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  2. You Want to Change Your Username?

    JodyT changed to Jody Thornton
  3. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    PS: creating new topics seems to be fine now.
  4. SPDY does it still work?

    These are the same. WWW is not required but enabled as a sub-domain on most websites, but there do exist sites where it is disabled. Your entry into the site may be different. Google may link to the HTTPS version, but if you type in the address manually, your browser may default to HTTP. I can make a complaint about this site as I have tested both sides myself. HTTP: 3.752 s Done! Please try HTTPS. HTTPS: 2.141 s 82% faster than HTTP Obviously there is some error in the math as the HTTPS time is 57% faster, not 82%...
  5. You can actually download. Try pasting http://download.trusteer.com/Gcur4Wtnu/RapportSetup.exe into the wayback search. I downloaded version 3.5.1609.76 as a test from 2016. It looks like that download link goes back to 2013, but with some searching you may find an older file.
  6. Win9x WebTV Stream

    It's true, there are malwares, but still, less and very hard to get one. You cant test my software using disassabler because it's not exe encrypted. It has no malware, it's compiled on my WinMe which is very clean, i use BlackIce Defender firewall which is absolutely the best and unhackable. Sorry for not publishing any updates for this software, did'nt had much time. I will try to do a m3u list import - since all channel urls are temporary, it's way more efficient to download and read m3u lists directly. I encourage you to post crashes -> what did you do before crash, and crash message.
  7. You Want to Change Your Username?

    Silly me - I PM'd him when I wasn't supposed to I'd like to change from JodyT to "Jody Thornton" without quotes. Can it be two words?
  8. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    Thanks Tripredacus!
  9. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Firefox has fixed the "memory leak" (but I wonder if it is not a problem with the browser, but with a site instead) by unloading memory... perhaps like it is supposed to. BUT what I end up seeing is that it doesn't unload just one tab, it will unload all of the tabs and if you change tabs you just see the spinning thing until the page re-loads.
  10. I was successful combining GPT and Extended MBR in one 6TB Hard Drive with 3 2TB FAT32 Partitions. This is my backup of HP's Driver Library. I now have access to it from 98SE using my Extended MBR and from Windows 7+ using GPT. Only XP is left out at present.
  11. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    @JodyT Post into this thread and a super can change the name for you https://msfn.org/board/topic/71610-you-want-to-change-your-username/
  12. Thanks! I did try oldversion.com, but there was no joy there. I looked at the wayback site, but I think it only archives web pages, not the files you can download from them. There was no archive of the actual Trusteer Rapport download page anyway that I could see.
  13. Gpu for 250w psu?

    I mean not to be rude but what you're asking for is like a magic trick and 35 dollars you are going to have to shop of EBAY for ahwile and just bid on low price stuff and hope you get it on the low bid. You can't get better GPU if you don't want to upgrade your power supply. Try and get a 400 watt power supply. But GPU isn't the only bottle neck your CPU could be a probelem too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_HD_3000_series These are probably the fastest AGP cards I could be wrong tho HD 3850, HD 3650, HD 3450
  14. The key does not work (aero glass)

    please, provide your debug.log, it contains the reason.
  15. Today
  16. Dave, have you tried searching the wayback machine for the version of Rapport you need? http://archive.org/web/ I tried looking for you, but it's down for maintenance now.
  17. Hi adef, a new Beta version is ready to try. Let me know if it solves the problem with this driver.
  18. hello, I placed the downloaded key in the aero glass folder as directed by a post I read - but I still get the message that I'm using a free version and that Aero Glass does not know how to hook.... a right click does not give me the option "merge" as on win7 something different on win 10 ??? (in simple English... please.... )
  19. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    Whew! I was over at RyanVM's getting info. Glad you're still here xper. I take it that you received my username change request, right? At you leisure sir
  20. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    K-Lite dropped XP support, current version of Codec Pack (14.0.0) can't be installled on XP SP3. Latest (and last) XP-compatible version of K-Lite Codec Pack is 13.8.2. Official Links (identical pairs) to various editions of this pack (from small basic set for playback only up to Mega - the most complete set with codecs used for video encoding and editing). By the way, if You have already downloaded 13.8.0 release You can update it with 13.8.2 update (upper 2 links). >http://files2.codecguide.com/klcp_update_1382_20180216.exe http://files3.codecguide.com/klcp_update_1382_20180216.exe >http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Basic.exe http://files3.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Basic.exe http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Standard.exe http://files3.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Standard.exe http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Full.exe http://files3.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Full.exe http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Mega.exe http://files3.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1382_Mega.exe
  21. Now where were we..... Oh yes, just to completely eliminate any of the Windows updates from having caused this Search Companion problem, yesterday I rolled them all back (except for the Office ones) to last November. No difference at all, so it looks as if they are innocent. I put them all back except KB4048970, which was just to install a now superseded version of win32k.sys, and KB4049068, which was a now superseded version of tzchange.dll. I guess I'll just have to now put up with the problem, although the strange thing is that I've had my present version of Trusteer Rapport installed since last October, and I can't believe that I've never noticed the fault until now! It's annoying because I can't now even roll back to the previous version of Rapport (3.5.1804.158) as I have of course deleted the installation file for it, and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere online. All my attempts to undelete it have failed dismally needless to say! Oh well, I'll keep looking, and sorry for having clogged up this thread with (as it turns out) irrelevant posts.
  22. Polish Language Pack for New Moon 27.8.0a1 20180218. Best Regards. pl.xpi
  23. No New Threads Can Be Created. Help!!!

    Sorry for downtime. There was some serious issues with server and database crashed badly.
  24. Yesterday
  25. I ran the debug version when RS2 was released and found that both the watermarks and having to constantly minimize the debug window to be really annoying after a while (I even wrote an AHK script to cover the watermarks and minimize the debug window to another desktop). IMHO, RS3 doesn't offer enough compelling reasons to upgrade that would outweigh the watermark/debug annoyances. So, I've chosen to wait this time around... So, it might even be worth waiting for RS4, depending on when BigMuscle finally finishes!
  26. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I suggest taking a look at my tweak thread, i've got an ongoing project, removing as much of the metro / modern / onecore stuff as possible without breaking the os, so far it's working great, got it all working in a virtual machine atm, all devices detected and working. zero system apps, zero apps, alternatives for display settings, dpi settings, personalization and other settings, security essentials / clamwin instead of modern defender and so on. using taskbar thumbnails (resized) to close open programs / folders as you get an X on them + right click menu on thumbnails for close as well. free launch bar for easier enabling of quick launch toolbar, oldnewexplorer, a 3rd party start menu, classic openwith, old task manager, old paint, old calc, old wordpad, startupcpl (for keeping track of autoruns), volume2 (to replace modern volume tray, osd still work via kb), tclock (to replace modern clock/calendar), toshiba bluetooth stack (because of no settings app, windows stack still installed, can add devices via devices and printers, but who knows how long we'll have that for, devices flow is used for modern bluetooth pairing but not for classic bluetooth pairing)
  27. SUMMARY OF CHANGES TO THE LIST FOR FEBRUARY 17/18, 2018: Fixed link (courtesy of MSFN member sdfox7) for last version of Skype for Windows Vista (v. Updated information about AVG Free Antivirus and AVG Internet Security: the programs do not support Windows Vista Starter Edition. Updated information about Gyazo: the application now officially requires Windows 7 or later, but unofficially works with Vista, however the Gyazo GIF component does not work in Vista. Updated information about ScreenToGif: the application now officially requires Windows 7 or later, but unofficially works with Vista. Added new (ONG) subsection: "Software Development." Added Java Development Kit 9 and Java SE Runtime Environment 9 to (ONG) "Software Development" section. Note: the applications officially require Windows 7 or newer, but continue to (unofficially) work in Vista. Added new (ONG) subsection: "BitTorrent Clients." Added BitComet, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission, uTorrent, and Vuze to (ONG) "BitTorrent Clients" section. Added BitComet to (ONG) "FTP Clients" section. Updated Open Live Writer to (UNS) status, as the application now requires Windows 7 or later but unofficially works on Vista. Rearranged some (ONG) subsections to be better sorted by relevance.
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