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  2. IE 8 in 2018?

    @heinoganda Of course, that would certainly explain it! Thanks yet again!
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  4. IE 8 in 2018?

    @Dave-H If you run ProxHTTPSProxyMII, it would explain this phenomenon. The following website works for me under IE8 in Windows XP only with ProxHTTPSProxyMII. https://dev.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html
  5. Boot Issues

    Yes. Thanks. I will download them and have a play. Since I am testing at least I can break anything ! I have never used the XP Disk Manager. Only GParted and BootIt. Cheers
  6. IE 8 in 2018?

    I'm a bit puzzled here. I have KB4019276 installed, and have had for some time. When I visit those test sites in IE8, https://www.howsmyssl.com and https://cc.dcsec.uni-hannover.de/ with no registry modifications, and just TLS 1.0 checked in the Internet Options, both tell me I'm using TLS 1.2! Is that correct, and if so isn't it working anyway?
  7. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    No trouble (yet) with March updates, but I had a problem with KB4073080 from back in January -- shortly after installing it, the things I was running on PC basically froze (as I recall, IE 9, eMule, Win Explorer, Notepad or something on this order). I restored my last backup and reinstalled the January updates at a one per day rate. and the same update caused the same problem when I got to it. I'm running Vista HP SP2 x64 on an AMD FX870 on an Asus Sabertooth MB. I've 16 GB of memory. Vista's on a 1TB WD disk, Win 7 and 10 on 2TB Seagate disks.. FWIW, my copy of the that update was downloaded 1/16/18. MS reissued the update in February, perhaps with changes, but the 64-bit file (AMD64-all-windows6.0-kb4073080 ....621fe.msu) retains the same size, same long filename, same internal time stamp. I seem to be running okay without it.
  8. Hi Sfor, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums and stay online with your donation. Thanks MSFN
  9. WindowsPatchLoader

    Thanks for the information.
  10. Aero Glass Deactivates Automatically

    It worked! Thank you! That cleared things up a bit! Now my computer looks like it is now running Windows 7! (I hate flat ui)
  11. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    https://getsharex.com/ ShareX 12 now requires Windows 7 or Higher. Version 11 - XP
  12. Boot Issues

    Is it MBR? Get Beeblebrox: https://web.archive.org/web/20090225081908/https://students.cs.byu.edu/~codyb/ It should work fine on XP, but depending on a number of factors it may not, or another tool, like - still say - dmde: https://dmde.com/ or *any* other tool that: 1) can access the physicaldrive 2) shows the partition table Check this image: the "old" alignment was based on cylinder/heads, ultimately it resolved to LBA offsets of 63 or multiples (the StartSector field in the above). The "new" alignment (that is what you actually want for a SSD) is obtained with LBA offsets of 2048[1] or multiples. A word of warning , If you have any logical volume inside extended you should NEVER, and I mean NEVER use the Disk Manager of Windows XP to change ANYTHING on the disk, see: http://reboot.pro/topic/9897-vistawin7-versus-xp-partitioning-issue/ jaclaz [1] strictly speaking this is not accurate, the point is having on SSD's multiples of 4KB, i.e. 8 sectors, but MS decided to default to 1 MB, i.e. 2048*512.
  13. Please can someone help me out? It's concerning MPC-HC.

  14. Boot Issues

    Hi, Not sure this belongs in this in this section but here goes. I recently ran into an issue in aligning my new SSD drive. The problem revolved around moving and growing partitions which resulted in boot errors. I managed to resolve the problem but wanted to make sure that my solution was sound so that I could rely on it in the future. To this end I was wondering if I detailed what I did whether someone very much more knowledgeable could offer some advice. I received a new SSD drive to upgrade my current HDD (non ssd). I cloned all the partitions with Clonezilla, the partitions are in the following order: XP, Win 7 and a data partition. Everything went ok and I could boot into both o/s from the SSD. I then proceeded to check the alignment of the SSD drive which showed that the SSD was not aligned correctly (in System Properties). I used GParted (have used it before) to move the partitions as per this article. http://blog.eracks.com/2012/08/proper-alignment-of-your-ssd-using-gparted-open-source-software/comment-page-1/ However, upon trying to boot into XP, I got the following message (as per screenshot). Win 7 would not boot either At this point I did try to use the recovery console on XP and Win 7 but will skip detailling this for now. I then decided to move the partitions back to where they were before. XP booted ok but with Win 7 I needed to use the recovery disc method to fix it. In any case at this point both o/s partitions were booting fine. I read through several posts and some were advocating the use of Mini Tool Partition Wizard (free). I downloaded this tool and installed it on XP. I proceeded to open the software and align the XP (1st partition) which it did correctly. Mini Tool Partition Wizard said that the Win 7 did not require alignment. There were no issues booting to XP or Win 7 after using Mini Parttion Tool Wizard.. I also used Mini Tool Partition Wizard to test and move the Win 7 partition along the disc, which it did correctly and again there were no booting issues. It moved Win 7 within XP ie no reboot. So any reason why Gparted is giving boot errors when I try to align / move partitions? Should I just be using Mini Tool Partition Wizard as it seems to work? Was this the better way. Not sure what to make of it as I have read many post about users who run into boot problems when they resize their partitions especially if they dual boot XP and Win 7 As I said at the beginning of my post I wanted to make sure that what I did was correct, for future use. Sorry for long post and many thanks for any info provided Cheers
  15. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    @Ruan - I can confirm that I experience the bluescreen issue on my Vista Business x64 virtual machine: However, the article on the update that you linked (KB4089344) points out this problem: I performed the workaround on my Vista install, and found that the problem no longer occurs. However, since I (and most likely most Vista users these days) prefer to have the Desktop Window Manager enabled, this solution will likely only be viable for users of Windows Vista on older video cards which don't support Aero/DWM, or users of Windows Vista Starter (which doesn't support Aero). The issue likely occurs in Server 2008 as well, but being a Server OS, most users are going to have the DWM turned off anyway so I doubt it will be much of an issue for users of that OS. As for the Sandboxie issues, what symptoms are you experiencing exactly? I don't use the software myself, so forgive my ignorance, but I am able to run the program just fine on my fully updated Vista VM: Thanks for reporting these issues.
  16. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    No noticeable problems with Jan/ Feb updates, however March was a different story... All March updates installed fine, and system seemed to be running well at first, but then I found that if I log-off one user account to switch to another, Vista crashes and reboots . Anybody else experiencing this? Overall, I had to uninstall KB4089229 & KB4090450 as they break Sandboxie, and KB4089344, to cure the crash/reboot problem. Anyone else have any update hiccups this month?
  17. Requesting 2003 Hotfix

    They are included in this: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177611-office-2003-patches-after-sp3/ but MSP versions.
  18. What Are You Listening To?

    Harry Connick Jr. - We're In Love with scenes from various Virginia Mayo & Danny Kaye movies ____________________________________________________________ Connie Stevens & Roger Smith - I Like the Likes of You as seen in 77 Sunset Strip, S2, E33, 'Perfect Setup'
  19. Post your Windows 7 Desktops!

    I can't find anywhere to post a Vista desktop, so I hope I'm a welcome guest to this thread. I'm back on Vista now, and I'm using a Media Center theme.
  20. Aero Glass Deactivates Automatically

    Press the Windows key on your keyboard, and type task scheduler. You will see it come up in the start menu. Click it, and wait for it to open. In the left pane click on Task scheduler Library. In the top middle part of Task Scheduler you will see a list of tasks. If there is a task called aeroglass or similar, right click on it, and select delete, confirm if asked. Now, in the right hand section of task scheduler, under Actions, select import task, and it will open a windows where you can go to the Aero_Glass.xml download, click on the xml file, and confirm any window which opens. Now restart your computer, and you should be good to go.
  21. Force close programs on shutdown

    Seems like it was working on NT 4.0 also, though registry path is slightly different, http://www.angelfire.com/az/TucsonCactus/NThacks.htm : And also for NT 3.5: https://web.archive.org/web/20070807211633/http://support.microsoft.com/kb/123058 But the OP is still presumably about 9x, where I don't think that it would, maybe on Me? Or maybe it does http://franck.kiechel.free.fr/dbr_eng/Shutdown.htm jaclaz
  22. Force close programs on shutdown

    Perhaps it was only the WaitToKillAppTimeout entry that was used for NT 4.
  23. Plop contains part of the needed code. Many more BIOS services would need to be emulated. An EFI Program that transfers control to the BIOS Emulator would also be needed. Intel published a specification for CSM that might be helpful.
  24. This has been known for some time. What about a workaround, like Plop Boot Manager? Or possibility to add back CSM Code for new coming motherboard via custom BIOSes?
  25. It looks like doomsday is coming in 2020. At least as far as Intel is concerned. They announced that they intend to remove their CSM Code for all UEFI Firmware. Unless somebody comes up with a viable alternative, DOS, Windows 9x, and all 32-Bit OSes will no longer work except in VMs.
  26. SYS.COM from 98SE for ME

    That's another matter entirely, and I do use the non crippled files so I can get proper DOS boot in the first place. I even made a tool to automate the process.
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