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    I am glad that he had found friends here. I never really knew the extent of all of his Win9x work. My current desktop can still boot into Win9x because of him, although, I haven't in a while. I would like to try to provide some closure for others so I'll give a timeline of what happened. You may or may not have known that my father had heart issues. He had a mild heart attack in his 40s. August 19th: Goes in for angiogram, gets fast tracked for triple bypass surgery. He left me a message midday about it and I called him that evening. We discussed the options they gave him and he seemed settled on the bypass surgery. August 21st: Has the surgery. Gets out of surgery, doctor tells me take he handled it well. August 24th: First time I was able to contact him on the phone after the surgery. He seemed well but certainly worn-down after the surgery. August 25th: Had a heart attack (cardiac event). Survived, but apparently it was not a good situation. I was able to talk to him that evening (I think, it could have been the next day). Got the impression that his diabetes and insulin resistance played a major role in the incident. August 28th: Last night I get to talk to him. I made plans to come down to see him on the 30th. August 29th: Situation escalates, possible infection/sepsis. August 30th-September 2nd: He is heavily sedated for the pain. But things seem stable. Not good, but stable. I return home and hope for the best. September 3-7th: Situation goes back and forth, fluid buildup leads to treatment for infection. Ultimately, the infection is treatable but the sepsis is not. September 9th: Palliative care nurse contacts me and I go back down that afternoon. Situation is getting worse. September 10th: Responsiveness to questions during sedation vacation is lost except to pain stimulus. September 11th: Taken off of life support. Passes at 1:28pm. I hope that helps. I think it has helped me to write it out. I forgot I had the message from him in my voicemail about going to the hospital. My own personal take on it is that complications from diabetes played a major role in his inability to recover but I am not a doctor and it's just my own mind trying to justify the situation.
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    > Oh crap, Tobin's here.. what insanity does he have this time? WELL non-existant but likely quote, I am gonna clarify both the Navigator version reduction and the deal with FUEL. The reason the version was changed to a lower version is because I intend to start making releases of what is essentially an unfinished product and thus isn't 1.0 quality. I announced this would be happening eventually some months ago but other priorities have delayed it. When it does happen, consider it a public beta and technology preview with a goal of reaching a true 1.0 status. As for fuel.. As Australis Technology progressed, FUEL was an ancient developmental burden in the eyes of Firefox developers. It was eventually depercated and removed from Firefox. Proper Basilisk comes from a time where FUEL was long gone and the Australis Technology progressed (or is that regressed) the specific capabilities of the browser application code. It doesn't make much sense with the custom Australis Based UI of the main window. As for its deprecation in Pale Moon.. As you may know, the specific Application code for Pale Moon 28 is actually an uplifted and evolved form of code that started life in 2013 as Firefox 24 modified for Pale Moon 24 though 26, ported to Tycho for Pale Moon 27, and ported again to UXP for Pale Moon 28. There is absolute continuity for the application specific code from 2013 to today regardless of the platform codebase. This has been my design and the bulk of my research and contribution over the past five years. Pale Moon has stayed Pale Moon as I have promised so shall it is. I considered removing FUEL but decided against it for extension compatibility reasons and instead added a deprecation warning so that forks and new extensions do not use the component. It is not outside the realm of possibility it could be removed at a future date but it is exceedingly improbable. Think what you will about me and how I conduct my self but truth be told I have been the driving force for years in ensuring as much compatibility with extensions as reasonably can be achieved and the general continuity of Pale Moon AS what everyone expects Pale Moon to be. Without that influence over the years, I shudder to think what might have happened. Likely potential eventualities may have followed a path similar to the likes of Cyberfox and Waterfox. We shall never know because not only will my influence never be wiped out and I shall never be stopped from continuing forward on the path I helped to lay out. Sometimes you have to accept the good with the bad and perhaps I am neither.. Or perhaps I am all those things and more.
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    I think another problem is hardware support. Vista cannot be installed on anything following Intel's Ivy-Bridge. Some users have luck with AMD's Ryzen, but most people still have Intel systems. It may seem odd (and it is), that Vista doesn't install on anything after Ivy-Bridge, considering a lot of Windows 7 drivers actually work on Vista. This is further exemplified with Windows XP, which is left with scarce NT5.x drivers on newer hardware, but yet, actually can install with proper SATA drivers. I'm sure there are a few members here that would install Vista on second partition if it were practical. Security and FUD certainly play a role in the declining market-share. Although most FUD was centered around XP, Windows 7's "your computer will explode if you use the internet" day is coming quickly. Some people who have Vista probably see Windows 7's EOL as a reminder or something of the sort. Most of all however, is browser support. Roytam1's Pale Moon and Firefox 56(?) back-ports are excellent, but the average user is only going to think about Chrome and Firefox which are both no longer updated.
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    So shocked to hear this, it was only a month or so ago that I was corresponding with Rudolph about a disk partition alignment program that he had just built. I use several of his programs, to enhance my Windows 98 installation, and to do things like applying TRIM to my FAT32 SSD. He was an absolute genius, up with the very top experts on this forum IMO. 67 is no age to go nowadays. RIP Rudolph.
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    Yes. But I cut that off the pic and reloaded the sanitized one. Ain't that what mods are for?
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    ... It looks as though the BETA channel has lagged behind the stable release one... https://desktop.telegram.org/changelog#beta-version By visiting their official GitHub repository, https://github.com/telegramdesktop/tdesktop/releases the latest stable release posted there is at version 1.8.11 (updated a mere two hours ago...) That same version can be obtained by visiting the main site: https://desktop.telegram.org/ At least on their GitHub repo, https://github.com/telegramdesktop/tdesktop#supported-systems suggests Windows XP as being still supported Though not a Telegram user, I decided to conduct some tests here, on Vista SP2 32-bit; I fetched the "portable" 1.8.10 package from GitHub, it had no issues launching: As you see, I, too, was greeted by the red header with the warning, but the behaviour of the app itself contradicts that warning, as it's automatically downloading (in the background) the update to the newer version; once I click UPDATE TELEGRAM, the app is restarted to latest version 1.8.11: Are you saying this is no longer possible under XP? In any case, if I choose to hide the red header here (by clicking the white X), this option is honoured and it isn't displayed anymore in future relaunches of the app... Generally speaking, when still running XP or Vista, it's a dead certainty that currently working software will cease to function sometime in the near (or, hopefully, not so near) future; this will soon-ish become also true for Windows 7, though I suspect the deprecation of this very popular Win OS will come much slower compared to Vista and, to a lesser extent, XP... OT: I have British and Greek friends in the UK with whom I communicate frequently ; I was under the impression DAB broadcasts used as high a bitrate as 192kbps, but employing the less efficient audio codec MP2... Anyhow, FM analog broadcast in the UK is slated for the ax... WRT Capital London: On occasion, I also like to listen to this commercial radio station (although I shouldn't really be listening from overseas... ); their public online stream is indeed abysmal, only HE-AACv1@48kbps (adequate, I guess, for mobile devices and poor laptop speakers); there's a higher quality - non public - stream of theirs at http://media-ice.musicradio.com:80/CapitalMP3 This is in high contrast to BBC Radio streams which, if inside the UK, are offered as AAC LC@320kbps Cheers
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    My Vista drive was removed from my machine over a year ago. The reason is very simple; no more browser support. The web browser is the point of entry of all things malicious and the most important software suite on any machine, from a security perspective.
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    so build time is shrunk into 1/3 because of shiny new 3700x 8C/16T (in -j11 instead of -j6 as cl.exe can use up more than 1 core) instead of old 1230v2 4C/8T, and also SSD instead of 7200rpm HDD.
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    I have discovered that the 2016 versions of 3dsmax, Maya and Mudbox work on Windows Vista by editing the MSI installer using Orca. What you have to do is open the MSI installer with Orca, then scroll down to LaunchCondition, then right-click and click drop table. Save, close and proceed to install the program. I recommend that you have Vista completely up to date with Service packs, Platform updates and .NET.
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    Short answer: The drive will almost certainly work. However, NTFS file system performance won't be optimal unless your partition is "aligned" on a 4K boundary. XP's built-in disk management will try to align the partition on an old-style cylinder/track boundary, which almost certainly won't give you the best performance. But third-party software can align your partition on a 4K boundary. The standard these days is to align partitions on not just a 4K (8-sector) boundary, but a 1MiB (2048-sector) boundary! This seems wasteful, but 1 MiB is such a tiny fraction of a 2 TB drive you won't even notice. Linux's GPartEd will do the job, and you can download a boot image that you can burn to a bootable CD or DVD. If GPartEd isn't to your liking, the free version of EaseUS's Partition Master will also do it.
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    Not the best photo quality but the auto parts shop in town is still running XP on one of their PCs.Though (out of picture) the PC is now resting in their counter instead of directly under the monitor as it previously was, the last time I posted about it. The picture is actually from about 2 months ago and I forgot to share it until now. They still are running XP now though!
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    It's dawning on me only now what a great business model this actually is: Domain marketeers give out cheap or free domains, but obviously still own them all themselves too, and can still do whatever they want with them! So they can just wait a bit until one of those domains becomes popular and successful, then just take it away from the supposed 'owners' again, pretending some invented or peanut reason, with no chance to appeal - and now start earning money with it themselves! Either put up nasty stuff themselves, or redirect, or why not SELL the successful domain now for bigger money to any really FRAUD or malware spreaders! While the true domain owners are left wondering if they may have done anything wrong, and what exactly.... What an irony. The implications are absolutely horrible: Evil new owners of those domains can put up whatever they want on those former trustworthy domains, while clueless visitors still keep reading in old articles and posts and archived website versions that this site is a GOOD and trustworthy one! So they visit and trust and unknowingly download now dangerous stuff :-( With greedy new owners usually not putting up a big message telling visitors that the ownership has changed. And visitors being just lucky if it's as obvious as in this case - but who knows for how long yet. I suppose future new owners can just as well restore former original linked download paths, just with exchanged file contents - GRRR After all such fake or pretended identities (legal or not) happen all the time now with all sorts of former great products and names :-( See it all the time in RealLife that names and logos of once great, now long since dead traditional companies, are now (ab)used even legally to sell products from completely different countries and producers and qualities. And of course in the software world too. Just remembered for example how the successful Stylish addon was finally sold to someone else, who probably seemed trustworthy to the former creator, but shortly after the seller just sold it again to a spying company etc. Actually a popular strategy of those companies, just take over former good products and secretly turn the new versions into spying tools. And recently an article about LOTS of new Firefox addons with stolen identities: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/05/29/another-malware-wave-hit-the-mozilla-firefox-extensions-store/ I'm opting for giving up as soon as possible the 3rd domain of this sort! Before it becomes too popular too, and "try" to get a less endangered one. Sigh, until some day all currently trustworthy resellers may be sold too, as usual today :-(
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    The x64 beta seems to completely support XP x64, so there may be a slight possibility of a x86 build coming.
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    This is sad. If I've offended anyone in the past I'm truly sorry and please forgive me. Life is too short to be fighting and bickering. Again, sorry for any troubles I've caused. God rest his soul...
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    Of course there is now an iPhone 11, but the argument is certainly valid with desktop OSX and Windows 10, which I suspect will be with us for the foreseeable future!
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    As an addition to what TrevMUN said, if youre going to get any BSOD related to acpi.sys (even if you don't, it is still worth replacing the file), make sure you slipstream the relevant acpi.sys mod, which can be found here. The link also contains a generic USB 3.0 driver. Here are the instructions on replacing this file in the installation medium.
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    How popular is Tim Hortons over there? Here the inner part of the cup lids is now maple leaf-shaped! They never attempted this gimmicky patriotic stuff when the company was actually Canadian-owned. Anyway, I announced that the operators of my college's cafeteria were moving away from XP in May. Indeed when the current semester started the XP box appeared to be in a state of network boot failure, presumably. They fixed everything a few weeks ago and now the cashier ignores the Windows 10 POS machine in favour of the XP one!
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    don't know, as there is no way to appeal. I'm thinking about buying a .top domain from somewhere else for 10 years in US$43.
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    This assumption couldn't be more wrong... Youtube (i.e. Google) employ a variety of streaming methodologies and combinations of video+audio codecs, there's not a one-size-fits-all philosophy here... The older VP8 video codec is natively supported in Firefox, so is the newer VP9, but I'm unsure about its support in Fx 48 that you're using ; Firefox also supports natively the very widely used h264 (AVC1) video codec, but only on Vista SP2 (with platform update supplement); h264 support in Firefox implies Windows Media Foundation (WMF) framework, an OS feature absent in XP; the use of Adobe Primetime CDM in Firefox under XP is meant exactly to mitigate this missing OS feature, since the CDM comes with its own h264 decoder, which the browser can then use to decode unencrypted MP4 video... Right-clicking the Youtube embedded HTML5 player and then choosing "Stats for nerds" will tell you what codecs are being used in the streamed video; Additionally, MPEG-DASH streaming in Youtube (notably the high resolutions) requires the browser to support Media Sourse Extensions (MSE), but not all Youtube videos use that, some use the older "progressive download" type of streams; OTOH, live Youtube streams (may) use AppleHLS streams; so no, if one clip plays, it's not a given all the rest would also play... @vipejc is correct; YouTube have completely killed their Flash embedded player; I suspect those "older" clips that do play are in the older VP8 codec, supported natively in Firefox... If you head to about:addons/plugins (and even about:plugins), can you spot an entry for the Adobe Primetime CDM? if yes, is it always enabled? If there isn't an entry for it, something's gone awry in its proper installation... Any reason why not using Firefox ESR 52.9.1 (on which the procedure is known to work)?
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    Seriously MS? You kept office xp fully compatible with Windows 98 and ME up to 2011, why can't you do the same with 2010!?
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    Indeed, and only the ESR versions of FF 52 have out-of-the-box support for all other NPAPI plugins. @siria 's tweak from above is needed to enable them in the "regular" 52. As for @Sfor's original question about UA spoofing, I used Custom User Agent String for a while, but ultimately got fed up with its IMHO inconvenient and error-prone UI for managing the UA strings. Since then I've been using UAControl in conjunction with User-Agent JS Fixer. which also spoofs the UA JavaSript sees. UAControl, being a XUL extension, should work well with FF 51 as well, should you need to continue using that version.
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    I updated my 7x64 Iso upto Dic/2017 just before all the debacle about Meltdown and Spectre, and installed the OS, since then I decided to stop updating the OS, since every update is full of telemetry and also very frecuently bugy, I have Avast Free AV, and run maybe once every 2 months the AV and also Malwarebytes Antimalware free, just to confirm the PC is clean, and I haven't got a single virus. So only updates on my PC are for FireFox, Avast and Antimalware. Now Win7 support is very close to end, I may update my Iso with the final last update, (cleaning as much telemetry as possible) and reinstall 7x64 and will use it as log as there are AV and browser available for it. So my OS do not grow at same rate as yours, it is using right now 21.5 GB from a 50 GB partition, System restore is deactivated, since I make periodicaly full images of each OS in the PC, documents, all games and majority of programs are installed on another partition, I have backups of all important info on external disks, the idea is keep to OS partition basicaly with only the OS, Office, AV and browser to get the smaller size when making an image of the OS partition. Also have 10x64 on another partition (it was done to get the free HWID register only, almost never used), and Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon x64 on a secondary disk, wich I have been testing for about 2 or 3 weeks now and so far found it is a good solid OS (and you get about twice or thrice a week small size updates) only issues are many games and Autocad do not run on Linux, but for anything else it is very fine.
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    You don't want to use native YouTube in browser on an old machine with the UOC Patch. Use instead YT 2 Player to redirect YouTube videos to VLC, or if you want to watch YouTube videos in browser, install Greasemonkey with the Viewtube script, that will replace the HTML5 player with VLC. Both plugins are the way I watch YouTube on my Tualatin RDD. I started developing the UOC Patch when I had a GeForce FX5600 and ran okay. Do you have a GeForce FX to test with the patch? Or even an ATI card newer than a 9800 Pro, such as an X800 or an X1250? I'm curious to see how it performs with those cards.
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    We all knew this day would come. M$ has really been working overtime this year, killing any old OS features they possibly can. Early in the year they went after XP with a vengeance; now they're doing the same to Win 7. But there's a silver lining: I've read good things about EPG123. The Schedules Direct guide is from Gracenote, which supplies guide data for Zap2It.com and used to supply guide data for WMC before M$ switched to Rovi (which later bought Tivo and took the Tivo name for the merged company). The software is free but (as you noted) the Schedules Direct subscription isn't. The subscription is only $25/year though; a lot less than Tivo (unless you get a Tivo with a "lifetime" subscription), and I've read that you get a 21-day guide for your money; a nice improvement over the 12-day (at best) M$-provided guide.
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    A european domain is the last choice I'd personally consider today! Not sure if a chinese, turkish or russian one would be better or worse nowadays. But EU laws have become extremely suppressive against honest people, getting worse every year. While at the same time greatly favoring evil people. Far beyond what anyone could have imagined a few decodes ago, and most still can't imagine today. Far beyond any common sense, and harming society badly. One of the latest highlights: A new EU law declares it a CRIME if someone quotes even a headline of e.g. some newspaper article, or even just 1 sentence! ONE! This is completely incredible, but the mass media (all politically correct today) didn't cry out. Instead they hardly even mentioned such tiny details and made it sound as if all protesters, who learned the truth in the internet, were allying with real criminal pirates! And so that law passed too, as lots of other society harming laws before. At the moment it's just not active yet, but the single countries are now forced to put this into national laws soon. The prob is, those are not just some crazy theoretical laws, that no one will really enforce. Not sure about elsewhere, but at least in Germany it's an extremely successful business model of some shark companies to try and find as many as such peanut-lawbreakers as they can (of insane laws that no one with some common sense can imagine), then demand the victims to pay them a fortune as 'punishment', into their own private pockets, or otherwise drag the poor victims to court. Which always rules in favor of the evil ones, because law is law, and obviously it's also some law today (not sure if only in DE, or all EU) that those sharks are allowed to put the money into their own pocket. HUGE sums, completely out of relation to the supposed 'crime'. Regardless if such perpetrations, which no person in their right mind would imagine, are harming anyone or not. Or quite often are even positive for society. The first event may be free, victims get only an official 'warning', but once someone or a little shop landed in this spider net, he's lost anyway. The sharks will observe him very closely trying to catch a second event, some most harmless and unexpected bureaucracy-breaking event, like e.g. forgetting to refresh a fading marker line around a car selling spot, or some harmless, accidental little mishap in times of great stress, or just cluelessness about the newest traps in that jungle. And it even has happened that some sharks faked such events themselves, which is hard to prove of course. Now the victims are really lost, must pay some extremely exaggerated amount of thousands or tens of thousands euros. And the newspapers will either not mention it at all, or omit details and just imply the victims were breaking laws and shouldn't complain. Have read those evil companies already ruined countless little shop owners in DE already this way, using such legal (but to normal people feeling rather mafia-like) methods. Having committed no crime at all! With politicians still strongly supporting this business model, just recently the highest court ruled again in favor of such sharks. So that future EU law about quoting just a HEADLINE or ONE SENTENCE becoming a CRIME, a heavily punished one, ruining poor people, will be the ultimate tool for evil guys to destroy just about anyone they want. That much for extremly destructive and antihuman EU laws. Just one more. Although Switzerland is not officially part of the EU, they are not completely free to do what they want. Being a small country surrounded and depending on powerful neighbors, those can and do abuse their economic power to make them respect some EU laws too.
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    If you're talking about my installer @3dreal, I don't really understand. The New Moon SSE option works just fine for me.
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    Alright folks, my browser installer has been updated to use @roytam1's new hostname. Enjoy! As always, it's available on my web site at: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe
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    Oh no, not again. Sigh :( Could it be bandwith-related? But guess doesn't matter if it's only the domain name, not the hosting server... no clue of such stuff. But I still keep suspecting that the original browser names in your zip packages are problematic! Whether that contributes to those domain probs or not, but sooner or later you'll have to rename them anyway, so the sooner the better. Am glad that KM-Goanna already has a unique name, although Dorian welcomed your builds very much. But who except a few insiders know this?
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    Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary downloads:- Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary channels supports both x64 and x86 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10! Stable - v78.0.276.17 x64 and x86: Microsoft Edge Setup Beta - v78.0.276.17 x64 and x86: Microsoft Edge Beta Setup (Major Updates Every 6 Weeks) Dev - v79.0.301.2 x64 and x86: Microsoft Edge Dev Setup (Updated Weekly) Canary - v79.0.308.0 x64 and x86: Microsoft Edge Canary Setup (Updated Daily, except for weekends) For offline setup, you can download the offline installers here How to get to Advance Settings:- edge://edge-urls Microsoft Edge Enterprise and group policies Dev - v79.0.301.2 (Updated Weekly) x64: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2093291 x86: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2093436 Group Policy: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2099619 System Requirements:- Supported operating systems: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
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    Makes me wonder if it could be possible to port the Sync system to Roytam1's browsers, if it's not implemented. That would be useful for people like you who use that feature.
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    That article offered some insight into why it can be hard for developers to continue to support Windows XP while also supporting newer versions: Long story short: if you target XP, your program might not run on Windows 7 unless you set "XP compatibility" mode; but if you target Win 7, it might not run on XP at all! Of course if you avoid functions deprecated prior to XP, your program will probably run on both OSes, but then you can't target older OSes (Win2k?) where you had to use those deprecated functions. So it's possible to make a program that runs on both XP and 7, but not earlier. And if you want to target Win 10, a similar dynamic probably comes into play: if you don't want Win 10 users to have to set "Win 7 compatibility," you have to avoid XP functions that were deprecated with Win 7, so your program can't run on XP.
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    I didn't even know there were over 60 NPAPI plug-ins!
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    Agree ^ should be good enough for 1080p video playback but it is easy to find reviews that show you'd be lucky to get any game made in the last three years playing at acceptable fps even at minimum quality settings. That is a good indicator of Radeon Vega 3 graphics capabilities or better described as lack of capability. However that article/review above reminded me that one of the reasons I went for the i3 with Intel HD4600 graphics 4th generation CPU I use in my daily use PC was that it could get Tomb Raider 2013 playing at 25+fps. Those review figures suggest the Vega 3 graphics are considerably better so, for general use online, you can be confident it will be absolutely fine. 8GB RAM is more than you need for the purposes described but I would not skimp on that. Only change I'd make is with the SSD - more is better. I too use a 120GB for the OS and programs and if there is one thing I'd do with a new build now and the same budget is double that or more. 120GB soon gets filled and in absence of any other built in storage it could be limiting. My Crucial 120GB cost me a little more than £50/$65 which was good value 4 years ago but for that price you can buy a decent 500GB SSD now. You can get 240GB ones for under £30/$40. Far cheaper and faster than any external storage solution.
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    Semtex, I have another link for you for an update to the atlas you requested. I updated it today after noticing that I missed something (Disabled Close Button), sorry. This update ensures that it's not colored blue. Anyways, here's the link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AixnyqPuOrWiiKAxIXSyVLa_j_4INg?e=CaIXJF This should be the last update -- pretty sure it's all done, good day.
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    Oops! The new SSU only has an sha256 digital signature, and April's SSU is a prerequisite for such updates, hence KB4493730 apparently must be installed before KB4517134 in any case!?
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    Hai guise. I was complaining and asking why Flash performance became bad and hogged CPU in newer Basilisk and PaleMoon, and found option to control problem. dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled; Set to false. Now it's smooth.
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    Thanks for interesting. I'm fine and you? Apart from a few problems with my phone line that today seems to be solved,
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    ... Many thanks for this find! However, the installer checks the OS version and blocks the installation on NT < 6.1 : One can extract the installer with 7-zip and run the browser.exe main executable directly on Vista SP2, however I still prefer myself "installing" and running the truly portable PAF package I linked to previously... Best regards
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    This is a common pirated build of XP SP3, with added themes, drivers, and removed components (which are superfluous in the author’s opinion). Logos and a link in the system properties clearly indicate this. The word Lite usually means that most components, services, and standard drivers are removed or disabled.
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    Of course, this video starts in September 2003 when XP overtakes 2000. https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp (data in the video is a modified version of the data on the page) That site is visited mostly by budding web developers, which would explain why Windows 2000 has such a high market share to begin with (Google's OS market share statistics from 2003 had a market share of 19% for win2k). The Windows NT field that appears in 2012 represents client 2000, as well as all Windows Servers and presumably pre-release Windows 8; it drops considerably in December 2012 when the Windows 8 entry is added to the table.
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    pm27 based take least time, in 16mins full rebuild basilisk52 takes most time. in 19mins pm26 takes more time, in ~25mins, but because there is no unified build, and also less optimized build infrastructure (mach, pymake, vc2005, etc.)
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    @JFX Attached new version of Spanish Translation with some improvements. alacran 2058.7z
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    My WimScript.ini is more or less the build in list that imagex.exe has. Microsoft is not using the WimBootCompress.ini to create the WIM they release. Adding to many entries could slow down the process as every filter has to be checked against every single file.
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    I was able to get UXP / Serpent to build ok for SSE only processors. Pic related! Thanks for your help :)
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    I agree with @win32; they're probably sniffing the OS version in the user-agent string. Why they suddenly think that matters is beyond me. "Not supported" should merely mean, "if it doesn't work, don't call us;" it shouldn't mean "we're going to deliberately lock you out." In FF 52 or one of its derivatives, go to about:config and try setting general.useragent.override to Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:60.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.9 That will tell them you're using 32-bit Firefox, version 60.9, on 64-bit Windows 7.
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    And mine: I have modest urges to play x64 games and look at Aero. Vista satisfies them.
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    1. Disable Windows Firewall and Security Center. 2. Create a folder in C:\Program Files\Firewall. 3. Run MMC from run-box in the Start Menu. Create a Snap-in from Microsoft Console Root with IP Security Monitor + IP Security Polices on Local Computer. 4. Name Snap-in IPSECCMD.MSC. 5. Place the Snap-in file C:\Program Files\Firewall and create a shortcut from it. Name it Windows Firewall. 6. Extract or copy FIREWALL.CAB contents to C:\Program Files\Firewall. 7. Edit IPSECCMD.BAT to your likes, then run it. 8. Run Windows Firewall shortcut and click IP Security Polices on Local Computer. Right-click to Assign the Policies. (Activate/Turn on). 9. Use IPSECCMD.HTA to monitor your network. Credit goes to http://www.ericphelps.com/scripting/samples/Netstat/index.html
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    Cryptographic service disabled/corrupt? .cat files deleted? There can be other reasons... GL
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