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  2. I'd like to be able to spoof server versions of Windows as consumer versions, I've wanted to do that for a while now.
  3. I think what is meant is that the ESU updates require payment, so bypassing that is considered stealing. Besides Windows updates just make the OS slower and more unstable,
  4. I tried DDhelp.exe as NT40 setting and now I do not need to re-instate a previous registry setting to re-instate nVidia daemon and media center. The good news is that the control panel daemon still runs without rundll32.exe running as well. The fixed setting on DDhelp should still be OK if two media apps that require different KernelEx options are run at the same time.
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  6. My all programs menu stopped working. It's like the application doesn't even recognize it as a place to click. Using Windows 10 Enterprise 1809
  7. Try this SSUAO: general.useragent.override.twitter.com = Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:52.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.9 "FF compatibility" spoofs FF 68.9 ESR. The one @roytam1 gave you spoofs IE 11. The one above spoofs FF 52.9 ESR.
  8. I think it just has a bit too much extra plastic. Also they are rounded, so not real easy to stack them.
  9. Sorry for reanimation, but there you are... :-) ...at the moment, i have problems running my GTX 970 on my Windows 10, which is triple-boot with XP and W98SE. It runs fine on XP, but W10 just blackscreens. Seems to be an issue between driver, W10, and MoBo. Whatever. Does anybody still have a link to that driver? AMD killed it on their page... Do you still have that modded inf-file? I consider using a R9-nano, until i sort that problem out with my GTX 970, but it has to work with XP... and the other (supported) options, 280 and 280X, are to hot for my machine, and would, especially, grill my soundblaster. The nano looks like a good option, performance-wise, heat, video-ram... What do you think, is it worth a try?
  10. Haha, I've noticed they seem to be polarizing... Do you mean how you open the case? I can see why some people might not like it
  11. Not sure if you consider this "vanilla" or not but you can use the roytam1 builds of Firefox for systems without SSE or without SSE2. Thse are the ones I last tested on XP: firefox-45.9.19-20200104-ddcd778f4-win32-ia32 firefox-45.9.19-20200104-ddcd778f4-win32-sse
  12. Another common cause is software depending on software depending on software. If one library drops XP support, others depending on it follow by default.
  13. Those Dell chassis are terrible, but not as bad as the ones Sony used during the Pentium years.
  14. As put in the FAQ, the process of using ESU is laid out. There is an update to install and then the user will be able to put in a product key (MAK) that specifically licenses the system to receive ESU. It even says that Windows Update should still work as usual. As far as we are concerned, if any new updates appear on the Update Catalog site, we can talk about them. It is just the mechanism to modify the OS to fool the updates or update mechanism to install updates that is what we are talking about being against the rules. Time will tell if something changes, if we are still around in 2023 when this program expires, we can think then how we should handle such topics.
  15. Wizardry 8 is DRM free (not sure though mine was from Steam, Sir Tech went out of business, demo available) and runs with Miles sound system files. It always had a problem on exit that disables Direct Draw and is not KernelEx related. Wondering if Win98 has same problem, that is, after game is exited other games can not be played unless restarting Windows.
  16. As for CPU clock speed limitations, Windows 95 will fail to boot on more than 2.1GHz, however LoneCrusader has a program named Fix95CPU that is meant for making Windows 95 compatible with processors faster than 2.1 GHz. http://lonecrusader.x10host.com/fix95cpu.html I don't know if there is a similar project for Windows 98 because it feels buggy on processors that fast, but 98 SE In my Experience can run flawlessly on processors with a higher clock speed than 2.1 GHz.
  17. JFYI, grub4dos has an external module called FAT that allows to crate a FAT filesystem directly from grub4dos, part of grubutils: https://github.com/chenall/grubutils/releases/tag/2015-02-15 Creating the MBR partition table can be done manually or with internal command partnew and writing the Magic Bytes at the end of it can be done manually or using the small Catedit batch: http://reboot.pro/topic/18783-release-cateditg4b-script-to-write-hex-values/ jaclaz
  18. There is a DC 19V 3.95a on my PC info label and there is 19V 3.95 on the AC adaptor's label too. The adaptor's manufacturer is LITE-ON.
  19. Did you actually get Firefox 49.0.2 and SeaMonkey to load on Windows 98? How much RAM does your computer in question have? In My Experience, you can expect Firefox 49.0.2 to consume 150-160 MB RAM on the startup. BTW, The RAM limit for Windows 95 is 944 MB, 1024 MB for Windows 98, and ~1152 MB for Windows 98 SE. I don't know the RAM limit for Windows Me though.
  20. I have tested pshExports on 4 builds, 3 successful but one does not display the Exports tab. Have you any ideas what could be wrong with this build, it has KEX24 installed in the system folder. 3 builds tested have KEX24 one has 4.5.1 and is OK. Will Rock the game has been working then not working throughout the KEX builds. It loads LAVsplitter but no LAVvideo along with other filters and WBEM WMI files which have to be KEX disabled. Other games also can load WBEM. Will Rock works stuttery on music on 2 builds and leadin videos. It works good on 4.5.1 but this is not using LAV. The one build that works with KEX24 and LAV is the one that the Export tab does not work. It has a proviso though, KMPlayer or WMP needs to be used first, if a media player has not played some video first then the game freezes system. I have tried to fix but have had no luck. Have you any ideas, could you test Will Rock for me? I notice that Powrprof.dll is loaded as I have startup Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme and rundll32 is not running for this but nVidia control panel and media center when running have rundll32.exe running as well. Always been the case but is this normal? Lately I get a rundll32.exe Nvcpl.dll initiation run routine error which does not want to fix itself with a new install of the driver. A registry restore is required to fix this on one build and the semi-good news is that RUNDLL32.EXE C:\ME\SYSTEM\NvCpl.dll,NvStartup runs without rundll32.exe running as well on this build. This is the best one to get going, the media center is not that important. The other KEX24 builds the driver reinstall works but rundll32.exe is running as well. I think DDhelp.exe needs a set setting but not disabled and I will try this now to try fixing some of this paragraph.
  21. Actually, they will be available in the Update Catalog and documented in the Windows 7 Update History page. The only thing the bypass does is tell the Windows servicing stack that indeed the system does have the ESU bit turned on. No licenses are faked or bypassed. WU won't be able to fetch the ESUs. That will be up to the user (in the same fashion we've been doing with Vista and 8.0). Still, if it's a moderation decision that we won't have any more discussion on the issue, I won't speak about it ever again.
  22. It should take a few days maximally, but it takes a few hours mostly. It just depends how fast PayPal sends me notification about incoming payment, some notifications take longer than others although the payment is already marked as finished. I would check the spam folder at first, then I would check your PayPal details. I noticed that many of the "I can't login" complaints come from users who tries to fill in the login e-mail/zip that does not match their PayPal account.
  23. Thanks for fast reply. Well yeah i did it - it did not help. Twitter loads now in New Moon with old layout but audio distortion on video present. I use Firefox Compatibility as usual.
  24. add SSUAO then. general.useragent.override.twitter.com = "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko" (without quotation marks, add new string in about:config using the name before equal mark)
  25. I always read twitter, while not being logged in. Today i noticed that twitter now showed to me in New Moon with new layout. If in preferences, in User Agent Mode set to Native, than it show with old style but videos go with audio distortion. In Firefox 52 ESR twitter still showed in old layout. Could this problem be solved in new New Moon build, roytam1 ? Because i always use in New Moon in preferences User Agent Mode - "Firefox compatibility" and now with Firefox compatibility mode twitter shows only with new crappy layout.
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