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    Anyone else with Steam installed on their Vista machine has this issue or is it just me? I've installed Steam again a couple days ago because I wanted to play some of my games I bought specifically for this old laptop of mine, but noticed that mouse scroll seems to not work at all, at least in the browser part of Steam, i.e. when you browse the Steam Store or your profile, but seems to work whenever I click the library tab and want to browse the list of games I have bought. Any ideas on how to fix this? Or should I report it to Valve, hoping that they will fix it though it's kinda doubtful since Vista (and XP) got about a month of support left? I've only tried reinstalling the Steam client, but sadly it didn't help. :(
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    According to MS itself, you can disable the fixes by adding a couple keys in the registry after installing the Spectre/Meltdown patches: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4073119 Just simply add this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management] "FeatureSettingsOverride"=dword:00000003 "FeatureSettingsOverrideMask"=dword:00000003 I've been using this reg tweak for quite some time, and haven't noticed any performance drop, though I haven't done any kind of extensive testing like @NoelC.
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    @greenhillmaniac, I just uninstalled KB2871389, KB2885699, KB2957026. Surprised I missed these. Thank you so much.
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    If you want Windows RT updates directly, I would redirect you to this forum link, where the members regularly post links to the newest updates... Maybe you could request there the latest Security Only Updates and such: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/repository-everything-about-windows-rt-woa-v8-x-x-and-v10-arm.57362/
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    ...I have no idea what's happening then, especially since I last installed Steam, it worked fine too (and that was like a month ago).
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    works fine for me on vista sp2
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    Here's the list of unwanted updates for Windows 8.0: KB2871389 - Update is available that prepares Windows 8 and Windows RT-based computers for the update to Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT KB2885699 - Update is available that enables a notification to be displayed that helps you update Windows 8 or Windows RT to Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 KB2957026 - Update for Windows 8.1 Upgrade notification in Windows 8 and Windows RT KB2976978 - Compatibility update for keeping Windows up-to-date in Windows 8.1 (It says 8.1 but it's also available for 8.0) KB3008273 - An update to enable an automatic update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 KB3150513 - Latest compatibility definition update for Windows KB3163589 - "Your PC is running an outdated version of Windows" notification (MS released this after 8.0's EOL) If you go into the Server 2012 Update history site, you can download the list of files contained in each update in a CSV format. Opening it with a decent text editor you can search for the telemetry components listed in the OP and, so far, the files weren't listed in them (once again, good news for 8.0 users).
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