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  1. Psshutdown should work when using -u and -p options but i never tried with empty password. Also when using a local account on the target computer, the syntax of psshutdown should be as follow:

    psshutdown -s \\target -u target\administrator -p password

    Tried that too, both without specifying any password in "-p password" and without using the "-p" flag (in this case it asks for the password after you hit enter). Same error.

    I suspect, PSShutdown dont work if its blank password....try after defining a password...

  2. Hi All,

    I created a silent install of one of the applications via winrar sfx and put "Shortcut=D...." command line in SFX comments.

    so far so good its working fine.

    but now i want to place this shortcut in %systemdrive%\AllUserProfile%\Desktop. Can anybody help me with the command line for the same?

    Thnx in advance..

  3. Dont know if you people already know this.. but the search for "winzip" didnt gave any results to me. so here iam.


    1) Winzip 11.1 available from official site for free (demo version).

    2) right click it and select "open with winrar".

    3) clear all mess (google desktop search and google IE bar exe's ) keep only the winzip msi.

    rest you know ;-)

    and to register it just export HKLM\Software\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\WinIni and HKU\Software\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\WinIni.

    create 7zip or rar archive and use with WPI or i386\svcpack or any other method you feel comfortable with.

    hope this helps.

    and if a repost, mods plz do whts is appropriate with this post.

    MSFN rocks !!

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