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    That is the easiest way . This will not be unattended though. I would also suggest to add the registry setting for CPU number together with the Core. BlackWingCat uses several registry files for different numbers of CPU/cores but I have just always set it to 32. This is what 2K Datacenter Server uses, and the number is always 32, regardless of the actual CPU/core number in a particular system. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager] "RegisteredProcessors"=dword:00000020 "20" is "32" in hex.
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    3.4.5 Unicode Strings The special operators __utf16__, __utf16le__, __utf16be__, __utf32__, __utf32le__ and __utf32be__ allows definition of Unicode strings. They take a string in UTF-8 format and converts it to UTF-16 or UTF-32, respectively. Unless the be forms are specified, the output is littleendian. For example: %define u(x) __utf16__(x) %define w(x) __utf32__(x) dw u('C:\WINDOWS'), 0 ; Pathname in UTF-16 dd w(`A + B = \u206a`), 0 ; String in UTF-32 The UTF operators can be applied either to strings passed to the DB family instructions, or to character constants in an expression context. from http://www.nasm.us/doc/nasmdoc3.html
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    Why would anyone want to use MSE even if it is still supported? It is a total RAM and CPU hog and its protection is mediocre at best. There are free anti-virus programs with better protection and much lower system resource requirements which still fully support Windows XP. I recommend Comodo and Panda.