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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I remember reading a few years ago about a tweak (maybe a registry tweak?) where it was possible to keep the original XP visual style but change the colours using the RGB.

    Can anyone help me to do this? I'd like to keep the XP style - but be able to change the 3 colours of blue green and silver.



  2. Is it possible to integrate a style directly into my XP copy? I don't change styles often so instead of loading styles after installation, it would be easier to integrate them with nlite (I mean styles, not a programme to load them).



  3. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for all your replies, it's apprciated.

    Yes, it looks like I'll do the recource Hacker thing and replace all icons as required (I'll make a backup copy first!!!!).

    Benners: thanks for the tip about GConvert, I'll have a look.

    Thanks everyone!!



  4. I have lots of icons and I'd like to make a .dll file for them, similar to the moricons.dll file found in XP.

    I can make an .icl file but I'd prefer to do a .dll file. Perhaps I need special software.

    Any ideas?



  5. I'm new to VB and have a question.

    what is the difference between a panel and a form?

    I've done some database creation using M Access (I'm not an expert!!) and this has helped me to understand VB.

    Is a form in Vb the same as a form in access - or is a panel the same as a form in Access?

    It's probably an easy answer, but hey, I'm a beginner!! :P

    Many thanks for your help and advice.


  6. I like to try the batch scripting thing with an unattended cd. Is there a preferred order in which to write the various headings? (eg, unattended, guirunonce, data etc etc etc etc) - and is there a preferred order to write within these headings?

    Another question - where will I put the completed file? In $OEM$? Or do I put an instruction in the Winnt.sif file to start the batch file?

    I'm going to start with a very simple batch file - your help and advice is greatly appreciated.

    There are some excellent tutorials withing this site covering a variety of subject but I haven't been able to locate one for batch scripting/unattended. Any suggestions?



  7. Thanks for those answers, much appreciated - they have helped me to get a much better understanding of the setup process.

    Takeshi - what is HAL?

    Also, am I right is saying that the "factory.exe" would therefore be used by a company to install the extra software we find on computers?


  8. I’ve been reading about the Sysprep utility / unattended setup / disc cloning in the “XP Inside/Out” book (a very informative reference!), and I have a question:

    Extract from the book:-

    Disk imaging (cloning). In this option, you set up Windows on a sample computer and then run the System Preparation utility (Sysprep.exe), which removes the unique security identifier (SID). You can then use a disk cloning program such as Symantec’s Ghost (http://www.symantec.com/ghost)or PowerQuest’s DriveImage (http://www.powerquest.com/driveimage) to copy the entire partition to a new computer; when it starts up, it runs a Mini-Setup program that completes in 5–10 minutes instead of the hour or more that a full Setup requires.

    My question is: If you now run the cloned copy onto another computer with different hardware (or the same computer) does the mini-setup programme create a new SID? Is this what it’s saying?

    Would the second computer have to be the same model as the original? – is this how companies make their mass produced models?

    Here is another extract:-

    Setupcl.exe. A small program used by Sysprep.exe to create unique security identifiers (SIDs).

    When would this prog run? Is this the prog that does the “mini setup”?

    Another extract:

    Factory.exe. Helper program used with Sysprep.exe to make changes to a standard configuration before delivering it to end users.

    When and how and why would this prog be used?

    Thanks for your help and advice,

    Regards, Steve

  9. Drivers are a mystery to me!!!

    Last year I had to have Xp reinstalled and bought XP Pro to do it. (I had a restore disc but it was damaged). When I got the laptop back I noticed that the desktop had a folder labelled drivers and inside that were various folders - display, modem motherboard, touchpad, network, sound, video, wireless. Inside these were the zipped drivers and they automatically installed.

    My question is: where do I go to find the drivers? And how do I know which driver is for what? When I right-click my computer and select properties I see many devices each with drivers, yet they were all condensed into these few folders.

    I would like to be able to categorise all the drivers into easy folders like this but have no idea how to do it!!

    Could someone help explain all this to me - perhaps point me in the direction of a really simple guide for complete beginners.

    Thanks for your help and advice,



  10. Sorry for the confusion Nitro - yes, I mean change the default location of newly-installed programmes to my new location of C\Software but keep all those preloaded things (movie maker, etc etc etc) in the C\Program files folder. (I think I mean %programfiles% for the preloaded things and have my other software eg Nero, in %software%), so every time I turn on my laptop then all the original loaded things stay in the C\Program files and any software I load will go to C\software. Does that make it more clear?

    Takeshi - That's an interesting point about the default Dir for Ie and updates not installing. I didn't know that'

    I appreciate the advice you've given so far, thanks.


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