recovery-image on cd's / dvd's. The pc seems to have been re-installed with an malware-infested pirate version of XP home and therefore i desided to wipe the hdd clean before reinstalling. I have installed XP home on the pc, but this will of course not activate as the installation-cd is not prepared for this manufacturer.

    My Q is: Is it posible to swap the "oembios-files" on this systems hdd ( hdd connected to usb-adapte to my own pc )?

    If not, i guess i have to produce a new installation cd with the correct "oembios-files"?

    Is it ok to get the files from here ? http://www.oembios.net/ or here: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/showthread.php?t=2127

    If there is any guides on how this is done, i am happy to do some more reading on my own ;)

    I'm not an expert on Windows XP, but know how to integrate sp with nLite and i have a vage understanding on how SLP works.

    note. The COA-sticker on the laptop is intact so the installation should be legal as long as i can make this system activate.

    Sorry my poor writing-skills in english.

    More info:

    Using this script: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=485635

    Outputs the following:

    Manufacturer: TOSHIBA

    Model: EQUIUM M50

    544F5348 494241

    (note that this system is istalled with an Medion PC installation cd- i don't know if that matter in this case.)

    Also: I have made a image of the toshiba-hdd before i wiped it. (DriveImage XML). If the system still used the orginal oembios-files and they are intact still, i can browse the xml-file and copy this files and integrate them on a new install-cd.

    Update: Copied the Toshiba oembios-files over to a working I386 folder. used nLite to create a new image and then of course burned a cd.

    Problem solved! ;)

  9. Ok i have an update for you :)

    I did one more try and this time it worked fine. I simply skipped the "install driver"-part and continued the installation without the Raid-drivers.

    I've just rebooted after installing Windows 7 and everything seems to be working just fine :D

    Did not expected that i could install without adding drivers manualy. But there i was wrong. :blushing:

  10. Hey folks :)

    This is my first post on MSFN, so be patient.

    My Q is as following: Is it at all possible to install Windows 7 on hardware-RAID0 ?


    Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 (rev. 1.3)(Intel ICH9R chip)

    2x Samsung Spinpoint S166 160 GB 8MB on ICH9R (RAID0)

    I have a working dualboot consisting of XP pro (x86) and TinyVista (x86) on this RAID-disk already.

    When booting from the W7 install-dvd i press F8 and turn of the disable driver signature req.

    Then in the installation-menu i install RAID-drivers from cd with the "install driver" option. This seems to work fine, but the partitions are still flagged with the "Error 0x80300001. Not able to install to the selected location"

    I have also tried to delete the partition (prep for W7) and reformat it, but same issue still.

    Should i give up and just install W7 on an single hdd instead?

    Sorry if my english sucks. :whistle: ( I do not speek english werry well )

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