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    (Note: this text is written for and directed at Big Muscle. Just pointing it out in case that the "you"s looks a bit wierd to you (the person reading this text)) Let me first get the most important thing out of the way: You CAN make money with open source software. In many ways actually: You can charge for the convenicance of auto updates You can charge for direct support (for example, via email or via a private discord chat) You can charge for the convenicance of having an already compiled binary version (which is especially true on windows; on linux for example, you usually git clone the repo, cd into it and type `make && sudo make install` and that's it. On Windows though...) You can make (optional) donations Speaking of donations: what you offer on your website, those are NOT donations. Those are payments. It is NOT freeware. You just get a free demo version. A donation is something optional. The point of a donation is not to get something back from it (besides maybe the knowladge of having helped someone/-thing or maybe getting a "Thank you" mail from them), but purely to support someone/-thing. And I want to mention that that is the only reason why I actually paid 5 bucks for it: not because I care about the watermark (if that would be my only reason, I could have just used a cracked version, and yes, I DID have a working one back then, but I didn't use it), but because I want this project to stay alive. In other words: I am pretty shure that a lot of peole donated just for support, or at least partially. Anyways, I of course know that there are not only positive things about open sourceing this software, namely: You may not make the exact same amount of money from "donations"* You may unveal your secrets* However, both of these arguments are very weak. The first one I already talked about above. For the second one: opening this app would mean that a lot more developers could integrate it (as in making their app compatible with it, not as in stealing your code; the only app I know of that supports aero glass is Winstep Nexus, and that one only works when it really wants to, which, as a dev explained to me, is not their fault). It would allow other people to learn about windows from (because, as described on glass8.eu, it uses undocumented windows features). TL;DR both arguments are... bad. Now let's finally get to why I think it should be open sourced: You (Big Muscle) are not able to maintain this on your own, or at least not in a way that I would concider acceptable for a paid app. Often times, this app gets a fix about 1-2 months before the next major update comes out, which will break it again. And again. And again. This app would be accessable to a lot more people. It would improve the user experiance since it will allow updates to be completed much, much faster. You would not have to stem this project all on your own anymore, which, again, you're not able to. Almost the entire forum is just "It doesn't work" posts. As described previosly, third party compatibility could also be improved massively. A concern you may have is others missusing your code to make money on. This is actually not a problem. You can either use the GNU GPL (or similar), which will technically not prevent your code from being commericallized, but since every modification that is being made availably has to also be opensourced under the same license (or a newer version), it is very unrealistic to think that someone would actually do it, exept maybe in those ***** bundles. While some apps (like OpenOffice or 7-zip, see here ) do suffer from this problem, I, again, don't think that such a tool like AeroGlass would really suffer from this. Alternatively, you can also write your own license, for example like this (this is not legal advaise): Of course, the above mentiond "license" is only one of many ways it could be done (and, again, it is not legal advise). I hope that you will change your mind about this program and it's licensing and distribution, as it would gain both you and even more so it's community. Cheers.
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    It does not. MS never bothered to port DiagTrack to NT 6.0.
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    Good . I would add "unexpectedly". I really don't get it, maybe it is just me, but I don't understand people that asks for assistance/suggestions/ideas and then completely ignores them insisting on doing random things they know nothing or very little about. Probably I am too old (besides grumpy) for this kind of non-communication , jaclaz
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    https://www.reddit.com/r/XtremeG/comments/ig5xth/request_wanting_modified_37270_driver_to_fix/ There you go
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    @ TechnoRelic The pc–tools “SetBrowser” is another utility associating a specified system default browser with the correct registry entries http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/
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    Dear Old Friend, face the inconvenient truth: You ARE older. But: Welcome to the club... :) Myself, I will celebrate in three and a half years, as the BSODs of W95 cost me that much years of my life. W98SE FTW.
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    No didn't know he got banned :--). Not surprised and not sure why he has to be so rude, most of us actually like the work he and others are doing. The new box has 8gb ram but I setup Win10 as 32bit so useable is 3.5 gbs. Still much better than the 2gbs I had before.
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    yeah, thats not the same as right click -> page info -> permissions which has no problem. anyway, this is fixed in repo and next build should have this fix applied.
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    Download the oldest chipset drivers for your board, let them extract, then install them using device manager. Do not install AMD PSP or PCI. ESPECIALLY NOT PSP.
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    For some reason this trick stopped working in roytam1’s Basilisk forks. But it still works in Feodor's Centaury. I use this string right now: Mozilla/5.0 (%OS_SLICE%; rv:73.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/69.0
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    Seems like, Microsoft may of finally pulled the plug on Windows Update servers for Windows Vista :( Not only that, but Microsoft has also pulled the Windows Vista Service Pack downloads off their website too. Anyways (not trying to advertise), but I have the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 32-bit along with 64-bit, also SP2 32-bit and 64-bit available for anyone to download. To top it all off, I have all of the Vista updates up to April 2017 (32-bit and 64-bit), downloaded with wsusoffline.
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    Big thanks to @daniel_k for discovering this method. Tools you'll need: A copy of Windows 8 Embedded Standard (MS is gracious enough to provide us with a download link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=37019) 7-Zip to make it easier to copy files from inside the install.wim This tutorial applies to both AMD64 and X86. Download all 3 parts of Standard_8_64Bit_Bootable_IBW if using 64 bit, or all 2 parts if using 32 bits, and open part 1 to extract the ISO. After this you should have Standard_8_64Bit_Bootable_IBW.iso or Standard_8_32Bit_Bootable_IBW.iso Open the ISO with 7-Zip and navigate to "sources/install.wim". Right click on the install.wim and select "Open inside". Inside the install.wim, go to "Windows/servicing/Packages" Here's where it differs for both architectures. For 64 bit copy the following files into a folder in your computer: For 32 bit copy the following files: Next go to "Windows/winsxs/Manifests" and... For 64 bit copy these files into the same folder you extracted the previous ones: For 32 bit copy these files: Now here's the interesting part. Open command prompt with Admin privileges and run: If using 64 bit: dism /online /add-package /packagepath:<path to folder>\Microsoft-Windows-Embedded-SKU-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.2.9200.16384.mum If using 32 bit: dism /online /add-package /packagepath:<path to folder>\Microsoft-Windows-Embedded-SKU-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.2.9200.16384.mum Reboot and install IE11 like you normally would. This time it will finish the installation and prompt you to reboot. After that, IE11 will be fully operational on your machine! Here's some pics of the results:
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    Mathwiz wrote: "The distorted audio issue seems to be rare, but it does still seem to exist. Has anyone encountered it lately? If so, could you post a link to a video exhibiting the problem?" __________________________ I had these problems, the sound on Twitter videos was distorted as in slow motion. This solution to this audio bug I've found, works here: In about:config click New / string to create this user set new Preference name: general.useragent.override.twitter.com - then value in New Moon 28 is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:4.2) Goanna/4.0 Firefox/55.0 PaleMoon/28.6.0a1 That's the part that does the trick: "Firefox/55.0" but you can put between Firefox/38.0 to Firefox/69.0 ... or Firefox/99.0 or more... The value in Serpent52/ Basilisk I have: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:42.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.9 The value in Serpent55/ Moebius I have: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.0 Firefox/55.0 ...and set Firefox compatibility in Preferences/Advanced/General tab, or in about:config set to default true: general.useragent.compatMode.firefox Link to test distorted Twitter video: https://twitter.com/josefkenny/status/974587426676117505 So now, the sound on Twitter videos is OK here, no more distorted audio in these browsers, solved. Thank you!
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    Hi all For starters, I have never used Discord (dedicated desktop app / browser version), so am completely unfamiliar with it ; that is why I never bothered to chime in with regards to @Jaguarek62's plee for help... BTW, it is bad netiquette to create exact duplicate posts for the same issue on different threads (first there , then here ). @dencorso, perhaps it would be better to transfer this recent discussion about the web edition of Discord in Vista to the standalone thread started by @Jaguarek62 ? Some points I want to make: I'm quite certain that these voice features are based on the WebRTC API; however, Pale Moon (ergo New Moon) has removed support for that one (by choice of the Moonchild dev team), so New Moon would never work for that discord functionality This feature is called Site-Specific-User-Agent-Override (SSUAO) ; old Firefox did have it enabled, but it was later crippled in favour of extensions ; besides Pale Moon (New Moon), other browsers with that feature ON are Basilisk (55/moebius + 52/UXP) and its fork Serpent 52.9.0, CyberFox 52.9.1 (can be patched to run on Vista SP2, but, sadly, is now a dead project) and SeaMonkey 2.49.4 (also EOL'ed). The reason Serpent 52.9.0 works for Discord Voice features is 1. It has native support for WebRTC 2. It has native support for SSUAO FWIW, Firefox ESR 52.9.0 [EOL'ed] does support WebRTC (but not SSUAO), so you could restore the Voice Features there by creating a General-User-Agent-Override (GUAO) with NT 6.1+ inside it and a recent (supported) Firefox version, e.g. general.useragent.override;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 (60.0 is the current ESR branch); if you don't want to appear to all sites as FirefoxESR 60 on Win7 64-bit, then, as hinted, you'd have to use extensions in FxESR 52.9.0 (e.g. UAControl + User-Agent JS Fixer)... Regards
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