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  1. Thanks for replying r3incarnat0r,

    pehapse you could expand abit on the registry bits i can understand how the installation proccess can modify the registry after the hives have been imported but that could be corrected by a non-sticky runonce entry.

    nLite makes it sticky by readding it as part of the proccess and putting a runonce entry in the default user profile.

    it seems a bit couter productive is it realy neccessary to do it to apply the tweaks to new accounts or or is a safeguard in case someone edited the default user profile ?

    if its only a safeguard should there be an option to disable it ?

  2. really? personaly i just use my own winnt.sif, the main reason for that is my personalized regional settings but i also rather use the [optional components] section for the stuff it can do.

    its my prefference to keep the cd as intact as possible i rather not remove software components that might possibly be needed later,

    on the other hand i just might remove some of the old drivers and hardware support, it seems to speed the setup proccess.

  3. thats the full name setting i was reffering to anoymous_person, and the answer is yes windows will prompt you.

    this setting affects the name dispalyed on system/'my computer' properties.

    it realy have nothing to do with the administrator full name setting but nLite will set it in winnt.sif to whatever you put as the full name for the administrator.

    mazin - if the settings are in the hive and were incorporated into the default user profile why would you need to 'make sure'?

  4. Hi, for the last week i've been deep into trying to understand the proccess nLite uses to apply tweaks mostly i've started this because i've run into the 'Advanced INF install' error on logon with a few configurations but also to better my understanding of how this wonderfull tool works (thanks nuhi :thumbup ).

    (nLite 1.2RC was used)

    here are my questions/issues i want to clarify:

    1. since nLite incorporates tweaks into the registry hives files on the cd, is there a reason for the run once entrie/s in the default user profile ? (runing the reapply section?)

    2. in nLite.inf there is a line 'BitReg = B', but there isn't a section ?

    3. nLite seems to parse and footprint all the registry hive even when it dosen't affect meaningfull changes to some of them (e.g. only remove empty lines /comments / indentetions then footprint the file) ?

    4. some tweaks don't seem to stick like displaying the control panel in classic mode or disabling ie and oe link creation is this a bug or could something specific to my configuration ? (last try i had nLite doing tweaks and the tcp patch only).

    5. about the unattended settings, should the FullName setting realy be attached to the administrator full name in nLite when it isn't neccessary ?

    6. i'm just about ready to create my cd and i was considering using nLite wpi and the ryanvm updates any words of caution/wisdom about the order i use these on the source ?

    hope you find the time / strength to answer my questions :angel

  5. Hi, thank you for this wonderfull app. :)

    I have one comment, with the comming of this new version it would be most appreciated if the website was updated also i noticed the thread in ryanvm forum was last updated with version 5.1 even though your signature there was updated to 5.4.

  6. Hi, I'm pretty new to nLite so bear with me.

    I've found nLite pretty stright forward with the exception of two things.

    1st and least important is the question i get asked when finishing the unattended section about my first user logon being with administrative privilage, what is the question purpose and what are the effects of answering yes or no ? (I have created several user acounts and the first of them is an administrator acount).

    2nd is the regional settings tab i found it a bit obscure perhapse because i expected it to be more like the regional settings section in the windows setup. I've found a forum post asking pretty much the same question but it seems it was misunderstood and so the answers missed the spot.

    The situation is this I'm installing the english version of windows xp, the desired result is when the installation is finished is having the language bar active with both the english and hebrew keyboards.

    With the regular install that would normaly require me to turn on support for right-to-left languages and then adding the hebrew keyboard, the question is is that possible to accomplish with nLite ?

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