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  2. Would you be so kind and share the build that works on windows 7? I want to do some experiments.
  3. i can ask you pretty much the same question. Why you resist to switch? i mean we are here for a reason. We're the minority and we should not ask these questions..
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  5. mhhh combine batch and powershell - i will give it a try... - (the reason i like to write it as batch, is just of my "old" tools folder & get rid of tools that are not useful anymore, and the useful ones...) - in this case subinacl - on the second hand: - i am still try to make a error-free w10.wim - and for this image, i like to be sure, that SYSTEM & TrustedInstaller got Full Permission on all Files and Folders, without changing ownership...) (only some "corrupted" ownerships [why i got them after clean install???], should be changed...)
  6. Ah, in Application Data , I see now, thank you Mathwiz for this screenshot! PS. ...anyone here with Windows XP has a proxy/VPN extension working in Firefox forks, please?
  7. @JFX Thanks for your quick answer, I think usb-boot-watcher will solve my problem. alacran
  8. Some. "md5sum" is not a built-in batch command, so it must be an external program (and as such it should be always invoked as md5sum.exe, possibly even including its path to avoid possible issues when the batch is moved. This said, I would personally rather avoid the IF check and rather use a pipe to FIND, Also - surely you have your reasons but the /o-n parameter to dir doesn't seem like *needed*. As well, you surely have your reasons, but usually the setlocal is done globally on the whole batch and not within a function/subroutine, and without other information the EXIT /B seems superfluous. For the record, a directory should always ends with \. Anyway, provided that I got the whole idea behind correctly, I would personally write that stuff more *like*: @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION CALL :f_RecurseMd5 "%~dp0" GOTO :EOF :f_RecurseMd5 %_DirNames% SET "_Dir1=%~1" IF NOT "%_Dir1:~-1,1%"=="\" SET _Dir1=%_Dir1%\ FOR /F "tokens=* delims=" %%? IN ('DIR /-B/A-D "!_Dir1!"^|FIND /V /I "App.md5"') DO ECHO md5sum.exe "!_Dir1!%%?" REM FOR /F "tokens=* delims=" %%? IN ('DIR /-B/A-D "!_Dir1!"^|FIND /V /I "App.md5"') DO md5sum.exe "!_Dir1!%%?">>App.md5 FOR /F "tokens=* delims=" %%? IN ('dir /-B /AD "!_Dir1!"') DO IF EXIST "!_Dir1!%%?\" (CALL :f_RecurseMd5 "!_Dir1!%%?\") :f_CleanUp SET _Dir1= & ENDLOCAL&EXIT /B 0 Of course it still needs to be tested/validated. jaclaz
  9. hi, following this blog I used get-member -force to realize registry entries have an owner property. Let me know if this (get-acl HKCU:\software).owner gives the result you expect. I never worked with registry owners before, so if that's not helping, I'm off board.
  10. @alacran There was no such file. If the Win7 USB tweak don't work for you, than should use usb-boot-watcher.
  11. you can look here, how to make an exitloop.... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39026705/how-do-i-verify-if-a-file-exists-and-its-from-today
  12. In my offline Windows XP machine i use Malwarebytes and i use another computer to download the updates "Rules". The latest rules is from 17 October , it seems they stopped updating it via side loading, how do you manage to update your Malwarebytes? I used to use this link: http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_rules
  13. Thanks for your answers, its kind of informative, but for the case, that i have only a 32 Bit Version of a file, etc - i have to do some tests, sadly i didnt got the time for testing - all time goes to destroying windows in VM´s ( a single wrong reg, ownership, removed file, destroys everthing...) - windows is like sugar, and i am the rain, that drops on it...
  14. Recently upgraded 7-Zip from v3 to v9.20. Works well and can now extract tar.xz files. Nice 7-Zip has provided long term support for older operating systems. Not sure what version they are on now, or even if this is the latest version working for vanilla Windows 98. Good enough, it's often hard to find downloads when many websites are not accessible. Still playing with SeaMonkey extensions. May as well test and grab anything desirable before these old sites go down. All SeaMonkey / old Mozilla add-ons discussed were found on the add-ons links provided quite a few posts earlier. Dropped resurrect extension as it was not useful, commented on in earlier post, will be replaced by a custom script. Added paste_and_go, now a standard feature of full-featured browsers to manually load URLs. Added quickjava- A much older version than mentioned by Drugwash a few posts up. Seems good, i don't use Java but it makes it easy to enable/disable JavaScript from the status bar. Have not yet had time to test what else this old version can block. Added Resizeable_Textarea_0.1a-mod.xpi. Allows resizing text boxes when replying to forum posts, not wider just longer (on this site anyway), semi-useful. Tested video_downloadhelper-3.4-mod.xpi, seems broken for YouTube, did not test other sites, too good to be true. Will find an alternative solution for vanilla Windows 98 that does not require JavaScript or Flash. Edit: Also added undoclosetab.xpi, also now a standard feature on modern browsers. Didn't realize how often i rely on this. This old SeaMonkey is starting to feel a lot less clunky.
  15. Hi, me going crazy - i am trying just to read the owner of a reg-path via cmd batch file, and not beeing able to... ;( - I have searched and tried hours, but google just dont show results with Get, Read, Show, or whatever - i´ve tried subinacl, regini, its killing my brain I know, how to change the rights, how to get SID, eg i like to save the orginal owner, and write him back after changing permissions - but to do that, i really have to get the owner name before....
  16. During the first installation, you must disable the option "Basic settings (for initial installation)". Then Google, YouTube and other multilingual sites will be displayed in the system language. But then many settings (search, start page, browser settings) will be such as in the Chinese version.
  17. Is there any way to delete my account here?

  18. what is the difference between embedded updates and other updates from POSReady patch ? if you install the embedded ones and check out with windows update mini tool they are not listed there any more, in my case only a dozen updates are missing.
  19. Yeah, it can be temporary. The change in OS identifier is instant and quite simple. Chrome 49 is definitely workable. Firefox 52.9 ESR as well, though you'll have to find a workaround to deal with the extension signature validation issue. Serpent 52 is the newest version and is updated weekly. There's also a Serpent 55 but it's rarely updated and different branch. should work though. And roytam1 also releases New Moon 28.x.x on the same weekly schedule, which is a fork of Pale Moon. And I just booted into my win2k VM with Office 2007. Even with no fcwin2k entries and the OS identifying as good ol' 5.00.2195 SP4, Office apps opened without issue. weird.
  20. question is, why are you on Vista rather than W7 if they look pretty much the same ??
  21. OK, well thanks, you spared me the trouble. Sounds like it's not fully functional, so I'll stick with 2007 then. Didn't notice that until now! I knew it was 1999 but when I opened up cmd.exe that didn't even catch my eye until you pointed it out. Interesting. I thought KernelEx just replaced DLLs and stuff, not actually parts of the OS. But I guess it replaces things such that only an astute onlooker would notice it was changed. Very nice! When you say not using Office, you mean temporarily or permanently? I'll keep what BWC changed as is, because I don't inherently hate the XP components, just the whole XP package itself. I've heard of that, but I'm not interested in these as they sound rather sketchy. Also look weird. Thanks, I'll check that out. I still want to install the latest possible official Chrome (or at least Chromium) and Firefox, however outdated they are. Just my personal preference. I've been using Pale Moon 26.5 on W2K up until now, but 26.5 is the newest supported on XP too so I'm not going to be upgrading that. The one I had was one hacked specifically for 2K though. I'll give Serpent 52 a look (53 and newer don't work?) and maybe use that and Pale Moon. I like the older Firefox interface though compared to what Serpent 52 and newer Firefoxes seem to use. It just doesn't look right on W2K... that's why the Pale Moon browser is nice, because it looks so much more dated. So do you know about the official Chrome/Firefox builds? Also, I have restarted my system numerous times now and the error dialogs still appear 2x every time. I just opened FCWIN2K and now it looks a lot smaller, suddenly the text and window are both tiny. I tried re-doing it again just now but it's still the same. You don't get the error dialogs on your W2K, correct? And all you had to use was FCWIN2K? Weird.
  22. I've done 2010, documented it in another thread a couple months ago. Installation of the full suite failed due to inability to start the "Office Software Protection Service", but I got PowerPoint Viewer 2010 running somewhat stable in a debugger. The only visible change will be "5.01.2600 Service Pack 3" under Windows 2000 in the System control panel applet. CMD will stay the same (actually BWC replaced it with XP's, so the copyright date is now 2001 instead of 1999). Don't knock the XP components though - the Device Manager in our win2k is actually the one from XP SP2 which makes it easier to see hardware IDs. You could always change it back when you're not using Office. I was thinking of blackwingcat's packages for stuff like .NET 3/4, VC++ 2017 etc. That stuff isn't intended for XP or newer. The newest Chromium browser is 360 Extreme Explorer (Chromium 69). It still has some issues with extensions and you may want to go for the Russian repack instead of the official Chinese version. But Advanced Chrome 54 works too. For firefox-based browsers, check out @roytam1's work (and @i430VX's installer). It works very well, extensions and all. Serpent 52 is my main browser.
  23. OK, I will do that then. Nah, I won't bother. This is in a VM right now, so if I wanted to test Office 2010, I would go back to a snapshot and fork that and try that. Have you tried/had any success with 2010? The only reason I would go with that is it's probably a bit more refined and Outlook 2010 in particular has some nicer edges, particularly with Conversation View and folder layout. I haven't used Outlook 2007 in about 6 year though, and back then it wasn't connected to an email account, so I still have to see how well email works. Certainly much better than Outlook 2003, if it works. I'm not sure I want to do that, I like the system thinking it's W2K, since it is. For instance, when you open cmd.exe and it says "Windows 2000 Professional". I wouldn't want to see XP there. What other OS components might I want to install? Aren't they all already included out of the box? Also, now that I have KernelEx, what is the newest version of Chrome/Firefox available? I found 12 on vanilla W2K for Firefox, 26.5 for Pale Moon, and Chrome not possible at all. Chrome 49 is the newest for XP but the video I watched had him only at Chrome 31. Could you clarify this? Also, specifically with regards to Chrome: how to install? It seems they have an online installer and no way to actually download a particular Chrome, so it seems it would be difficult to actually install Chrome. IE 6 is "usable" but CSS and HTTPS basically don't work.
  24. Yeah, I did install SP3 with no ill effects. But yes, I was unable to uninstall Office 2007. Not even RipOutOffice2007 worked! Though there is a manual removal guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20090717095827/https://support.microsoft.com/kb/928218 You may want to use NNN4NT5 so the whole system thinks it's XP, as I described earlier. The only reason why you'd need to change it back to 2000 after that would be to install MS OS components destined for Windows 2000.
  25. Well I've patched Word and regardless of whether I do RUN COMPAT or open from the Start Menu it's the same thing. It seems when I open any office component (I also tried Picture Manager) I get the dialog, hit OK, get it again, hit OK again, it lags for a bit, and then after a minute it's gone and I can use the application normally... until I close it and start it up again. If Word is already open and I open it again, I don't experience any issues. But I can't keep it running all the time like that. Do I need to use the AppCompat bat file or just FCWIN2K? Also related, winword seems to keep disappearing from FCWIN2K after a little bit, and I keep re-adding it. However, even when it's currently in the table, Word doesn't work right. Also, is it OK to install SP3 for O2K7? This guy did it: though I'm not sure how it turned out for him. Also, oddly enough, I can neither Change nor Remove O2K7 from Control Panel. Seems like an oversight on Microsoft's behalf... they never thought people would install things they weren't "supposed" to?
  26. No, just the main executable for each program.
  27. Yup, that's what I did and it didn't work Weird. It's there, and now it works. Not complaining, but it wasn't rendering the first few times. Maybe I had to go to the folder and double click the font file. However, Cambria also works now, and it didn't before. I guess navigating to the Fonts directory fixed the issue. Word *seems* usable. I haven't tried Outlook yet, guessing it's going to be a nightmare trying to get it to work, if it can at all. However, FCWIN2K doesn't seem to prevent the incompatible error. I don't notice any other issues, other than the error dialog. If only I could stop its "immune response"! I only tried WINWORD.exe, are there are other exe files that need to be patched? Obviously each program, but I'm just trying Word right now And thanks so much for your help so far! I would never have been able to get this far w/o your help. Sorry I keep asking for more help, but I've been tingling ever since learning this might be possible, and would love so much for it to work out, because then I could actually use W2K forever and not have to use XP.
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