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  2. Guys, I just wanna confess that the latest version of TeamViewer works perfectly on Windows Vista. Connected it to my main PC (which is modernly better haha) with Hackintosh macOS Mojave. Also I'd like to point out that the latest version of f.lux is working, but you just need to Unblock the installer or else it will not work. I don't know when will TeamViewer, f.lux or anything will announce their end-of-service for Vista yet. I also done a Geekbench 4 test (which required Windows 7 as the minimum OS but it ran without problems on Vista!), and I did remember some service I signed in to on Windows Vista, and then I checked my E-mail, it showed the info of my system and thinks my OS was Windows 7 (no I didn't spoof anything haha)
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  4. Internet Explorer 7 I have already found working links to all languages, so I’ll update the list of updates. AppLocale I was able to find only a version with a size of 1.23MB and a digital signature with the date June 18, 2003, and in my archive for many years there is a version with the name apploc.msi, the size of 1.32MB and a digital signature with the date June 20, 2003. Therefore, I added my version to the set of updates, because it is newer. If someone can find a link to a version with a digital signature on June 20, I will add it to the list. WMEncoder I could not find working links, so I left only the English version, but add your links. Update KB955704 has the actual file name WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-***.exe. I renamed mp10setup by languages so as not to get confused when I downloaded, but when I sorted by languages I forgot to delete, I will correct it. Links to SP2 and possibly even SP1 can be added. Microsoft XML is only in those languages to which I have given links. Why there is SP3 for the CHH language, but there are no updates for it, only the MS knows. .Net has been installing updates for a very long time, so I use the AIO installer from abbodi86.
  5. I asked the same question regarding Windows 2000 a few years ago, but there has been no definite answer.
  6. It wouldn't have to open a window to do that! It could just slip the .exe into your Startup folder invisibly, and be done with it. In fact, opening a window would be counterproductive from the malware's point of view: you might notice the rogue .exe in there and delete it. At the very least, having an Explorer window open up unbidden would be a tip-off that something was amiss. I mean, security I dig, but you guys are taking it to an extreme if you think it's a risk to let your browser ever open an Explorer window! But, whatever. As I thought I made clear, it's not that big of a deal, especially since running your browser with limited privileges has other benefits. I just thought I'd point out that side-effect in case someone else tries this trick, then later notices they can't open their download folder from the browser any more. Just trying to save some time troubleshooting why that was happening; didn't realize pointing it out would become so, um, controversial....
  7. Latest FileZilla 3.42.1 32-bit won't launch under Vista SP2 because of only one missing function in Vista's shell32.dll system file: ... and, actually, the very last Vista SP2 compatible version of FileZilla is 3.40.0-rc2, released on Jan 22nd 2019: You can download this Vista EoS version from the official repository at https://download.filezilla-project.org/client/ Final 3.40.0 was released three days later (Jan 25th 2019) but, as you've found out, it would run only on Win7+ FileZilla is open source, so perhaps one could recompile more recent source code to again target at least NT 6.0; here's hoping
  8. I'm not surprised. I would expect MS Update to read the list of Updates in the Registry rather than opening a lot of files, some of which could be locked.
  9. I have Office XP (2002) installed on my netbook, which is dual boot Windows XP SP3 and Windows 8.1. It's installed on both operating systems sharing the same Program Files subfolder. I have the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack installed as well, which is installed in different folders on the two operating systems. Now updates for this have ended, I am now wondering what the final updates for it were. The reason I ask is because for quite a while before EOS I was getting updates for the compatibility pack through Microsoft Update on Windows XP, but not on Windows 8.1. This has resulted in the Windows 8.1 installation being out of date relative to the Windows XP installation. Does anyone know what the last update files were for the compatibility pack, for all of its files? If I can find that information I can (hopefully!) download the updates from the Microsoft Update Catalogue and install them on Windows 8.1 to bring it up to date. Thanks, Dave.
  10. Yesterday
  11. KB923561, KB959426, KB960803, KB972270, KB975713, KB979482, KB979687, KB982132, KB2229593, KB2393802, KB2478960, KB2481109, KB2507938, KB2508429, KB2509553, KB2510531, KB2510581, KB2536276-v2, KB2585542, KB2592799, KB2632503, KB2653956, KB2655992, KB2676562, KB2691442, KB2719985, KB2757638, KB2802968, KB2813345, KB2847311, KB2850869, KB2859537, KB2876217, KB2876331, KB2892075, KB2898715, KB2904266, KB2909212, KB2916036, KB2922229, KB2929961, KB2930275, KB2993651, KB3081320, KB3087039, KB3126593, KB3198510, KB4026061, KB4041995, KB4458006, KB4463573, KB4468323, KB4486924, KB4487086, KB4487989, KB4500331 These are 54 updates that I found that are missing according from a clean XP sp3 + posready regtweak (dotnet excluded) How about a github repository and everyone can contribute with their findings? Because everyone seems to have some sort of local repository but they are never complete.
  12. The latest version of FileZilla I was able to run on Vista is 3.39.0. Later versions no longer work. I even tried using PEMaker, but it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong - check if there are interested ones. Therefore, probably, FileZilla also dropped out of the race.
  13. Thank you very much indeed @Nojus2001 and @Dave-H!
  14. Amazingly, and against all my expectations, yes it did! I copied MSO.DLL to a temporary folder, reinstalled KB4462223 via Microsoft Update (which resulted in the Office programs failing), and then put the original MSO.DLL back. Office is now working again, and MS Update is no longer telling me that I've hidden an important update, and when I scan again it says I'm up to date! Thank you very much indeed @Nojus2001, great result!
  15. @heinoganda Thanks, yes that's what I thought. Not too much of a problem for me as I can access the Windows XP registry offline with Registry Workshop when I'm booted into Windows 10.
  16. [Google translation] Dave-H, did it work for you too?
  17. Ok, few things: 1. I found 8 locales for WMEncoder and fixed link for ENU version (previous one routed to taken down domain): 2. After few iterations and downloading everything from your list + 8 more WMEncoders, I have 5635, not 5695 files. See my list attached: filescont.zip There were some files renames: internet-explorer-7-0 -> msie7.exe applocale-1-0 -> applocale.msi WMEncoder.exe -> WMEncoder_???.exe KB955704 -> WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-???.exe mp10setup_* -> mp10setup_*_???.exe 5695 + 8 - 5635 = 68 updates missing on your list 3. Are we also going for backing up SP2 and SP3? 4. There are some entries that certainly lack some regional variants, f.e. Microsoft XML. Are just links dead and I should try to find them or are there any otehr reasons? 5. Why nearly everything has 24 locales, and SP3 has additional CHH variant? 6. Edit there are no .net packages in your update list, right?
  18. Well it worked, thanks and now I laugh hard: And I tried to use it. Guess what blocked me. windows need to check if it's original. Hm. Let's click: Hopefully, as heinoganda suggested, doing it via Automatic updates works. nowość means new
  19. @Mcinwwl If it does not work try the following, highlight and accept at AU Notify me but don't automatically download or install them. Wait a while until the yellow warning sign appears. Then WU / MU should work in IE too. Have a test where I have the WindowsUpdateAgent-7.6.7600.xxx installed, enabled in IE6 TLS1 and SSL2 / SSL3 disabled. First I got offered KB898461 and have this installed. After that, I was offered as follows I can gladly send you the WindowsUpdateAgent, which I use myself (installed in my updaterollup with the parameters /wuforce /quiet /norestart), version 7.6.7600.257 via PM. Furthermore, the direct link to MU http://update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate
  20. This is most probably caused by the fact 4.6.2 Preview can be properly installed via the provided installer, while 4.6.2 Final can only be installed via a hack-ish way ; it is possible running just the .MSI (in the unpacked original setup) does not write all of the necessary registry keys and/or modify ENV VARs; most sadly, I'm not a coder so can't provide any substantial help, but googling the issue I found: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5980847/visual-studio-2010-startup-type-initializer-for-module-threw-an-exception https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/rajakedar_ganta/2012/06/12/the-type-initializer-for-module-threw-an-exception/ Hope they make sense to you! Regards
  21. @Dave-H If the POSReady key is created in the registry and no reboot is done, it can be easily uninstalled. After the restart, this is no longer possible and you need a bootable disk with which you get access to the registry of Windows XP (I use ERD Commander or the Kaspersky Rescue Disk v10).
  22. I thought there was a problem removing the POSReady key once it was there, the system wouldn't let you do it while it was running so you had to access the registry from elsewhere without XP running to be able to delete it.
  23. ... But I did say I stopped updating manually at the end of October 2017; also, some previous 4.6.1 updates were not included in my "Snipping Tool" screengrab (I would need to scroll down and take a second one to include all installed in chronological order.) ...
  24. You need to install IE7 or IE8 and WindowsUpdateAgent-7.6. Then IE can be removed, the search for updates should remain working.
  25. - Install: SP3, IE8, Windows Update Agent. I use 7.4. Install Windows Update Agent 7.4.7600.226 which is the last one with manual installation. The 7.6.7600.256 has automatic installation but needs the previous agent already installed, so if there is no agent installed you have to start with 7.4. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/946928/information-for-network-administrators-about-how-to-obtain-the-latest (Change en-us to your language as pl-pl?) - Switch from Windows Update to Microsoft Update: - Activate Control Panel / automatic updates and it is important to wait about 5 minutes - http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate - Install ActiveX until it says it has been installed. - Close IE8. - Turn off automatic updates. - Reboot. If it fails to repeat again expecting more.
  26. I have not permanently installed the POSReady key since May 2014. When I search for updates with WU / MU in IE8, I enter the POSReady key before the scan. When updates are found and installed, the POSReady key is deleted before rebooting. I use my own update rollup where the POSReady key is not needed. Let's see how the changes affect the next time, while I hope the MSE itself no update with the Windows Update Agent performs more.
  27. currently FF process is sat at 620.000k but have seen it go as high as 800-900, but this I suppose is how many tabs you have open and the scripting on webpages currently sat at 1.24GB of Ram usuage , but I do have IRC, uTorrent and DC++ running aswell they are pretty nominal at arounf 10k of mem usage
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