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  2. Last night I was looking at Steam to see if there were any 2000/XP-compatible games I would want. I found isometric 2D games and noticed they wanted Windows 7 (DX11/12) or worse! I wonder what DX11/12 would even bring to them. Though web browsing is still mostly enjoyable on my T60, there are outliers. And those are Google services. I swear that a Core Duo T2400 can do 480p perfectly (and maybe 720p), but 480p is incredibly choppy on YouTube. I also had to use Google Docs for some group thing (would never touch that junk for something I, and only I would work on) and that was incredibly slow compared to anything else. Not only that, I couldn't even paste stuff in using the right-click menu; I'd get a message telling me to use keyboard shortcuts! So not only do they bloat stuff to the max; it is left incomplete!
  3. NEs do have a checksum field, but not even MS ever gave it any use, so better let it alone (it may have been used for some purpose by the author of the particular file in question, although usually it's not); LEs don't have any global checksum, except in the DOS header (which is just a dummy in PEs, NEs and LEs, and normally set to 0). So, no. Not really. Do fix the checksums of all PEs only, all other file formats you'll work with don't need that. BTW, you may find this useful:
  4. as they don't recommend people to enable hardware acceleration other than ticking the one in options dialog, your request may be ignored.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Today I was notified of an "Important" update: KB4524752. Checked what this small update was all about and not surprised to find it will allow to MS nag you regularly about the end of Win7 updates support in 2020. I've marked it to Hide this update but you can bet we'll get more of this sort of thing in the coming months.
  7. Windows XP supported MSE definitions updates at least until 2016 and could still be updated manually until April (?) this year. Unless MS are real gits MSE itself might not get updated after 2020 but there's no reason to suppose the definitions won't be updated. But who knows? When MSE on XP couldn't be updated via the program itself and had to be manually downloaded/installed we were given no specific warning that was going to happen. One day the definitions could be updated as usual the next day the progress bar stalled. It retried and then stalled again with no explanation. You had to Google to discover the reason. Similarly when all support for MSE on XP stopped it happened suddenly without warning too.
  8. Can anyone tell me why this application won't work on Windows 95? Seems like it has some memory issues but is there anything that could be done about it? http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=ansax;id=13;url=http%3A%2F%2Flexicon.ff.cuni.cz%2Fapp%2F (none of the versions there work)
  9. I didn't think you were running version 28. Are you using the UOC Patch with it? OK, I see now. Just didn't read far enough. Since you're using "official" PM 28 on an "official" OS, you could report the issue to MCP and see what they say. They may blow it off, but you never know.
  10. Obviously I chose the way "learning by doing" - I was not yet familiar to linear executables and new executables... But thanks for pointing at the right direction. I was assuming that "PEChecksum" would have a look at offset 80h and check for "PE" before calculating a new checksum. Would it also make senseo to correct the checksum of NE and LE executables?
  11. UPDATE! I have been frantically working on ways to improve the smoothness of the hardware acceleration with the UOC Patch enabled, especially when it comes to scrolling webpages. I have found and disabled another option, scroll anchoring, which seems to mitigate that stuttering issue that affects literally every Mozilla based browser. This, at least on my machine, has mitigated this issue further. I could use the help of some beta testers, so I can study improvements in a faster way, as the way my machine performs could be very different from the one of another person. If anybody wants to do such, they are always welcome. Anyway, I have updated the Patch again, for all the versions (45ESR, 38ESR, Macintosh). P.S. If you have noticed some artifacts during scrolling in New Moon 28/Pale Moon 28 and K-Meleon Goanna, for example the screen flickers in white when you scroll a page with pictures, I can assure it is not caused by the UOC Patch. It is a flaw in the Goanna rendering engine: when tiled compositing -which is essential in order to provide the best acceleration available for a browser- is enabled, for some reason the engine renders the tiles incorrectly when a particularly fast scrolling operation happens. In the beginning I reported the issue to @roytam1 as I thought it could have been just a bug of New Moon 27 and K-Meleon Goanna, but it's been when I tested the Patch on Pale Moon 28, on my Windows 10 laptop (which I hardly ever use. Everything's done on the RDD, for a proper retro feeling!), that I noticed the same exact issue happening. So we can safely say that the artifacting during scrolling in Goanna based browsers, is a bug of Goanna itself. As always, please update to the latest version of the UOC Patch and the Enforcer, which you can find in the main page, and please (again) let me know the outcomes on your computer. I need feedbacks, as they help me to find out if I am doing everything properly or I'm causing havoc to your retro machines. Happy RDDin'!
  12. That auto-colorization thingy appeared in Windows 8, so it's not exactly new, more like 7 years old! Knowing MS, they might fix it in the next 6 years and break something else at the same time. Are you sure it's not just aerohost.exe shutting down because its dwm.exe crash counter reached certain threshold? At least that's probably the case assuming that problem with DWM crashing with Aero Glass loaded when user session ends still exists in 1903. I've added another trigger for Aero Glass task in Task Scheduler that runs aerohost.exe on every login if it's not running yet. I haven't got to a desktop without glassy window frames since, though I see that aerohost.exe hasn't been running for as long as Windows has.
  13. Obviously. .VxDs are LE executables, not PE executables. To "fix" the "PE checksum" of a file which is *not* a PE executable may destroy it. One needs to know what one's doing before actually going ahead and doing it... .PDRs are also LE executables, and there are plenty NE executables, too, in 9x/Me...
  14. I'm patching them because I'm currently updating the outdated German "Windows 98 SE SP 3.0 beta4" to a new/fully tested version 3.1. As you can imagine this requires replacing/editing quite some files with the German equivalents... Based on PROBLEMCHYLD's "U98SESP3" Pack, I'm recreating the German version, hence the question about the checksums. Here is the list of files that had the checksum updated: However I didn't narrow the list down yet to specific files, that might provoke the protection error...
  15. @roytam1 Maybe this can help. if not ask in sysopt.com forum. btw: i am europanorama there. https://appuals.com/how-to-fix-install-realtek-hd-audio-driver-failure/
  16. Febe is most fantastic most important Backup-Plugin for Extensions, Bookmarks etc. He even still has a version for Palemoon 27(SSE-version). There is a FEBE-forum. Pls support Chucks work then. After a browser-reset first is to reinstall FEBE and setup again the old settings.
  17. Usually it is a good idea, even necessary. Can you list the "all files" you fixed and give us a hint as to why you are patching them?
  18. @luweitest - HTML bookmarks don't need to always be imported; they can also be viewed and used directly as a local webpage. And if there is a plugin that can bookmark all links on a page, it should be able to "import" all bookmarks from the file.
  19. My Kaby Lake laptop also had similar problems with Realtek audio when it was running Windows 7, which started shortly after installation. Eventually I got all functionality back but I'd get a BSOD approximately every 10-15 days.
  20. and now it is completely broken. with MS driver, driver doesn't even start now. with realtek's driver, it act as usual broken state: no sound, only some noise can be heard when speaker is in maximum volume. if I send the board back to vendor, then there will a at least a month I can't use my new rig. running in old rig which has only 4GB RAM with win7 x64 is quite harsh and old rig has no M.2 slot for my win7 system SSD. so I just bought an USB Audio adapter in HK$99 for getting back basic audio functionality. then I hit another pitfall, that is modded AMD USB 3.2 driver doesn't work well with USB Audio. I took extra time for debugging if the device is in fault or kind of driver issue.
  21. Going (completely) Off-Topic, I just repaired a window handle. (though we are still talking of windows ) Looking at it, there were no pieces broken, there is a counterplate fixed with two M5x10 screws to an aluminum "body", simply the thread had worn off and the screws had no more grip on it. Looking at the thread on the body I saw that it was much deeper than the length of the screws, so I thought to try using a little longer screw, thinking to use a M5x15 , and went to the hardware store and bought 20 (twenty) M5x16 screws ( they had only these, slightly longer, ones) for the price of 0.60 Euro (VAT 22% included), i.e. 0.03 Euro each ( not so cheap per unit) . I got back and re-assembled the thingy with the new screws (that fitted perfectly) and the window handle works and is perfectly solid. Assuming that the hardware store price for a little quantity such as 20 for these screws is 3 or 4 times the cost to the window handles manufacturer (excluded VAT) the original cost must have been around 0.007 or 0.008 each or less and the difference between a M5x10 and a M5x16 probably in the 0.001 to 0.003 Euro. Evidently an engineer decided that in order to save 2*0.025=0.005 Euro in the manufacturing of a device that is sold for 12-15 Euro (to the window manufacturer) and which I paid actually more like 30 or 40 Euro (as part of the finished/installed window) he was allowed to introduce a defect/weak point. This defect costed to me besides the 0.06 Euro (I still have 18 spare screws, so I will be able to fix another 9 handles when they will break in the same manner), almost an hour of time and a trip with the car to the hardware store (think of the pollution this caused). But all in all it's fine. What really troubles me is thinking/knowing that the next engineer will notice that the recessed screw hole is too d@mn deep for the M5x10 screw and - in order to optimize manufacturing time (saving a few hundredths of second when drilling and threading the hole) - next batch will have less deep holes, so that the handle will not be repairable in this simple way anymore. jaclaz
  22. I absolutely agree with this! I've tried to buy cheaper processor and, you know, penny wise and pound foolish
  23. Hi I'm also a newbie here. Nice to meet you all
  24. I have Windows Updates disabled on both computers. On the 32bit it is green and updates the definitions on its own. On the 64bit it is yellow and it is because it doesn't update the definitions. I have them both configured the same, but whatever.
  25. Thin products are a good idea for corporate types. The downside is that instead of designing things to be the same but lighter, they have designed things to be cheaper. Lower quality plastics has lead to tons of people having broken computers. Power adapter doesn't fit right, broken hinges but monitor still works, etc. You get what you pay for. I typically would prefer to stick to the high end business notebooks, which still come with optical drives. I recently turned down the purchase of a $1200 HP notebook for $150 simply because it didn't have an optical drive. 15 inch displays are good enough for travel, 17 inch is nice to look at, but they won't fit in my notebook bag. Companies always tend to screw up good ideas. On the other end, Intel tried to make that "Ultrabook" thing work, but made the requirements so complicated that it wasn't really worth buying them... or worse... making them. Personally, I wouldn't use any portable computer that wouldn't have a chance to survive being dropped.
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