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  1. I guys,

    Just some news :

    I tried to capture with imageX Vista with the known command lines !!!!

    Before, under vista, just before rebooting, i do a : sysprep /oobe /generalize /reboot /unattend:c:\temp\config.xml

    then i capture the image

    Ive read on a board, that, ive to replace the new Install.wim over the older, on DVD Source, then create iso dvd

    then try : echec for me !!!

    I would like to know, really, if it is possible, to create a capture of an OS pre-installed (like vista),then to replace it into the native DVD, and it will works ! For me its strange

    When you say that we can create a DVD bootbale threw BDD 2007, ok, have you got a little tuto for me to try out and finally to say ; great it workd fine !

    Many thanks for your all help


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