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  2. Sorry to bring up this topic. I'm trying desperate to install XP. Since 5 days I researched and tried so many approaches (VHD, USB, SATA, CD...) without success that I lost the track... All sata driver I tried didn't work. Setups always end up with A5 or 7b BSOD. Is there any chance to get this running? Is there any driver for this sata controller at all? My controller is DEV_43B5 and the board is an ASUS x370 C6H.
  3. I have to go through a rather slow proxy, so it takes me longer. Using a proxy may also explain why Serpent kept failing; IDK. I finally did get the big .rar file though. Curiously, I have another version! I believe mine is the newer version, but modified to run on Win98: the signatures and version info are missing! The file size is 38.303.202 bytes. I wish I could track down where I got it from, but it's probably long gone.
  4. Welcome to MSFN Stevo. I certainly appreciate your post, but I'm not really surprised. Avast seems to think their issues with Windows updates in April were limited to business solutions, and that the issues have now been resolved by "micro-updates." You might want to post about this problem in their End of support for Windows XP/Vista thread, but in all likelihood you will have to choose between continuing to use the legacy version of Avast or installing the last 10 months of Windows 6.0 updates. As for "other free AV products...that won't suffer this problem": If @WinClient5270 is still using Security Essentials 4.4.304.0, then I would presume that it is unaffected. We have a thread about using that MSE version on Vista here. Sandboxie is not a traditional AV product, but Ruan has reported version 5.28 as working with April 2019 updates (see my May 8 post). I have thus far avoided "upgrading" to build 6003, but have found that recent versions of Comodo still work on build 6002.
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  6. @roytam1 You are the best. Congratulations.
  7. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-zero-day-exploit-code-released-online/ Can not run. There is no Schtask.exe in System32. In XP, it's mstask.exe.
  8. Dave-H "The Office 2007 Compatibility Pack.rar" is a version 5 .rar file, locked with 3% recovery record. Maybe it's better to open it with Winrar 5.x. With regard to "FileFormatConverters.exe", be careful because there are two versions. Old version (2006): 12.0.4518.1014, 28.399.752 bytes (Windows 2000 sp4 compatible) New version (2009): 12.0.6500.5000, 38.808.920 bytes (WinXP+ compatible). In a little while, many old microsoft links will stop working. Mathwiz in a clean WinXP installation with Office 2003 sp3 + compatibility pack, the Microsoft Update offers me and installs the 13 above updates. I also hate OneDrive, but I have 5TB free space. I just downloaded the package at 1MB/s.
  9. I downloaded the files OK using Firefox 52.9 ESR. 🤔
  10. OK I officially hate OneDrive. DownThemAll won't work at all (just downloads an .html telling me to "sign in to my OneDrive account" ), and a "regular" download has failed twice thrice, each time after like 15 minutes. Do I have to use IE to download these? Edit: Apparently so. Downloads consistently fail about 80% of the way through when using Serpent. With IE the downloads seemed to freeze at one point, but clicking Pause and Resume got things going again. Also appears M$ throttles the throughput to any one IP, so you can't even gain a speed advantage by trying two downloads at once. Edit: Using IE appears to get around the throttling, at least. But I sure hope the downloads complete this time.
  11. I don't have 5-8 on my XP system, but I don't think I'm missing anything. I think 10-13 replace 5-8.
  12. I don't think it adds any features; just bug / security fixes
  13. The Microsoft link to the Format Converters file indeed doesn't work, but that file and all the others are in the packages @actinium has pointed to in the second post of the thread.
  14. seems possible, will have a look later. This is most excellent news! Once again, really grateful for such stupendous support Addendum: Relevant GitHub commit: https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/f4af0a7
  15. Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability: May 14, (CVE-2019-0708) Microsoft have issued patch updates for this, including for older now unsupported OS, like WinXP SP3. Update can download from this MS webpage at the moment. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4500705/customer-guidance-for-cve-2019-0708
  16. alright it works. new Saturday binaries will work with 1.3 compat mode.
  17. some of those links when following goes to M$ website, but says this is No longer availible Could someone pm me a place I can get the 2007 &.or 2010 Office downoad
  18. Sorry again for the late response @actinium. Yes, it was indeed a .rar file, sorry for the confusion. I actually repackaged it as a zip file myself! The Office 2007 Compatibility Pack.rar file wouldn't actually open with my old copy of WinRAR, it said it was corrupted, but it does open with 7-Zip. Thanks very much again!
  19. I don't often come across docx or xlsr files most i ocme across are still in old format i quite agree there is No gains from one to another all i see it as it is a update/upgrade for the sake of it to make more money
  20. @Mathwiz @DrWho3000 The Compatibility Pack should work with just a base install, but there is a SP3 update for it (KB2526297) plus many other subsequent security patches. See this thread where @actinium has kindly given links to a repository of all the necessary files to install the pack, both for installation and updates until EOS. As an off-topic aside, I never managed to get the Windows 98 installation beyond base level, SP3 would not install on Windows 98.
  21. What about the inability to run Jupyter Notebook? Is there anyone who could provide a clue about it?
  22. Did you have to install any kb updates for this Compatibilty pack to work (I know where to get them in the windows catalog) or was it hust a simple install I found this compatibilitypacksp3-kb2526297-fullfile-en-us also this OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu with XP 2002 I'm sure I only had the 1 installl disc (which is AFAIK a full one), but have seen there is a upgrade ro it with a 3 disc I seem to have 3 folders here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared Office Office 10 11 and 12 all withe the mso.dll dile I Still have ALot of the old 95 A & B ,98, 98SE official install CD's
  23. I would like to know what programs should be deleted in the section where the options for deleting files by name are found. for example I would like to leave XP and Windows 2003 as a base. That is to say. I want to erase all the programs that come in these systems. I just want to leave the default support. and the essential libraries. someone could make a list in txt, with everything that should be removed. Including images, help files. Programs and tutorials. eth
  24. seems possible, will have a look later.
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