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  1. sickcd.png

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(:(





    ING THING!!!!!!!

    (started happening after I installed an external 80G hard drive, they're supposed to be R: and L: drives.)

  2. Boot...disk? What's that? :whistle:

    Uhh... all I have for it is a SuperDisk that is write-protected that is keeps asking to initialize...it booted into OS 4 :blushing: just fine without anything in the drive the first time, then it got the errors.

  3. I was working on a 17-year old Macintosh SE with a SuperDrive and accidentally clicked on "User Privileges" or something like that and got this message:

    "Sorry! A system error has occured!

    illegal instruction


    I clicked Restart and got the "Welcome to Macintosh." screen followed by:

    "Sorry! A system error has occured!

    address error

    (continue / restart)"

    I pressed Continue.

    Same thing.

    I pressed Restart.

    Same thing.

    I flipped off the power supply.

    I flipped it back on.

    Same thing.

    No matter how many times I repeated this, the message kept coming back.

    Please help.

  4. My Win2000:

    BSODs - 1.

    Freezes - 0.

    App Crashes - 1.

    System Crashes - 0.

    My WinXP:

    BSODs - 0.

    Freezes - 0.

    App Crashes - 3.

    System Crashes - 1.

    Luna Crashes - 0.

    My WinVista:

    BSODs - 1.

    Freezes - 2.

    App Crashes - 30.

    System Crashes - 0.

    Aero Crashes - 0.

    My old WinXP I don't have anymore:

    BSODs - 9.

    Freezes - 0.

    App Crashes - 0.

    System Crashes - 1.

    Luna Crashes - 5.

  5. Sometimes, when I try to return Vista from sleep, I get a black screen with a blinking white _ at the top. Then it turns into four, 2 light, 2 dark, then it goes away. Then a screen with _s fading in and out in columns, light at the top, dark in the middle, light at the bottom, dark at the top, light in the middle, dark at the bottom... Then it returns normally.

    It's not even worth it because ALWAYS when I return it from sleep, I have to completely restart it to get it to connect to the network again. :realmad:

  6. DD Forums - techno_race

    -> "TRML (Techno_Race Markup Language)"

    <script type="text/html" language="TRML">
    if: "itsaholiday"
    ? whatisaholiday
    print(1) 'holiday'
    (print 1:active
    ?/whatisaholiday (
    END ***itsaholiday RESTART -0
    END *** itsaholiday:holicycle RESTART
    FULL "theholidays" EXTRA svc.

    I'm doggitydogs.

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