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  1. I am having the same issues with zone incomplete transfers using 2008 Server DNS. I am at a loss on this one so I am opening a ticket with MS to see if this is some known bug. If anyone gets information onj this one before I do please share with the rest of us.

    I am as stuck in the same bureaucratic mess as you are

  2. Next year: Windows 7 training.


    We're in for some big money, my friends :thumbup and I think we love money at least as much as Microsoft

    Also, let's not forget the concept of Software Assurance itself, it's always easier to milk companies than end-users

  3. I don't hate Microsoft, i'm just saying that their glitchy produtcs keep me employed.

    That's why I love Microsoft, their mistakes are my profits :sneaky: OEMs, rejoyce!

  4. We tested lots of drivers , they never failed here.

    maybe you are doing sommething wrong.

    Actually I am doing something wrong, I am bypassing msiexec and the TrustedInstaller in order to componentize my stuff (let's call it unorthodox slipstreaming). If VMware can do it, why can't I ? :whistle:

    Anyways, there are some pieces of software that break sysprep due to poor architectural vision, and that makes me very sad. The very reason for me to go over MS installers.

  5. Anyway, I dig through the log file and I find several lines referencing "CheckIfWpdPresent" and failing because it comes back "0" instead of 1, so it intentionally halts. What the heck is WPD? I don't recognize that acronym from anything I've seen. And is it restorable? I'm not exactly hot on the idea of reinstalling Vista again... although it only took 15 minutes off a USB stick ;)

    WPD is "Windows Portable Device" Driver Model. Try to manually reinstall the Mobile Device Center from here

  6. hello

    in Nlite i can combine the drivers into a single .cab to speed installations also reduce comperssion to make the unpacking faster and i can disable SFC which speed windows during installations .. why no such functions in Vlite?

    that's all and thank you for this wonderful program

    best of lucks

    peace :ph34r:

    1) CABs are no longer used for driver storage. It's faster to install drivers from a uncompressed file repository

    2) What you call "windows installation" is actually a straightforward wim decompression onto a target partition, followed by the last stage of a sysprep (mini-setup). Its only real bottleneck is the linear read speed of the medium containing the WIM.

    2) Reducing compression would actually increase install time in some conditions. A larger WIM would take more time to read from a DVD.

  7. Well its possible but i dont think you like what comes out of this little experiment.Its possible to force install on 256MB machines trough vlite tweak.The culprit in this case will be CPU speed(800Mhz single core reccommended at least) and graphics...2MB is not enough even for classic.Besides finding drivers to back it all up...hell i say.Good youre not gonna try this.

    How about Windows Server 2008 Core ? :sneaky: That would work gracefully.

  8. Hi

    i use acronis trueimage with a recovery partition on my c drive on boot up if i want to relaod windows i press f11 which then starts acronis recovery system

    hope this helps


    Yes, Acronis does have a backup/recovery system using a hidden partition. Instead of making a .tib file, it saves the contents of a partition as raw data on that hidden acronis partition. No big deal, and is quite useful for laptops.

  9. I really don't see what the huge issue is. I've never needed the WAIK, just the 64-bit WMI filter. WAIK-less, I've even used vLite to create a clean Vista disc that installs and activates with no issues.

    Guess what, lawyers don't care :whistle:

  10. Actually, Vista is much better for that. For one thing, video drivers run in user mode now (lots more stuff does actually), so they won't take down your system (it'll just restart the driver), unlike in XP. And god knows them ATI/GeForce drivers are often the ones who do so... (That, and crappy unstable chipsets with poor drivers)

    Let's not forget the support for heterogeneous video - let's say one 8800 GTS, one HD 4850 and one X1550. You could use the X1550 for PPU instead of an Ageia and the stronger two in software SLI. Everything done by the new XDDM2 and DirectX 11 driver model.

  11. I've seen the same problem too, I'm guessing that the RWMs used by the WDS are still using the previous (6.0.6000) version of the wimgapi internally. Capturing manually with latest ImageX doesn't cause this problem, or at least not to the extent you're describing.

    AFAIK, when Mr. Bangalore Guruprakash (brGuru) first implemented the WIM algorithms they were not designed to handle UNC paths so there's some ugly hack involved that does the dirty work of remapping something into something else digestible by the WDS data-in operation.

    Try to do a capture manually to see what speeds.

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