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    FTR: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=185808#p185808 @Alex654 and others feeling the urge to do that: PLEASE, NEVER TAKE ISSUES SPECIFIC TO NEW MOON/SERPENT to the official Moonchild forums! What you'll only achieve is to cause additional aggravation to the devs (especially to a certain Mr. Tobin) who, as most people here know already, harbour animosity towards the forks for "old" OSes... The thing is, I have fought hard in these threads in the past so that the New Moon 28 fork doesn't deviate significantly from the official Pale Moon code with respect to language strings, in order to keep parity with the official PM language packs which, I stress, are only being produced to target (and be fully compatible with) official Pale Moon! The fact that we were able to install and use the official LPs (to be more precise, the ones compatible with NM28 were the ones offered by @JustOff to target the official unstable Pale Moon builds) was just a side bonus, these packs do contain the official branding and I'm sure the MCP devs weren't/aren't happy we were using them to begin with... Due to certain coding decisions taken by our maintainer ( @roytam1 ), the custom UXP fork branch he's compiling NM28 off has distanced itself from upstream (which already uses a different build system, i.e. official unstable PM29 is now being compiled from a dedicated PM repo, with official UXP as a module), so that the LPs currently produced by @JustOff are simply not compatible with New Moon; from past discussions, it is my belief that we are not to see any updated LPs for New Moon coming from @roytam1 himself, so I guess it's a task to be undertaken by the user community...
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    I patched the 78 build but,.. I see this browser is logging mouse movements In Process Explorer, I/O Total Delta Bytes show fast numbers when mouse is moved on top of browser pages (regardless or active or inactive window). Any new tab first attempts to contact *.cn domains I guess, still some things remain unpatched
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    I certainly can't claim credit. Many of us were using "Moebius" as an informal name for what eventually became Serpent 55 long before either Matt or I suggested it as a formal brand name. The first use "Moebius" I can find on this forum was in the link to MCP's original UXP platform: So technically, I guess credit for the name should go to Moonchild (M.C. Straver)! Minor language note: The true spelling is Möbius, with an umlaut over the o. But the umlaut isn't used in English and some other languages (English has a "dieresis" which looks just like an umlaut; it's used in words like coöperate, but it's so rare my spell checker balks on that word). Thus the ö is often rewritten as oe for the benefit of those of us with no easy way to type ö.
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