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  2. Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    After change of KernelEx 4.5.2 to 4.5.2016.17 on my "test system" Ren'py still runs. So probably it isn't a problem of KernelEX. r3muxd, you should start a new topic here in the Windows 9x/ME forum. Or maybe you had expected other tests?
  3. Hello, I bought a licence for Aero Glass for WIn10 10.0.16299, everything works fine, but at Windows boot still appear a well known small window with "Your DWM is incompatible". I think, this is a question for Big Muscle, but does anyone know how to get rid off this annoying window? The "Again" button in this window does not work. In fact, it looks like that: Thank you for help, Peter
  4. Lack of Linux Enthusiasm

    As a matter of fact the point is exactly that (with all due exceptions ) most people here are not "fans" of one Os or the other, they are (largely) "simple" users of it, more or less desperately trying to have the stupid thingy work as it should, in some cases (please read as "often") notwithstanding the efforts of the good MS guys to make Windows (you choose) either Android or an X-Box. You can also whine about the lack of Linux talks here. The worst that can happen to you is that jaclaz would reply with some sarcastic note. Who knows? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Que_Sera,_Sera_(Whatever_Will_Be,_Will_Be) Maybe, just maybe, you could start some Linux related topics and see if there is response in the audience. jaclaz
  5. Just choose the minimum amount available and that will do the job for you. The license is very cheap, you could also consider donating more so that you've extra keys available for you.
  6. If you donate an unknown/unstated but sufficient amount of money to the developer he will likely send you via e-mail a code/file/number that allows to disable the watermark and pop-up, The Author has decided to follow this model which is NOT the sale of a license. You show him your appreciation (by sending him what you believe is an appropriate amount of money to support the development) and he may (if he believes the amount adequate) give you one or more codes/files/numbers, Not that it makes much sense to most people, but this is how he decided to manage the stuff. jaclaz
  7. This sure is a ginormous janfu! In any case, even if Intel gets its act together, I doubt they'll ever release BIOS updates for any processor older than the currenly supported ones (and maybe the latest to reach EoL, that being the 6th gen ones). Every user of any previous processors is on his/her own, no matter what Intel releases. Not very bright as a perspective, but thankfully most of this Meltdown/Spectre talk is FUD, anyway... And may be a heaven sent way to get people to upgrade hardware, provided they come up with something "safe," before eventually crashing & burning for the lack of it.
  8. hi how do you get full version of aero glass 8 without water marks and pop ups please there is nothing on the web page about it
  9. Hi

    Welcome to the MSFN!
  10. Lack of Linux Enthusiasm

    I think there are a fair amount of Linux users on this forum, they just don't seem to talk about it very much, outside of the side comment "I also use this."
  11. Both would do nicely . Use as reference NOT the first post of this thread, but rather the CarterinCanada's guide: After having duly read/understood the: AND the: The last two explain - among other things - why the adapters/converters you found are OK. jaclaz
  12. Always leave 2 days late for updates. So if there are errors, Microsoft removes them from the catalog before they are installed.
  13. Windows 10 TTK Tweak Toolkit

    if anyone is still interested, i'm still working on removing stuff from windows 10 that is the modern components, leaving the win32 stuff untouched. i'm in the process of sorting registry keys and categorising the lot, lots of guesswork and testing of removals... split things into the following categories; (bracketed numbers equal components selected for removal) core (21) example CCortana core_immersive (10) example CICortana immersive (15) examaple ISearch windows_runtime (26) example Windows.Devices.Lights related components (22) stuff related to above but in it's own catagory i'm just guessing what C, CI & I mean in front of some reg entries, so gone with the above. when i'm done it'll be uploaded to my onedrive.
  14. I would like to echo the request, I understand trying to keep the glass title-bar on modern-apps is not really feasible anymore so I would like an option to completely ignore Modern Apps with Aero Glass if possible as the mix it is at the moment doesn't look good.
  15. There is also a way to make Firefox ignore any Windows 10 theme specifications, although I'm not sure if this would help in this particular case. To try this do the following: First grab these two programs and install them. Resource Hacker: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.5.3.html Now open firefox.exe in Resource Hacker and navigate to 24 --> 1 --> 1033 and you should see a bunch of text on the right side of Resource Hacker. Scroll all the way to the bottom till you see four lines starting with: <supportedOS Id= delete the first line so only three supportedOS Id= lines remain and then press on Compile Script. Then just save the file under a new name anywhere. After that open the new .exe file you saved with Notepad++, don't change anything but just go to "Save as..." and save it with yet another filename, then just rename that file to firefox.exe and replace your actual firefox.exe with it. Start Firefox and enjoy The last step with re-saving the file with Notepad++ may seem weird and unnecessary but for some reason saving the file like that forces the compiled manifest to be updated so Firefox "forgets" what Windows 10 is.
  16. Happy new year! I got a STM3500320AS drive that seems to have this exact BSY problem. It seems to receive power and doesn't make any loud noises, but isn't recognized by Windows nor the BIOS. I don' know much about soldering and was wondering if a USB-Serial cable like the ones in the following links would do the trick in order to access the HD via HyperTerminal: Ali Express Local reseller Also, it seems the images in the first post are broken. I need to know where should I connect each plug lol Is there any updated tutorial that maybe requires less equipment? Thanks.
  17. Intel withdraws Updates Last update: 23.01.2018 09:54 am Intel has found bugs in the updates against the serious vulnerabilities in its computer processors. The industry giant warned against installing the latest versions. Intel German ARD Tagesschau Heise security
  18. https://msfn.org/board/uploads/css_built_*_custom.css.* New content to block
  19. Intel Asks Customers to Halt Patching for Chip Bug, Citing Flaw http://www.oann.com/intel-asks-customers-to-stop-using-faulty-patches/ January 23, 2018 By Stephen Nellis (Reuters) – Intel Corp said on Monday that patches it released to address two high-profile security vulnerabilities in its chips are faulty, advising customers, computer makers and cloud providers to stop installing them. Intel Executive Vice President Navin Shenoy disclosed the problem in a statement on the chipmaker’s website, saying that patches released after months of development caused computers to reboot more often than normal and other “unpredictable” behavior. “I apologize for any disruption this change in guidance may cause,” Shenoy said. “I assure you we are working around the clock to ensure we are addressing these issues.” The issue of the faulty patches is separate from complaints by customers for weeks that the patches slow computer performance. Intel has said a typical home and business PC user should not see significant slowdowns. Intel’s failure to provide a usable patch could cause businesses to postpone purchasing new computers, said IDC analyst Mario Morales. Intel is “still trying to get a handle on what’s really happening. They haven’t resolved the matter,” he said. Intel asked technology providers to start testing a new version of the patches, which it began distributing on Saturday. The warning came nearly three weeks after Intel confirmed on Jan. 3 that its chips were impacted by vulnerabilities known as Spectre and Meltdown, which make data on affected computers vulnerable to espionage. Meltdown was specific to chips from Intel, as well as one from SoftBank Group Corp’s ARM Holdings. Spectre affected nearly every modern computing device, including ones with chips from Intel, ARM and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Problems with the patches have been growing since Intel on Jan. 11 said they were causing higher reboot rates in its older chips and then last week that the problem was affecting newer processors. The Wall Street Journal first reported Intel asking customers to halt using the patches. ...
  20. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    i had made my own personal update checklist for nt 4.0 a while back, i've collected most updates, were there any in specific you wanted information on or just wanted like a list in general? since my checklist was made in a specific order to work ( mostly from earliest to latest dates ), you might have to follow it exactly the way i do, meaning, you might have to install windows 2.0 restributable before "q314147i".
  21. Windows NT 4.0 api wrapper

    this is very interesting, i thought 98SE was nice with kernelex, but after seeing this api wrapper project, it makes it seem like nt 4.0 is even "better". i wish there was a similar project in windows 95 and i've tried voicing this out before, since there is so much that can be improved in windows 95 such as newer web browsers with better compatibility, wpa2 support, etc, i mean, imagine a wpa2 client that worked on windows 95 and custom network drivers for certain wifi cards that allowed connecting them to wpa2 networks. sorry if i went a little off the topic but i thought it may have been nice to mention and somewhat relevant.
  22. Aero Modern (Revival)

    looks great, update me if you are ready.
  23. YouTube WORKING! With Opera 12.02

    lobo I only use 9x as a toy, I have a big boy system that I use normally. yea I tried it, it's utter crap on a pentium 3. Might work ok on fast computer with 9x. I have no use to run 9x on a later computer when I can run win 7 7 64.
  24. ATI Radeon X1800XT for Windows 9x?

    9x can be installed to a SATA Hard Drive but will probably need my SATA Patch. Installing to an USB Drive would require some modification to the Installation process.
  25. Welcome to MSFN! You actually don't need to restart after installing every single update. Just simply click "Close" and just install the next update in the list, and keep doing that until all the updates are installed, then restart. However in your case, since you're having to install all 8 months worth of updates, you can simply create a batch script (.bat) in Notepad to manually install all of the updates at once. However, it does take quite a long time to create the first time around (Microsoft makes nothing easy when it comes to installing updates...), and you'll have to add to the batch file yourself each month when a new set of updates become available if you plan to use it again in the future. To silently install an update via the command line, here's what the command should look like (replace "%UpdateLocation%" with the full path of the update's location, and "Update_Name" with the update's filename): wusa.exe "%UpdateLocation%\Update_Name.msu" /quiet /norestart To install multiple updates, just start a new line in Notepad for each individual update and use the same command listed above for each update. When done, save the file as a .bat file and right click on it and choose "Run as administrator" to install the updates silently. As a matter of fact, I made a script like this to install Server 2012 updates on Windows 8, back when I was using that OS. For reference, here's what the file looks like in Notepad: However, the problem is that it's not really useful unless you're reinstalling Vista or you're updating it all the way from April 2017 to now, since you have to manually add one update at a time. Alternatively, you could try using WSUS Offline Update. I've personally never used it myself but I've heard nothing but positive things about it. The latest version should allow you to download Windows Server 2008 updates on Windows Vista, but as for installing them, I'm not really sure how to do it since like I said, I've never taken the time to use the tool and learn more about how it works. Anyway, I hope I helped, and good luck!
  26. Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for this, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way to install the 8 month backlog of Server 2008 updates that can be applied to Vista (in my case the x86 versions) that are offered in the above thread's repository, namely a batch file or tool available that means I don't have to double click, OK and then restart at nearly every security update I manually install. Thanks.
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