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    Please change my username to rustyx7. Thanks in advance!
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    New version: Firemin v6.1.0.4963 (2018-03-19) at: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177538-update-firemin-6104963-2018-03-19/
  5. windows 95 on gateway 600yg2

    thanks for the info, the touchpad has been working so far within windows, i haven't updated the system much, just applied some setting changes in system.ini, etc, but it seems that i may be impacted with some unfavorable results later on if i choose to install xusbsupp, but i'll see how much i want to experiment with the system. what may be nice to find out is if there is a working driver for the mobility radeon 9500 that the laptop uses, the package has some vxd files in it so i am hoping it will work, though they may be for w98 first edition, gpu driver version is to be installed for the following below: "TO BE DISCONTINUED" = M10_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E52 also some other random questions and info, probably not the best place to put it but i was wondering if you know a good lightweight system information tool for windows 95 and 98SE, i tried to download "ReSysInfo System Information Viewer v2.1.0 32-bit" from mdgx but couldn't find any trace, even with wayback machine or manually searching google for file contents / etc. i won't be using aida or everest as my goal specifically is to find something a lot lighter than those that is either around the same date or newer supported chipsets. i found benchmarkx 4.1 for w95 but it's only good till like 9-2-2002. there are some other ones but i can mention those later if necessary. i already updated some other components, dtemp was very nice and worked right away on w95, Roadkil's Disk Speed 2.0 for 9x was also nice and worked right away, i think it measures 4K random read with a queue depth of 1 ( which is a main reason why i wanted it ) as the speed almost identically matched AS SSD benchmark on a windows 7 system where i tested both programs, AS SSD not supported on windows 95, very early versions of AS SSD work on 98SE but are sort of buggy / slow.
  6. Yep, there are rules everywhere in life. Better get accustomed to it. You should try being more organized yourself. Might have prevented some of the weird issues you kept having before. I saw. I can't moderate there anyway, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one as there could have been progress on these systems for XP without progress for 98 and vice versa.
  7. windows 95 on gateway 600yg2

    Well, you found the culprit all right. Enabling "USB Legacy Support" means that USB input devices are set to emulate PS/2 (or older types) input so that they will be functional in DOS or other environments where there are no USB drivers (the first round of 95 SETUP launched from DOS falls into this category). The problem with this is that when Windows loads and loads its USB driver stack, the Windows drivers take over and the emulation is lost, leaving you with no input control unless either the KB or Mouse is not USB. In the case of Windows 95, where there are no USB drivers until one installs USBSUPP/XUSBSUPP, there's a chance that the emulation would continue to work provided one does not install one of these packages. However this would also have the effect of preventing use of USB Storage devices with that particular 95 installation. With 98/ME, the touchpad should work as a regular USB-HID device, but there might still be some hiccups during the SETUP process if any dialog boxes are triggered that require clicks to continue (unless the keyboard still works).
  8. Kaitai Valve Group is headquartered at Baoshan City Industrial Zone,Shanghai China, occupying over 35 thousands square meters with new expansion plan in the near future. The registration capital of the group comes to RMB 113.21 Millions. Also it is one of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, a member of the Association of China General Machinery, and a regular supplier to some of the country’s major energy players such as China Petroleum & Natural Gas Corp, China Petrochemical, China Power and China Sea Oil etc. There are many workshop in Kaitai valve.Like original material workshop,produce workshop,packaging workshop and warehouse. With rich experience of over 20 years in the valve business, Kaitai specializes in designing and manufacturing valves for many industries. Its products range from Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve , Plug valves and specialized valves that are tailored to customers’ unique requirements; nominal size from 1/2" to 48" (DN15 to DN1200);nominal pressure from 150Lb to 2500Lb (PN1.0Mpa to PN42.0Mpa); materials cover WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF3, CF8m, CF3M, LCB, LCC, A105, 304, 316, 304L, 316L, F11, F22, LF2, F51, etc. The products are widely used in the fields of petroleum,chemical, metallurgy, power, fuel gas,city pipeline networks ,food plant and so on. Kaitai has developed excellent quality control and management system. Kaitai is also in the process of acquiring Fire Safety Certificate and DNV Certificate to meet the demands of our customers’ increasing needs. We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. We had cooperation with big customers in USA ,UK,Spanish and so on.Our max sales amount is several million for one order. We can supply the quotation and drawing of valves according to request of customers. We can delivery valves in time as per our clients’ need. We also provide the valves service of after-sales.Gear Operation Floating Ball Valve suppliers website:http://www.valveschina.net/
  9. Shaanxi Long Xiang Parking Equipment Group Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Longxiang) is established in 2012 with RMB 300 million registered found. The corporate dedicate to R&D, design and produce intelligent parking equipment, the products include AGV intelligent Robot,MAX Robot Parking System,Tower Parking System,Shuttling Parking System,Traveling Stack Parking System,Collision-avoidance Parking System,Lift&slide Parking System,Compact Parking System. Shaanxi Longxiang Mechanical Parking Equipment Demonstration Industrial Park introduced advanced equipment and technology, such as automatic CNC three-dimensional drilling production line, plastic spraying production line, automatic welding robot production line, automatic edge beam, the wave plate rolling production line, CNC processing center, bending shearing machine and plasma flame cutting machine. It has more than 60 top designers are devoted to R&D team, integrate to Japanese leading technology, adopt German product advantages. It is the first team to propose and practice “SGS” precision standard, which is significantly higher than others in the industry. The technical superiority can guarantee the corporate products stand first on the list. Recently, Industry Park can produce 120,000 all type of mechanical Parking Equipment, include vertical lifting solid garage, slide elevator, aisle-stack and automatic circular mechanical parking system. It has become the biggest mechanical parking system R&D manufacturing base in China. ADD:Floor 18,Block D,Yuehan International Building,No.38,Jinye Road,High-tech Zone,Xi'an city,Shaanxi Provence,China TEL:+86-29-88865536 +86-29-88865526 FAX:+86-29-88865382 EMAIL:Lxparking@163.comcar park management system factory website:http://www.parkingsystemcn.com/ website2:http://www.parkingsystemtop.com/
  10. car dvr gps g-sensor

    Huizhou Lucky Lighting Co., Limited was established in 2012, which is located in Huizhou City, adjacent to Shenzhen City. Lucky owns two professional plants, one is focused on premium quality LED Lamps/Decorative Lights, the other one is specialized in Teflon PTFE Products. Please click below pictures for more details. Our Advantages ● Small Orders ● Strict QA System ● Customized Products ● Advanced Equipment ● Professional Services ● One-Stop Procurement ● Long Time Product Warranty AND MORE … Our Products LED Lighting & Decorative Lights LED Tube T8 LED Nano Tube LED Panel Light LED High Bay Light LED Panel Pendant Light LED Pendant light Teflon PTFE Products PTFE Smooth Bore Tube PTFE Convoluted Tube S.S Braided PTFE Hose Nylon Braided PTFE Hose PTFE Sheet PTFE Rod PTFE Gasket PTFE Tape Shipmentcar dvr gps g-sensor website:http://www.lucky-tech-cn.com/
  11. Dibenzothiophene-4-boronic acid/CAS NO.108847-20-7 NameDibenzothiophene-4-boronic acid Structural Formula CAS No.108847-20-7 Molecular FormulaC12H9BO2S Molecular Weight228.1 Melting Point Purity98%(HPLC) Appearanceoff-white solid ApplicationThis product can be used as intermediate in OLED research Storage ConditionsShading, sealed, dry place This dibenzothiophene-4-boronic acid/cas no.108847-20-7 is competitive in its reliable performance and reasonable price. And we are known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy the high quality and stable products from our factory.Function Intermediates suppliers website:http://www.kingorgchem-chn.com/oled-intermediates/function-intermediates/
  12. JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD.,a well-known China enterprise,is engaged in manufacturing professional resin abrasives with its production scale being in the leading position of China.The company which was established in 1997 integrated productdevelopment,designing,production,sales and services into a whole. ►1.In 1996,“JUMA”was registered officially from National industrial and commercial bureau ►2.In January 1997,established formally“JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD“ ►3.During 1998-2001,Company updated and acquired equipment on a large-scale,and R&D new processes,new products ►4.In 2002,Company registered“JUMA”and“LG.W”brand in major countries and regions worldwide.The resin abrasive products of“JUMA”and“LG.W”brand were sold to Southeast Asia,Middle east,Africa,North and South America,over 30 countries and areas. ►5.In 2005,company’s sales volume broke through 100 million. ►6.In 2007,“JUMA”and“LG.W”brand awarded“Henan province famous trademark”,Being the key company supported by government. ►7.In 2012,company’s sales volume broke through 500 million. ►8.In 2013,In order to satisfy the need of our abrasive products,the new plant project with 100000 square meters started to build. ►9.In 2014,The new factory put into using and start to manufacture high quality abrasive products by the new CNC automatic production line. ►10.In 2015,the production capacity of our new factory and old factory broke through 1000 million. JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD.is located in High Zone,Luoyang City,Henan Province,China.The company has already owned 150 sets of advanced manufacturing production line,50 sets in our old factory and the 100 new full automatic production line were put into use in our new factory which have 100000 square meters with the registered capital¥15,000,000.The company owns the staff of more than 500,the middle and advanced engineers,technicians and skillful workers account for over 60%of the staff. We can supply many kinds of abrasive products,such as flat cutting wheel,Depressed Center Cutting Wheel,Depressed Center Grinding Wheel,Flexible Depressed Center Grinding Disc,Abrasive Flap Disc,Abrasive Flap Wheel,Abrasive Fiberglass Backings Plate For Flap Disc,Wire Brush and so on. The products manufactured by our company have been exported to Japan,South Korea,India、the Middle East,European countries,the United States and other states with our own international brand,such as“JUMA”、“LG.W”. Depressed Centre Grinding WheelFlat Abrasive Cutting Wheel Depressed centre Cutting WheelFlexible Grinding Wheel Aluminium oxide Flap DiscZirconium Flap Disc Aluminium oxide Flap WheelFlap Wheel with spindle Abrasive Fiberglass Backings Plate for flap discWire Brush JUMA abrasive products,such as cutting wheel,grinding wheel,abrasive flap disc,abrasive flap wheel can be used for grinding,polishing and cleaning during the using process.The abrasive products are widely used for cutting and grinding metal steel,stainless steel products,hardened steel,heat resistant steel,brass tube,brass products,aluminum material,aluminum tube etc.Our abrasive cutting wheel,grinding wheel,abrasive flap disc,abrasive flap wheel are the best choice for grinding,polishing and cleaning in the industries as follows: 1、Machinery industry 2、Automobiles industry 3、Ship building 4、Oil Gas manufacture 5、Metallurgy area 6、Investment Castings 7、Construction Industry 8、Rail way building and other special Industry. cutting disc for metal factory website:http://www.juma-abrasives.com/
  13. men fashion slipper

    1.Our History Fujian Jiasheng Sporting Goods Co., LTD is located in Changtai Economic Development Zone in Zhangzhou cityFujian province, China, which adjacent to the Xiamen special economic zone. Our company has been specializing in producing EVA FOAM and EVA slippers for many years. We have three factories with advanced equipment. So far, this factory in Zhangzhou covers an area of 40000square meters and the standard factory building is about 28000 square meters, has three modern automatic production lines, the existing staff is more than 300people and technical management personnel are more than 50 people. 2.Factory products Our company mainly produces EVA slippers,eva sandals,EVA Foam Sheet,Roll,EVA Color Board,Texture Sheet,EVA Sole, EVA Puzzle Mat,Transprint EVA Mat,Sports Mat,Yoga Mat,Outdoor Damp-Proof Mat,EVA Kids Stuff,EVA gifts 3.Our Certificate We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. Our factory have passed the BSCI inspection. And our products can pass TUV ,SGS…test. 4.Production Market We choose the best EVA to be used as materials. Our products have already reached international and universal standards, which have been selling over the world: to Europe, the United states, South America, the Middle-East,Asia and so on.We and do OEM.Hope we can have a long-term cooperation.men fashion slipper website:http://www.fujianjiasheng.com/ website2:http://www.fujianjiasheng-es.com/
  14. 1.Who we are? Who we are? EAST GRACE is a group of industries in Jiangsu Province China. And a professional scaffolds manufacturer founded in 1990, it is located in the Wuxi City near by Shanghai. It has a wealth of technical expertise in manufacturing various Scaffolds & Accessories & Formworks. Its automatic scaffolds welding production lines are of most advanced level both home and abroad, and produces 60000 tons of scaffolds annually. We inspect scaffold's quality to ensure them performing exactly as specified. That is the reason for our continuing growth and success. By means of its premium quality and lower prices, up to now, our scaffolds had been exported to more than fifty countries worldwide and are warmly welcomed. SAFETY IS THE FIRST! What we make? The manufacturing capacity of EAST GRACE ranges: Ringlock System Scaffolds, Cuplock System Scaffolds, Frame System Scaffolds, Kwikstage/Crab System Scaffolds, Rolling Towers System, Shoring & Props, and Scaffold Fittings like Clamps, Couplers, Planks, Decks, Platforms, Walkways, Stairs, Rails, Fences, and a lot of Formwork Accessories. In addition to standard products. And with different grade of raw materials. Also we deal with B2C direct, decreased more cost without any trading & broken company. EAST GRACE can also supply non-standard and modified standard products for special application. Meanwhile, it can also provide OEM service and customized. SAFETY IS THE FIRST! Why deal with us? All producing processes, such as forging, casting, tubing, cutting, punching, turning, heat treating, grinding, assembly, welding, surface treating(like hot-dipped-galv., electric plated & powder coated), erecting, packing and loading, are finished in our group. That is why EAST GRACE can provide you precision scaffolds at the lowest possible prices and meet delivery on time. As an ISO9000, JIS,BS1139, EN74, EN/BS/EN12810, OSHA, TUV, SGS certified manufacturer, we had established product traceability system. Besides, EAST GRACE has a strong technological team to solve various problems in application and use of our scaffolds. As a well-known Chinese scaffolds manufacturer, EAST GRACE has long-term good relations with a large number of American, European, Asia, Oceania, African companies. There are even a lot of customers have been cooperating with us more than 10 years. We can provide these customers information, you can know us better on the quality of products and services through our regular customers. SAFETY IS THE FIRST! 2. Quality System Leading-edge technology allows for sub-micron precision. We produce high-quality shapes, reflecting our technology onto every product under ISO9000, JIS, BS1139/EN74, ANSI, OSHA,etc. We inspects each part of scaffolds through the advanced instrument and mild technology by the established quality-controlling department. Below the following is our production process and corresponding quality inspection: Material incoming:100% inspection by batch. Each tool & jig: 100% inspection after used by batch. Cutting:100% inspection by jigs. Punching:100% inspection by tools. Each fittings before assembling: 100% inspection by tools. Assembling: 100% inspection by jigs. Welding: welders & automatic certified, technical skill audited, 100% perform damaged tests required by customer, 100% inspection by exterior. Each part before surface treating: freedom erected by batch. Surface treatment:100% inspection by tools. Loading test: 100% perform by customers required. Before packing:freedom exchange erecting, and 100% inspection by jigs. Packing & storing: the final 10% inspection before shipment. 3.Environmental Protection It is one of our principal strategies to let our employee and partners to be more concerned about environmental protection issues in order to implement EAST GRACE performs social responsibility effectively, along with its strategic partners and customers, are engaged in green programs to protect our environment locally and internationally; we offer solutions to help create environmentally sustainable business practices and community lifestyle around the world. Please join us in the endeavor to achieve a sustainable future! EAST GRACE 's Environmental Protection (EP) Responsibility and Commitment Saving ◇ Energy Saving ◇ 26℃ room temperature control ◇ Saving electricity, water and paper ◇ Saving packing material (energy consumed during transportation) Recycle ◇ Categorizing waste of paper, newspapers, magazines ◇ Categorizing wooden rods, cases and blocks ◇ Collecting waste ink and toner cartridges ◇ Collecting waste batteries ◇ Using recycled paper if possible Education and Promotion ◇ All staff participation: all staff joining green activities or conferences at least once per year ◇ Announcing this LILY Bearings EP Responsibility and Commitment to our customers and suppliers Green Environment ◇ Tree planting every year ◇ Increasing the area of greening zone Reducing Pollution ◇ Using toxic free ink ◇ Minimizing pollutants during production 4.How to purchase? Placing an order with EAST GRACE is easy for Engineers, OEM, Customized and Wholesalers. You can initiate the process directly through our online Request a quote form. You can also call our sales department in the China at 0086-510-82709712. If your order or request for quote is a formal document, you may email it to us at info@eg-scaffold.com. Finally, you may submit an order via facsimile at 0086-510-82703347. Regardless how you submit an order, you will get prompt, expert service. Our company's largest market is North/South America and Western Europe, 70% of the customers from the three areas. Of course, we are also not lose sight of the other countries, After years of development, in fact we have done business with the vast majority of countries. SAFETY IS THE FIRST! Transportation Depending on the cargo weight, value and customer requirements, we can offer three modes of transport which includes courier, sea or air. Either way, we can help you deal with various issues such as transport, customs and taxes. We will ensure that the goods on time and unbroken to our customers. 5.Our Strength Since our establishment in 2000, we have been earning the trust of global customers and enjoying the faithfulness from them. This is led by our continuous efforts and endeavors we have made particularly on the following aspects: · Partnership. · Customer-focused services. · Full range of products. · Processing by selves in one group. · Economical prices. · Research and development. · Direct access to Mainland China's resources. · Western standard employed in quality assurance. · Full technical support and after-sales services. · Worldwide sales and logistics network. · Electronic business working platform. · Better communication on foreign languages · Thinking standing customer's situation. Make customer happy. · Understanding customer's underlying requirement. · Repertory & faster delivery on time. · Safety is the first! 6.Our service Application Consulting Scaffold Education Consulting(SEC) and Scaffold & Access Industry Association(SAIA) can help you evaluate key requirements of a specific application and design, or recommend a solution to satisfy performance expectations in the most innovative and economical manner. SEC's broad experience with scaffolds in a diverse range of industries & construction & building makes our engineers distinctively qualified to assist with your project. Testing Among other testing services, SGS and TUV provides life testing, failure mode analysis, performance evaluations, environmental simulation and corrosion resistance testing. Contact Spyraflo to discuss your testing and analysis requirements. Custom Scaffolding Design Our ability to work closely with customers — effectively becoming a design partner — is the foundation of SEC's success. Our engineers understand that each application is unique. We have a long history of providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions, which give your designs a competitive edge. SEC designs special scaffold far beyond the scope of our standard product line. Whether smaller or larger, with special attributes, or made of special materials, we have the experience to design the optimum solution. Some of the extreme solutions we have designed for include diameters, load capacities, temperatures, chemical exposure and UV resistance. More commonly, our engineers design for optimum performance, material utilization or to accommodate a special requirement demanded by the application or assembly process. Prototyping SEC understands the demands of modern design cycles and that's why we produce our prototypes in-house for the quickest possible response. From modified standard products to completely custom designs, SEC will put prototype bearings in your hands quickly so you can complete your design. Tooling Design Our experienced tool designers know what it takes to produce effective installation tooling. From simple installation punches and anvils to self-ejecting tooling nests, SEC can provide you with the support you need to effectively integrate our scaffolds into your products, regardless of volume. In addition, we can design tools for your existing press equipment or design and build complete assembly systems. Assembly SEC offers the flexibility to meet your assembly needs for self-clinching and press-fit scaffolds. Some customers choose to have us produce pre-assembled panels, flanges and components. This makes sense for those who may not want to invest in assembly press equipment or tooling. We can produce the mount component ourselves, or assemble into components you supply.China scaffold frame flip locks manufacturers website:http://www.eg-scaffold.com/
  15. Our History Shenzhen Dali Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of batteries, existing products covered by lithium manganese, zinc manganese and silver oxide button cell; alkaline battery disposable carbon column two column; Ni MH battery and rechargeable battery, charging spot group and other four series of more than and 50 varieties. Our Factory We 10 years after the battery Daly technology manufacturing experience, established in Changzhou city production, research and development in modern industrial park. Has a number of advanced automatic production lines from Japan, the plant area of 18000 square meters, annual production of various types of battery capacity more than 200 million. Dali technology has become a member of Chinese Battery Industry Association, the quality of products to meet the requirements of the implementation of the EU "ROSH" "SGS" and "Intertek" certification, full compliance with European clients on the environmental requirements of the battery safety performance; the United States through the "UL" certification. Dali technology choice materials, superior quality, is a large number of domestic and foreign famous household appliance enterprises by supporting or OEM won a good reputation in the industry. Dali technology production self brand also sells Japanese brand batteries in Japan, Matsushita, MITSUBISHI "MITSUBISHI" "Panasonic", "TOSHIBA", Toshiba Wansheng "maxell", "Renata" and other international brands of batteries. Our Product Product Application electronic watch button battery battery, long time endurance, stable output power. 3D glasses, light-emitting toys, luminous cup, flash stick, Tmall box, blood glucose meter, automobile anti-theft remote control etc. Our Certificate We have a professional and efficient team to provide you with the battery combination of customized services. Diversified products provide more options to help you find the most suitable products.And has passed ROSH,SGS,Intertek,UL certification. Production Equipment Production Market Dli battery products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Columbia, Hong Kong and Macao.Products have 3.7V li-ion rechargeable battery,battery charger,solar charger,car charger,LED flashlight and battery case.It gains customers' trust and praise. Our service Quality and service: 1) From raw materials to finished products, every process is tested and controlled professionally and strictly by our professional engineers and the latest machine. 2) All of our products are approved CE, ROHS, FCC certificate. 3) Any special request, we can customize for you. Afersales services: 1) Warranty policy: 6month from shipment. 2) We'll send the replacement to you after receiving the broken part. 3) Evaluate the customs risk and choose safest shipping company during different period. 4) Follow status up time by time until the goods arrival. 5) Not man-made damage will be resent free. Warranty: 1) One year warranty from sending out your goods and half of year for the accessories; 2) Please send back the defective goods within the warranty period, we will repaired them or send you new free; 3) If it is the sample or only several accessories(the fee is less or around shipping fee) are damaged, please send us some pictures and video about it need to confirm your problem, then we will send you free new goods instead; Shippment 1.Sample within 1-2 days 2.Wholesales 3-7days according different quantities; 3.OEM 7-10days after receiving your sample confirmation wholesale 230mah button cell website:http://www.dali-batterycell.com/
  16. Five-star Hotel Mattress

    SKY OPTICS (Sky Optics), a national new high-tech enterprise, founded in 2010, focus on optical communication components, integrating products development, manufacturing, marketing sales and technology service, to supply high-quality products for telecom operators, broadband operators, SI (system integration) operators and all customers in optical communication business. Our products cover from Optical Transceiver Modules, Data Center Products, Fiber NIC Card and Optical Passive Devices. Active Transceiver product line:all series modules (155Mbs~100Gbs), including GBIC, SFP, SFP+, XFP, X2, XENPAK, QSFP+, QSFP28 and CFP. Data Center product line: including 10Gbs SFP+ and 40Gbs QSFP+ Interconnection Cables, as well as 40Gbs QSFP+ and 100Gbs QSFP28 Transceivers Fiber NIC card:1Gbs~40Gbs NIC card Optical passive product line: CWDM (DWDM) MUX / DEMUX, Fiber Jumper, MPO Cable, Circulator, WDM and other optical passive devices. In the future, Sky Optics will persevere with objectives: developing leading technologies, manufacturing first-rate products, casting excellent quality, and offering satisfactory service, continue to supply the best system solutions, high-quality products and high-efficiency service, to enhance the core competitiveness and create the maximum worth for customers. Excellent compatibility of our transceiver parts: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Some info about Sky Optics's Products and Service: A Galance on some of hot-selling parts: Packaging & Shipping 1. Packing 1. Neutral Package 10 or 20 pcs/Plastic Tray. 2. According to Customer's request. 2. Shipping WE SHIP BY TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS. Our Services Our Service 1. OEM & ODM OEM and ODM is acceptable. We can customize label, logo, PN and SN for customers, as well as EEPROM. 2. Warranty We provide 3 years warranty for all our fiber optical devices. 3.Enough inventory Usually we have enough inventory for hot selling products, so regular order can be delivered on the same day. 4.Compatibility We Supply 100% compatible transceivers. All of our products are fully compatible with brands likeCisco, Brocade, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper,HP etc. Compatible Brands Compatible Brands: ---Our products are 100% compatible with brands as following and more~~ Company Information 1. Factory 2. Certification All Sky Optics’s products have passed RoHS, CE, FCC certificates. FAQ 3. FAQ 1. Do you have any MOQ? Re: No. we completely understand customer will need sample for test, so we don’t set MOQ. 2. How can I pay you, can I use paypal? Re: We only accept bank transfer. 3. What is your warranty? Re: We provide 3 years warranty for all our products. 4. Can I use your product in Cisco or Alcatel-Lucent equipment? Re: Yes, our products are fully compatible with Cisco, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Extreme etc. 5. How about your lead time? Re: Usually we have enough inventory for hot selling products, so regular order can be delivered on the same day. 6. Can you make my logo on the label? Re: Yes, we can make your logo on your label as long as your company sent an official letter of authorization.Five-star Hotel Mattress website:http://www.compressmattress.com/mattress/hotel-mattress/five-star-hotel-mattress/
  17. Since 1999, Jinjiang Footware(Int’l) Exposition, China has been held for 18 times with a total show space of 71000 square meters, the visitors cover more than 70 countries and regions across the world and hundreds of cities at home. The exposition has drawn numerous exhibitors from through the world, it is acclaimed as one of the “Top ten charm exposition in China” for its vast range of exhibited products, meticulous on the site services and a fascinating array of supporting events and has become the “Barometer”of the globe footwear industry. Against the backdrop of China’s vigorous promotion of sports and the increasingly improved industrial chain of sports in Jinjiang, and in response to the trend in sports industry, the Jinjinag Footware(Int’l) Exposition has been upgraded into the Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition, China since the 18th Exposition, the exposition has made great achievements, energized the industrial transformation and upgrading and become an essential engine in the economic development of Jinjiang. The 19th Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition,China is due to take place from April 18 to 21, 2017 in Jinjiang, Fujian Province with a show space of 60000 square meters and 2200 international standard booths, covering finished footwear products, sporting equipment, footwear machinery and auxiliary material for footwear, the year’s exposition will take the initiative to connect the strategies of “ one belt and one road”,”internet “ and “Intelligence Manufacturing 2025”, adhere to the exhibition ideas of “internationalization and specialization” organize more than 30 purchase merchants, as a carrier and platform for the enterprises to seek information, make friends and do business, and help turn the city into one featuring sports and international creativity. The 19th Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition welcome all of you to participate in the footwear exposition and make the exposition more wonderful. General Information Exposition name The 19th Jinjiang Footwear & Sports Industry International Exposition,China Exposition dates and opening hours April 18-21, 2017 Opening Date: 9:30am, April 18, 2017 Open Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm,April 18-20, 2017 9:00am-3:00pm,April 21, 2017 (Exhibitors should be in place at 8:30am and available to serve on the opening hours.) Closing Date: 3:00pm,April 21, 2017 Venue No.1 exhibition hall, machi city, jinjiang, Fujian, China. Scale 6000 square meters, with 2200 international standard booths.online tennis shoes manufacturers website:http://www.cn-jif.com/
  18. Just lost another love one today. My uncle. The second uncle I lost within a year.

  19. Missed one. There is a third post in the XP section.
  20. Back from vacation, so time to start updating the list again! Anyway, the latest nightly build of Handbrake doesn't work on Vista, showing this error when attempting to run the installer: Since I've found this to be the case, I have now added Handbrake 1.0.7 as the last version for Vista. Thanks to @burd and @VistaLover for all the information and research on this program. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR MARCH 11-18, 2018: Added Skype v7.38.0.101 as last UNS version to run on Vista to "Instant Messaging/Internet Communication Software" section (thanks to @sdfox7 for providing a download link). Removed ONG tag from Handbrake; added Handbrake 1.0.7 as last version to run on Vista in "Video & Photo Editing Software" section. Added Roblox to "Games" -> "Active Development" section. Added H&R Block Tax Software, QuickBooks Desktop 2016, and TurboTax 2016 to "Invoicing, Finance, and Business Management" section.
  21. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Well... turns out that KB4019478 was already installed, which was the reason for the error message. I had searched Installed Updates but I could swear it didn't show up. I booted into Safe Mode, then rebooted again. This time, I'm finding KB4019478 in the list. Go figure
  22. Win 98: Explorer in another language??

    Don't forget the backslashes: COPY C:\explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS
  23. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Skype is the version I'm using. Its works without issues.
  24. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Thanks @mike_shupp I just tried downloading the three 32bit versions again (July 18, 2017; Sep 09, 2019; Nov 10, 2017). They all behave the same way when I try to install them. I tried changing the default browser to IE9 but still get same message as my prior post. I wonder if another update is interfering with it?
  25. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    John Richard -- Maybe you've actually installed one of those earlier versions of the update? Or perhaps you weren't using IE 9 or have something else selected as your primary browswer? I'd think if it were still on the hard drive that Vista would accept updates affecting IE 9, but I might be wrong.
  26. MrMateczko- thanks, im aware old issues, but problem was Sata controller, if rloew fixed it, great. Intel 3xx chipsets + 8xxx CPU look interenting for me - cheap quad and six cores with best singlecore games performance. Other condition is that same configuration have to be able to run Windows XP too. HD audio driver even for Win 3.1 is great news, that something is getting better- rephaps some day Dos and Win9x driver will happen. Yes, im aware new Adlib for LPT port too. Now i know why i wasnt half a year here, too much rules and efforts to tutor, yes mother
  27. Windows 7 - Drive Lettering

    Thanks jaclaz, I am now completely and totally convinced to leave the drive lettering as is. Cheers
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