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  2. One of my two Ethernet network connections isn't working either. The main one connected to my router is fine (which is why I haven't noticed the issue until now) but the second connection that I use to transfer files to and from my netbook now isn't working. It just says "cable disconnected" all the time. If I boot into Windows 10 instead of XP it all still works fine.
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  4. It's tied to Plug and Play, which I've disabled, but having no sound and no USB did not work out for me.
  5. @dencorso Thanks for the recommendation for SwiftSearch Den! My Internet Security program immediately blocked it as a suspicious file when I ran it, and I've had to whitelist it. I'm not sure why that would be, as I'm sure it's "clean". Yes, it's blisteringly fast, such a shame it will only search NTFS drives, as some of my drives are FAT32, including two of my three system drives and my main archive drive.
  6. Hi everybody... 8 years late, sorry for the resurrection I hope not to bother anybody, but I came across this page today looking for a solution for this and I didnt test the last response answer cuz I didnt saw it in time but I found a way that... at the end may help for some other stuff and I found this solution quite elegant, structured, and pretty much bullet proof. So first of all, my solution goes around the problem, instead of using SFX shortcut language, you make your own Batch Script. So to examplify, in my case I had a Batch Program that work over the hosts file, finding if there is a certain config and if its commented or not, then you can add that config, comment or make the config available, so anyways, the point was to solve a work trouble and I wanted to make a self-extract specific to C:\... lets say its a folder named "Folder1" inside the %HOMEDRIVE% (usually C:\), then the batch is batch.cmd and I have an batch.ico. So then I made another batch, lets name it install.cmd inside that .cmd I have to: 1 - Put a shortcut of the batch.cmd in user desktop 2 - Erase the install.cmd So if you search how to make a shortcut with CMD you will find that its a bit much for something so simple so... instead of that, you just make a shortcut of batch.cmd inside Folder1, configure the .ico in properties and thats it you have the shortcut made, and it will be self-extracted alongside everything else. So, inside install.cmd you writte: @ECHO OFF REM Go to main folder cd %HOMEDRIVE%\Folder1 REM Copy Batch.lnk to user profile desktop copy "batch.lnk" %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\ REM Delete Folder1's batch.lnk del "batch.lnk" REM Delete itself del shortcut.cmd So, note that I use "copy" instead of move for no particular reason in this case, but if you copy it then you can copy it again to somewhere else if you want, but you can definitelly enchange copy + del for move. Also, have in mind that I'm using the global variable %USERPROFILE% since this SFX should work for any of my co-workers and work just fine. And at the end it self-destruct. Done you have your Folder1 with everything you need, lets make the SFX in advanced SFX options you have to go to Installation instead of advanced, there in the first text box is where you have to put the path of the install.cmd in this case C:\Folder1\install.cmd The beauty of this is that in that install.cmd you can add anything else that you want, its not only to make a shortcut, make a shortcut with this is just an example of something that could be so much more, for example, you could put a .dll file, move the .dll file to %windir%\system32 then use regsvr32 dllname.dll to register that .dll if you need it, or add a string in the registry, or execute the batch.cmd after installation, maybe you have a batch.cmd with a batch.conf file with variables that then in batch.cmd you SET with a FOR /F, so the install.cmd could check things like, ip, user name, pc name, windows architecture, etc and then change variables in batch.conf. There is no end on what you could do with this method, for me is a really good work around to solve a simple problem and at the same time the solution opens up itself to a wide range of possibilities. Best Regards. And sorry for my bad English
  7. @dencorso Works just fine.
  8. Try to open files that are inside the usb drive from the VM.
  9. @dencorso Cannot reproduce it yet. I formatted the usb stick as NTFS on my Windows 10 host copied some files to it. Then I safely removed the drive from host, and replugged the usb stick to the host. Attached usb drive to VM. Successfully copied files to the disk in the XP VM. The same happens without prior safe removal.
  10. DEP has nothing to do with it. I've always run with DEP disabled (/noexecute=alwaysoff) since I started using XP (~ 2005).
  11. Hi im Steve

    Hi i'm Steve! I just a random person who loves to screw around whit OSes,virtualization,coding,video editing,hardware ect
  12. Can you PM me with some instructions? I'd like to know more details about the method. @everyone I need a reliable method to reproduce the ntfs.sys issues you faced. On the VM I use for debugging with the latest updates and SoftICE (XP SP4) the security descriptor errors do not occur. Just copied the entire Program Files dir to my flash drive. Next test will be with DEP enforced, to see if this has anything to do with it.
  13. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    98SE. No wonder I've used it as my main day-to-day OS for about 15 years!
  14. How to install Windows 7 from USB 3.0?

    Yes, both on usb 2.0.
  15. Wow! I wasn't cognizant you were the developer, @wfunction! Your tool rocks! But you do know that already, I guess... Anyway, sorry: I'll certainly report any further issue at the project page... I didn't because I'm tired of "XP? update your OS!" replies I get everywhere, my bad. I see now you're striving to keep it compatible all the way throughout the Win32 capable OSes. And yes, I do confirm 5.0.3 is working great on XP, so thank you! And, BTW, @Dave-H do try it, it's really great! And it's portable: no installation needed.
  16. No auto-update for my builds as usual. People can make their auto-updater BTW.
  17. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    Windows 95 v4.00.950 And Windows 98 v4.10.1998
  18. Can you implement auto update in KM Goanna?[it would be great for business user's]
  19. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    Windows 98 SE ( as I only have this one . My granny said she loves 95 more)
  20. I see you already posted into Technet which seems to be the only other place this is discussed. Hopefully you get an answer there. 53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b is a device class GUID for a disk or volume. The hard drive and USB devices (including the card reader) are in that class. If this is actively happening, I would use Process Explorer to identify which svchost.exe PID is responsible for this activity. Then look at the properties of that particular process and look to these tabs for leads: Services, Threads and potentially the TCP/IP tab. Make sure to check all the svchost shown in the upper pane (oh uh enable lower pane to view the Keys at least) just in case it turns out there is more than one process reading those keys.
  21. @harkaz can I help rebuilding oleaut32. You need Petools by WildBill ,pemaker by blackwingcat ,any hexeditor and a disassembler.
  22. Google removes "View Image" button

    Well, the functionality is still there. In fact, with this change it is better. When you click on an image and it shows in that black band, you can now do two things that you couldn't previously (or last time I tried). You can save-as in the preview and get the original image. Before, trying to do this would result in getting the thumbnail from google. You can view image (in the context menu on most browsers) and view the original image on the hosting domain, which is the equivalent of the "View Image" button that used to be on Google Images. These two things work in Firefox and Palemoon, and I suspect any browser that has "view image" in context menu. BUT I concede that the saving of images directly from the Google Images search results issues I mention were like that "in the past" and those behaviours may have changed sometimes between then and now, but I had not noticed this ability until the view image button was removed... because I hadn't the reason to try alternate methods.
  23. Regarding ntfs.sys there are the following differences from the previous stable version (5.1.2600.5782) 1) NtfsSetupUsnJournal 2) A) B) C) The significance of these changes and the relevance with removable drives has to be analyzed with a kernel debugger later. I will also take a look at existing documentation.
  24. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    Windows 98FE of course!
  25. SPDY does it still work?

    I had tried to figure out which formula I needed to follow to reach the "% faster" answer, knowing full well that I was potentially facing a "% of" answer. In fact, the thing I was originally going to put ended up being correct. Reminds me of my college math exams.
  26. The spoiler bbcode still does something, but it does not function as expected.
  27. You're welcome. Actually there is one small patch that can be added to good old oleaut32.dll. We may need to add and debug a jmp above instruction (loop) to the good old file, so that it is jmp 0x77125785 below 0x77125788 I need somebody's help to rebuild the DLL however. Ntfs.sys is analyzed next.
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