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  2. You can: https://github.com/azac/cobol-on-wheelchair And now you die
  3. It helps to check these problems before posting. With Firefox 68+ it's doing the same thing, redirecting to mobile twitter if you use a user agent switcher and set it to a newer string, including the default. I usually keep that on IE11, windows 7 but since it uses WMF there's no audio distortion. So the glitch is with twitter and not UXP, except that for XP users the IE11, windows 7 string for regular twitter means distorted audio. Wish they could fix that.
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  5. you can use the theme to change the color of unselected tabs, I use the "Edgy Light" theme from the Chrome Web Store, and with the Windows 7 Atlas, theme looks exactly like in Windows 7. here is the theme: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/edgy-light/hiejfgolnaceciaifhdejmgdlmdfbblg p.s Chromium Edge can use themes from Chrome web store. And here's what it looks like:
  6. RE: my niche issue with the January updates mentioned on one Win 7 64bit PC. Put in a restore point and re-downloaded each update separately and tested the system after each with a second reboot. All now seems good - the encrypted volume type affected is still opening normally now with all three updates installed. What caused the problem? No idea but it is the first Windows update that has caused trouble with other programs which I've had in years. "Telemetry gathering" annoyances excluded.
  7. I do not understand "i use the SSD program...". Which video card is in use?
  8. Being close to the border, we always had the ability to pick up some Canadian channels in the analog days. On average it would be (presumably Toronto stations) 9 and 11. I have heard that analog Canadian stations still exist, yet when the digital switchover happened in the US, I stopped being able to receive any Canadian channels on any analog tuners. Because of this, I had just figured that Canada had made the change as well.
  9. Thanks for posting. NextPVR has Canadian users, notably "Posting Freak" mvallevand of Ontario. I'm surprised to hear that analog is still being used up there. NextPVR does not have native support for analog, but is able to utilize components of WinTV for analog. Of course readers in DVB countries (i.e. most of the world) can disregard all this discussion of ATSC 3.0.
  10. yes the problem was fixed.. i installed the Internet Explorer 6.0 Portuguese(like the Auto-Pach and PS3 hotfixes\updates) and now the Explorer is Portuguese. i never thot the 'My Computer' opened the Internet Explorer for we see the folders and files. now the 1 and 2 are fixed.. yes doing these now i can see the 'as web page'. - the 3 i must use an external program for it and add it on StartUp menu: http://smallvoid.com/article/transparent-icon-text.html now i must fix the DirectX limitations and the Graphic Card drivers and open my external hard drive 250GB's in NTFS... what you can advice me?
  11. did i miss something? the Explorer that i'm thinking, on 'My Computer', isn't Explorer, but Internet Explorer? please correct me
  12. i download and install it and then reboot.. seems too faster... but only the Start Menu will be changed to Portuguese(like before tested) "Explor98 - 2007 Dec 12 - 172/175/174kb - DL: ENG / ITA / BRA / Info: 1 / 2- Unofficial Windows Explorer 256 Color Icons Update (EXPLORER.EXE 4.72.3612.1700) (English, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese)" so what i'm doing wrong?
  13. I still don't understand what you did (nor what you wanted to obtain ), what (the heck) does it mean the "before" and "after" and the half commented commands? An insmod is an installable module, you only need to install it once per session, but it is pretty much binary, either it is installed or is it not. You should NOT use menu.lst entries, but rather commands on command line, as they will give you some feedback. (and report that feedback as well as the commands actualy issued) If the set of commands you are using are these ones: They make no sense whatsoever. 1) you map an existing (compressed) image residing on floppy to current hard disk (which may be *whatever* depending on what has been run before and on the setup) and the result could be anything (and the contary of it) depending on the contents of the image 2) you hook the mapping 3) you set root to the floppy 4) you chainload the OS file on floppy In those the image is simply mapped and is not changed by any of the commands you listed, and BTW you never access it from grub4dos. As it is now it seems to me like the classic recipe for making a vodka filled watermelon[1] in the shorter version if you have not 12-24 h time jaclaz [1] https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/vodka-infused-watermelon/cbc4b24f-2748-4f52-af7b-b804cbf070d7 Follow steps 1-3, then, at step 4, just drink the vodka.
  14. PM notifications by email are Russian roulette here. Sometimes you get one, sometimes you don't.
  15. advance notice: the upcoming build may bump major version to 29, but I'll wait if Goanna version is bumped to 4.6.0 or not to proceed this.
  16. Maybe Exlor98 is worth trying. https://msfn.org/board/topic/84886-the-complete-list-of-hotfixes-updates-for-windows-98se/
  17. Each system is different and a lot depends on the processor, ram etc. At the moment I'm dealing with a bit of an older system and so a lot of experimenting goes on. In Windows 7, where most of my computing time is I've tried various settings and the built in OS codecs (media.wmf.enabled) appear better than ffvpx so that's what I go with. UXP's codec works good enough in XP though, much better than the Adobe plugin.
  18. I believe that is the "new layout" mentioned there (but, God forbid, I'm not a twitter user )... It appears you're on Win7 or higher (since you can run FxESR 68); in "about:config" disable native forked-UXP's decoders by setting "media.ffvpx.enabled;false" and make sure "media.wmf.enabled;true" ; restart NM28 (or St52; what is it exactly you're using?) and then see if the audio on Twitter is OK... If Twitter gets also broken in the official UXP browsers (you can also check this yourself, if on Win7), then I suspect upstream will have to deal with that, eventually; there's one report already on the official forums, https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=23597&p=181680 however the OP has not indicated yet whether offered remedy cures the issue for him...
  19. Yes, read them and they don't even mention redirecting to mobile, or certainly provide a solution (they've all been tried). For me, this just started in the last few days, which tells me that unless some internal changes can be made, like fixing the distorted audio then UXP and twitter are on their last legs together. Not a problem, I'll just use a newer version and life goes on.
  20. You seem angry, not sure what your point is since the forum is about those of us who prefer the older but better versions of firefox. Actually I do use 68esr or the nightly, often side by side with UXP. They both have their advantages and on Windows 7 the UXP version plays videos even better and with less dropped frames and skipping the newer ones. But the quantum versions are better when it comes to javascript in my experience. So they all have their uses. Also I do get that the websites won't support older versions forever but Twitter is heavily trafficked so if it's possible to maintain it a little longer why not try?
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  22. ... Recently discussed, only four pages ago... Starting post is this one: Please read relevant posts that followed it; I assume you're on XP (the setting under your forum avatar just says "OS: none specified" ), it might be necessary to switch to APCDM in St52 for Twitter (along with an IE SSUAO); also, everyone using XP here should realise that the major "trendy" social sites (youtube/facebook/instagram/twitter etc.), laden with heavy scripts and rich embedded media content, are constantly evolving to cater to (mostly) mobile platforms and, for desktop, to what is the Win10 version du jour... Roytam1 did try successfully to mitigate the lack of WMF and OS patented decoders under XP, but those ffmpeg decoders inside his custom ffvpx library (in UXP browsers) can only cope as much; FFmpeg itself has long ago abandonned XP support, so, if I'm not mistaken, current decoders are based on an older, XP compatible, FFmpeg branch (3.x.x ?) ... OTOH, those social/media sites (especially twitter & instagram) use encoding profiles & new methods of stream delivery that are not guaranteed to remain compatible with forked-UXP's media decoders...
  23. Then USE firefox 68esr or the nightly! Whoala, "problem" solved! Seriously, I do contend that "these" issues will only get WORSE the further along we go. We are using cherry-picked snippets of code designed for SOMETHING ELSE and crossing our fingers that they will work 'here'. I personally have SEVERAL sights that stopped working a LONG TIME AGO so I use 28.2.2. TOO MANY around here give WAY too much credance to the whole Roytam Builds process. NOT to undermine that process, don't get me wrong (I don't know how to do the whole github patching). I see absolutely, positively, ZERO justification for anybody and everbody to ramble off lists upon lists of web sites that "don't work". It kinda gets old, no offense. This "old dog" (New Moon version 28.2.2-ish) does EVERYTHING that *I* need it to do. You can NOT teach an "old dog" new tricks! Throw every "patch" you want at the "old dog", that doesn't make it some new miraculous "breed". If you want 100% compatibility with Twitter, then browse on over to the "supported browsers" page - https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/twitter-supported-browsers (I can't at the momemt because company firewall blocks access) But my hunch is that Twitter is NOT "supposed" to work on any browser "this old", patched or not. But I digress... Again...
  24. Well, I got most of these. I know I have the rest, I've seen them but they weren't in the stuff I had easily accessible.
  25. I used following commands: title Map hdd-512mb.img.gz and boot USB-FDD # BEFORE # insmod fat map --mem --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 (fd0)/hdd-512mb.img.gz (hd) map --hook # AFTER # insmod fat # fat mkfs (hd0,0) root (fd0) chainloader /io.sys I experimented further with four different USB-FDD's and a handfull of USB-HDD´s. The results I described earlier where only existent on USB-FDD's and only if the image was located on an USB-FDD too. On USB-HDD Grub4Dos made out of all empty DosBox images perfect Memdrives. With Partition ID 06, OEM ID MSDOS5.0 and standard FAT16 formatting (Diskedit, Scandisk and SETUP gave no errors). At last I found that in case of USB-FDD setting root (fd0) BEFORE the map-commands had exactly the same effects as sole insmod fat, so the FAT module doesn't seem to be needed in Part 8½ of my project. Same as "Sectors per FAT" (as a layman I have to rely on authority, I use Scott Mueller's Repairing and Upgrading PC's for my terminology). I will have to study these things first more carefully. I will go mainly for FAT16 - because of map --mem my USB-FDD's. Thanks a lot for all info.
  26. Canadian broadcasters, which are generally owned by cable/satellite companies, will probably dump OTA before adopting ATSC 3.0. Most of our stations are still analog, especially outside major cities. Or they may drag their feet and keep broadcasting exclusively ATSC 1.0 much longer than in the U.S. Those who can receive Canadian stations (which broadcast lots of American shows) could have an alternative source of programming if ATSC 3.0 proves inaccessible or DRM-infested. I'd also be wise to further media consolidation in the U.S. which may further deteriorate the availability and/or quality of OTA over there. I never used WMC, but I heard that MS never supplied EPG data to Canadian users (or at least around XP/early Vista era). We also never had stuff like cablecards. So it was even more of a non-factor than in the U.S.
  27. Anyone else having a problem with Twitter and UXP? It keeps redirecting me to the mobile twitter. I’ve got the user agent in about:config set to Firefox 72, Windows 10 but it makes no difference, any newer string including Chrome does the same thing. Only when it’s put back to “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko” does it go to regular twitter but then the videos are distorted. It’s getting frustrating and doesn’t do it in firefox 68esr or the nightly.
  28. I was able to uninstall after a reboot. So, problem solved.
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