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  1. Can't download v9 zip. Attachment not found.
  2. Where is the 8.0 download link? In the main page the picture says "Download the latest version. v8.0.0". I am a little bit confused...
  3. Hy! First of all: thank you for your work. But since version 20091127, OS detection isn't work. I got an error, when i try to install an XP OS computer: "XPDNF20SP2hu.exe is a WXP only installer."
  4. I see. I will wait. Thanks anyway.
  5. Hi! (Sorry my bad english) I have a problem. Here is the short description: I have a 2 GB container file, created with truecrypt. I copied the wpi folder to this container. I configured it and filled up with many programs, and it's all fine. THEN burned the truecrypt and the container to a dvd, I mounted to any drive letter, and when I run the WPI, pop up the folowing error (not word by word): "This disk isn't writable. blablabla." I think WPI only recognize CD/DVD drives and when it is happening WPI don't have writeable permission. But in this case, in this mounted partition WPI WANTS to be writable his own folder. (remember: wpi in the container, and on the (read only) DVD) How can I disable this feature, or what other suggestion you have? I wants to the wpi folder is encrypted, and only I can see what is in it. I hope I was understandable. Thank you. (You can tested without dvd burning: when mount the container, in the "Mount options" page check the "Mount volume as read-only" option.)
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