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  2. roytam1

    Missing email client in the Start Menu.

    yeah this could be the reason. since I use classic start menu in XP, never thought about this issue.
  3. tomasz86

    Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

    You are right. I can confirm that something is indeed very wrong. I would actually say that this is a critical bug. I am pulling the FullPack from the download Archive for now. I will have to test whether it is another component butchering the installation, or HFSIP2000 itself. I am very sorry for the situation. I am not using Windows 2000 as my daily OS anymore, and no one had reported these problems before, so I had no clue. I will try to find a solution as soon as possible.
  4. VistaLover

    Missing email client in the Start Menu.

    Your issue is most probably caused by the fact @roytam1's MailNews fork is being distributed as a .7z package and not as an installer ; an installer is needed to write the necessary registry keys so that Interlink/MailNews appears as one of the available installed mail clients ; I am on Vista myself (as I'm sure you know already ), but the related registry section should be quasi-similar in XP, too! In regedit, navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients] : the "StartMenuInternet" subfolder should contain the choices for available browsers; the "Mail" subfolder should contain available installed e-mail clients (mine are Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail - the latter is the default Windows client, akin to XP's Outlook Express 6); every mail client should have a "\Capabilities\StartMenu" subkey in order for it to appear inside Start Menu's "e-mail" selection; in my setup, I use Windows Mail as the default client, its subkey looks like: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Windows Mail\Capabilities\StartMenu] "Mail"="Windows Mail" Probably additional registry keys are needed for the StartMenu entry to function properly (i.e. actually launch the client...). What one could do is install the official Interlink client on Windows 7+ with a registry monitor ON during the installation process, write down the new registry keys as a result of the install and somehow export them to the XP machine where MailNews is being used... As with any registry manipulation, take due precautionary measures... Hope I've pointed you towards the right direction; I trust our own MSFN perennial XP experts to chime in with more...
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  6. FranceBB

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    I couldn't be happier. Literally.
  7. FranceBB

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    I spoof my Chromium 54 as Chromium 75 and it works. Just change the string at startup. I can just paste mine here if you want to.
  8. UCyborg

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    Yes. STAC9921.xml
  9. Blackwingcat told me why BSOD appears when installing the driver with the extended core. For an unknown reason, it must be for incompatibility, the IEEE 802.11ac drivers do not work in Windows 2000, but the one that I have is IEEE 802.11bgn that I do not know if it's the same (first capture) But this wireless has retrocompatibility with 802.11bg and 802.11b, also to put the bandwidth in 20Mhz only (second capture) And the inf file has code which we can edit to our liking with those options (third capture)
  10. Figured that's impossible; I found the following code at widget/windows/nsWindow.cpp: // Glass hit testing w/custom transparent margins LRESULT dwmHitResult; if (mCustomNonClient && nsUXThemeData::CheckForCompositor() && /* We don't do this for win10 glass with a custom titlebar, * in order to avoid the caption buttons breaking. */ !(IsWin10OrLater() && HasGlass()) && WinUtils::dwmDwmDefWindowProcPtr(mWnd, msg, wParam, lParam, &dwmHitResult)) { *aRetValue = dwmHitResult; return true; } Stock caption buttons are effectively disabled on Windows 10. The behavior is hardcoded in xul.dll. If one searches for Windows version checks, there are some other parts of the code that will behave differently depending on the detected Windows version.
  11. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @UCyborg: Thanks a lot. At first sight STAC9921 seems to be fully implemented in Virtualbox. Is it possible to attach the saved xml, so a can take a closer look? Mine is 389KB (File -> Save Working Codec as -> STAC9921.xml). Did you test Mpxplay is pure MS-DOS?
  12. It's identical to the one that Firefox 60 ESR uses since version 56.2.8.
  13. jumper

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    > Could you provide a link to UMPlayer 0.95? I can only find 0.98 portable for Windows. 0.95 was current at the time; 0.98 should be fine. > This is a bit off topic, but how did you manage to get Slimboat Portable working on 9x? Huh? Slimboat is covered elsewhere. Ask with more details in the "Backporting" or "Really" thread if Google site:msfn.org doesn't answer it.
  14. > I am running Windows ME in WMware because I don't have access to my computer. VkrnlEx.vxd modifies memory but hasn't changed, so I don't see how WMware could be affected. >> Kexbases 4.5.2016.20 delta.7z > Can you try a different file host? The download link here is broken! Link works if logged in. > Any help? KernelEx 4.5.2 or later FULL package must be installed first. Then update with files from 4.5.2016.18 through .20 in DOS and reboot. Verify.exe needs KernelEx to be enabled on it with any mode other than the new "Minimal".
  15. Win2000Fan

    How to use PEMaker

    The dependencies are: IoCsqInsertIrp IoCsqRemoveIrp IoCsqRemoveNextIrp
  16. UCyborg

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    I did try all possible IRQ values, it always sounds the same. Again, changing it is only possible on Windows 95, on Windows 98 I'm stuck with 11. I don't know how to tell whether IRQ is exclusive or not. I also tried HDAICOUT.HDA that comes with the driver, nothing changed. I tried Mpxplay, but only got silence.
  17. Yesterday
  18. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-h: I think you're right about activate.exe, maybe the name of a file with same funtion in one of Watler's other Audio drivers. But I don't know for sure. It doesn't seems important to me. Watler explicit mentioned HDARUN.EXE if a Multimedia Timer is needed, as in Win3.x Standard mode. Don't use HDARUN in Win9.x if possible, can give really bad crashes. That's my concern because you first had to use it as a sort of "Lender of last resort". HDARUN must be started manually after each startup, you will be aware if you are using it.
  19. Speaking of Waterfox, if anyone uses it could you please be so kind as to post its user agent string? I have several that I like keeping up to date and use for various reasons but Waterfox eludes me since it can't be installed on my lowly 32-bit computer: Googling for it brings up at least two different versions; one is probably right but which is it: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:56.0; Waterfox) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.2.7 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:65.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/65.0 Waterfox/56.2.7
  20. In an effort to figure out what slides are the culprit in a massive 300 slides PowerPoint presentation, we found instructions as linked below to save the slides to a library. However, When following the instructions, there is no such option to "Publish Slides". Does anyone know why this feature may not exist? Alternatively maybe you have another solution how we can find which is the largest slide which is what we really are trying to find out? https://www.dummies.com/software/microsoft-office/powerpoint/how-to-save-slides-to-a-library-in-powerpoint-2016/ Thanks in advance.
  21. Haven't heard about that problem before. I get very obvious visual anomalies on my end, something to do with lack of certain optimizations that only later versions of Aero Glass have. The problem is more profound when ran on virtual machine due to worse graphics performance. Maybe there's something interesting in C:\AeroGlass\debug.log and in Event Viewer. You should be able to reboot to Safe Mode and access those things from there.
  22. Thanks @Mathwiz & @VistaLover! I'll go ahead and make those changes, thanks for the heads up. I had assumed my implementation would break pretty fast, think there will ever be an auto-update feature for the xpmod versions of Pale Moon?
  23. At least for Winxp-SSE true: There are still videodownload-problems on certain sites. Wanted to download the instruction -video for win7-updatepacks on winfuture dot de. (german site but most important) . BTW: If Win7 and newer the updatepacks(Full monthly or monthly updates) will also work on english versions. there is a workaround if one is starting with Full version(latest) stopping UAC. its in Sticky/Wichtig in the forum. msconfig and then click on UAC and press start. then down with the regulator. I can use Firefox and special Firefox, Palemoon/Newmoon, K-Melion-Goanna and Maxthon 3(didnt try 5 maybe not working-it has a more sophisticated downloaded built-in). To my big surprise Maxthon 3 has a built-in videodownloader(is also seperating ads). On winfuture site downloader is just above the videowindow! Wow! Cliqz also has built-in downloader but i dont remember if its only working in Win7 and later. Maybe also Winxp-SSE2 but certainly not for Winxp-SSE. we will see when i have rebuilt my second PC.
  24. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    Thanks. I don't think I've got HDARUN.EXE actually running now. Mytimer is set to "1" in hdacfg.ini. Is it actually what the driver readme files refer to as "activate.exe"? Was its name changed perhaps?
  25. Of course Siria is right, but luckily the situation is much better on Windows 3.1 browsers with a webproxy as workaround. Although I must admit that IE2.0 didn't work and with IE5.0 downloads are not possible. Just checked situation with Opera 12.02 on Windows 98se:
  26. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-H: Thanks for your kind words, but without your patience and perseverance there would have been no success, although we are not finished yet in my opinion. You still didn't tell if you can play Digital Audio without HDARUN (so Mytimer=1). Also I am still working on a ALC883 version of HDAICOUT.HDA i'de like to have tested. About files: you need to save HDA2.DLL, OEMSETUP.INF, HDATSR.EXE, WAVEOUT.EXE, HDARUN.EXE (indeed in folder activate), the README's and for more convenient install my GENHDA16.INF. Further for your system working versions of HDACFG.INI and HDAICOUT.HDA of cause.
  27. Vistapocalypse

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    KB4493458 has Known issues with Sophos Endpoint Protection (which is a business solution) and Avira. Of course Avira officially ended support for Vista years ago, and Sophos Home never supported Vista.
  28. If that wasn't a rhetorical question... : https://design.firefox.com/photon/
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