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  2. Thanks for the post I had same question to ask.
  3. Of course. But even I who am very aware of such EoS dates (even if they don't mean much to me, since I keep using Word 2000 and Acrobat Reader 9.5.5, not to mention Shockwave and Silverlight 5.1.50918.0) was somewhat taken aback when the latest Chrome (on Win 8.1, at work) started nagging more than one year in advance. Of course I'll keep Flash on my machines! And it'll be a "long goodbye", no doubt, but it's sad, even when one believes firmly that EoS != EoL, like I do, to see such a good piece of software being put away like a rabid dog, isn't it?
  4. Well, a clean profile didn't work on this machine either. But, perhaps a clue.... The first time I accessed the "Check Adobe Flash Version" page after switching to a clean profile, I got a pop-up saying something about "Tracking Protection Enabled." Remember, this was a clean profile - no add-ons! So it appears the latest Serpent build has some kind of "built-in" tracking protection, which, I suspect, is "protecting" me from Flash (a notorious privacy leak). I also noticed the 64-bit version was built (rebuilt?) three days later than the 32-bit one. I need to go back and take a look at what @roytam1 added. Edit: I may have figured it out! I just remembered that a "clean profile" isn't necessarily the same thing as "factory default" settings! You can change preferences outside the profile too, by, for example, installing the UOC Patch - and the only browser with the UOC Patch installed is the one that Flash doesn't work on! Of course, now I have to figure out which line of the UOC Patch is interfering with Flash.... Edit 2: This is turning out to be more complicated than I imagined, but I found part of the problem. The UOC Patch sets privacy.resistFingerprinting to true, which inexplicably interferes with the Flash animation. Removing that line from the UOC Patch lets the Flash animation play normally.
  5. Does the previous version of NPAPI Flash ( work there? Of course, just a sample of two people (works for one, doesn't for the other) has no statistical value... (BTW, I'll be unavailable for at least the next 10 hours... )
  6. Another method is to copy and paste the vimeo url to Allavsoft and click Download button. If this method does not work, Allavsoft also has the Record option.
  7. Very strange. The new version of Flash does appear to be correctly installed, and shows up on about:addons and about:plugins as installed and set to "Always Activate." Everything looks the same as the screen shots you posted above, except the "Check Adobe Flash Version" page, which shows blanks where the two Flash controls should be. Like you, I have Flash "protected mode" enabled. Closing the latest Serpent 55 build and launching the previous build allowed the "Check Adobe Flash Version" page to run normally. The Flash animation and the version detection both worked as expected. For the clean profile test, I was careful to make my clean profile the default and restart the browser. In the past I've noticed that the "Launch Profile in New Browser" button doesn't always do the job. Unfortunately, results were the same. I also tried the same tests on Windows 7 and got the same results. Maybe it only works under Vista? (jk) However, I am now home and about to try again. Be back soon.... Edit: I'm back. This is all on 64-bit Windows 7, BTW. 2019.08.18 32-bit: works. 2019.08.18 64-bit: works. 2019.10.22 32-bit: doesn't work (same as on my work machine and on the XP VM). But it works on @VistaLover's PC. 2019.10.25 64-bit: works! I haven't tried a clean profile on this machine yet; BRB....
  8. Cannot reproduce here: New clean profile of latest St55 (32-bit) on Vista SP2 x86 - NPAPI Adobe Flash properly installed systemwide:
  9. If you want to hide from view various addon-related warnings inside Firefox's AOM, but don't wish to install CTR just for that function, then you can achieve the same using the following CSS code (inside a userstyle manager, like [legacy] Stylish 2.1.1 or Stylem, or inside your chrome\userChrome.css file in your browser profile) : @-moz-document url-prefix(chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul), url-prefix(about:addons) { .warning { visibility: collapse !important; } }
  10. It's funny you mentioned SSUAO in Firefox, because today I became aware of another Mozilla change involving SSUAO support in Firefox... During the pre-Australis era, Mozilla had implemented native SSUAO support in Firefox (but I'm now too lazy to search and quote relevant Bugzilla bugs, it's 01:50 AM on Friday already here...), but then disabled it at some point (in Fx 25.0 ?) in desktop Firefox (but kept it in the mobile version) to, supposedly, gain a 7% speed increase in page loading times... The feature supporting module (UserAgentOverrides.jsm) was still kept in the source tree, but was not initialised in desktop Fx versions - hence the need of an extension (or additional code) to re-initialise it properly in Fx ESR 52.9.x In a previous MSFN post, I had searched Bugzilla and found that the SSUAO native feature was again restored in Fx 55.0, so from Fx 55.0+ one would not need extensions (legacy/WE) or JS code to apply SSUAOs in the browser... However, it appears that this native useful feature was again binned, starting with Firefox Browser (previously known as "Quantum") v71.0 (currently in the beta channel); this time, the original SSUAO supporting module (UserAgentOverrides.jsm) was completely excised, reason being "it was just old code", and those users wanting the removed functionality back should, once again, resort in using a dedicated (WE) addon... I was alerted by the following Mozillazine thread: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3055169 Bugzilla bug #1513574 : Remove UserAgentOverrides.jsm Once again, I beg to differ...
  11. Yesterday
  12. Since then, I've discovered that WPS will crash if the Office 2007-style file menu is opened whilst editing a Office 2007+ file. So, I recommend using the Office 2003-style UI. Anyway, I looked into a game that I enjoyed several years ago: Simutrans. I then used whatever version was current in mid-2011, and it worked wonderfully on vanilla Windows 2000 (SP4 i think) on a Pentium III-500. It would crash occasionally, but most sim games are not known for their stability. I tried 120.4.1 and it still works with extended kernel (some XP-only functions seem to be used). However, you cannot use the SDL version as it relies on DWrite.dll from Windows 7/DX11. https://www.simutrans.com/en/download/
  13. ... Pardon me dear dencorso, but this was first made public on Jul 25th, 2017, more than two years ago already; so, most people browsing the web today should be sort of aware of the "crónica de una muerte anunciada" of Flash... On that same vein, there was recent discussion in the official Moonchild forums regarding Flash deprecation: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23191 and Moonchild himself stated: But, come the end of 2020, NPAPI Adobe Flash won't be further patched for security; if MCP leave NPAPI Flash support in, as stated, then it's up to individual users to decide upon themselves if the inevitable security risks are really worth sticking to Flash in PM/Basilisk...
  14. And update for AeroGlass for Windows 10 1909?

  15. The latest Flash (32.00.293) doesn't work with the latest Serpent 55 (2019.10.22). It does work with the previous Serpent 55 version (2019.08.18). I tried a clean profile; same result.
  16. Chromium-based M$ Edge (on Win 7) started nagging about eventually not supporting Flash at least a month ago. I never really liked Flash all that much, but always keep it installed in case I run across a Web page that still needs it.
  17. Well I don't think that anyone could deny that Flash has had a pretty good run! The end had to come sometime.
  18. Well, announcements of EoS are becoming more and more common all the time, so this one should be no surprise at all but, in any case, heads up: https://www.blog.google/products/chrome/saying-goodbye-flash-chrome/
  19. If an app does not save any data in any way, there is no distinction between a portable and non-portable app. Many portable apps (single or multiple files) support the creation of a configuration or settings file. If that file contains any file paths, any relative paths can be rewritten to include a uniquely-named system subfolder. RegDllView (even if renamed) saves menu settings in an app-local RegDllView.cfg file. To make RegDllView non-portable (each computer gets its own settings), those settings need to be stored non-locally or in the registry. Changing the Start In folder with a shortcut does not work and RegDllView will not use the registry. If RegDllView.exe is unUPXed, then hexed, "RegDllView.cfg" can't be changed to another drive. The following batch file allows each computer to retain its own settings: rem npRegDllView.bat del RegDllView.cfg copy %TEMP%\RegDllView.cfg start /w RegDllView copy RegDllView.cfg %TEMP% del RegDllView.cfg If what is really being asking is how to prevent RegDllView.exe from creating a RegDllView.cfg settings file, delete RegDllView.cfg then create a folder with that name instead. Note: tested on Win98se.
  20. Hi, Could you please provide more details? What file type are you working on? xlsx, xls, xlsm, xlsb or something else? is your office up to date? Do you have macros enabled in MS office? Is the file coming from a trusted source? are you sure the file is not a malware trying to rick you into enabling macros or DDL execution? Is the file containing any confidential data?
  21. There used to be Web Rings on various topics that a site could join by adding a footer to their pages that linked to the Next or a Random site in the ring as well as to a hub or index page for the ring. Now there are Social Media bars to register a page on popular destination sites and other site aggregators. Perhaps an IE8 web-ring hub can be created that compatible sites can link to. IE8 users could also tag any compatible sites they come across.
  22. Because they decided to. Same reason that anyone uses any program. but I booted my one 7 system with the MSE on it, let it update, no EOL nag there yet, FWIW
  23. I am not sure. I have always posted in this forum and waited for resolution. @bigmuscle always takes care of the bugs. The instructions on the support page are "Use MSFN forum for any kind of support" so that is what I have always done. The hard part (for me) is being patient because Windows 10 sucks so bad without AeroGlass. Since 1909 was only just released for public consumption a couple of days ago, it would be unreasonable to expect it to be fixed already. For now it is an annoyance to have to click the cancel button on the DWM error at every logon, but otherwise it seems to be working. For the record, my desktop and my laptop both have the same issue with 1909.
  24. If by "unportable" you are meaning that if a portable exe is on a computer, if it is copied to a different location or onto another drive or computer then it won't function... then yes. There are multiple ways to approach it, one would involve modifying the portable program itself, which may not be allowed under license. Another option is to write a wrapper. This wrapper would do the following: 1. Check against some data on the local system (look for a file, contents of a file, WMI/DMI, etc) before execution. 2. If pass, then extract the portable exe into memory. 3. Execute exe from memory. In this scenario, the wrapper contains the portable exe within itself and the original program does not exist separately. There would have to be some work to determine how to get the exe into memory and/or whether or not to make use of temp files as installers do. NOTE: this is a theory post. I have not made a wrapper like this before, and this is just one example of how it could be accomplished.
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