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  2. Nothing has really changed much since 2014. You can still check the updates list at https://twilczynski.com/windows/updates/, although the last update to the site was in 2017, and I am quite sure that many of the official MS links to specific updates are dead by now. I would need to go through everything and fix the broken URLs, but this is quite a massive job, so I will likely not be able to do anything about it in the near future. If you want to follow the easiest path, then just grab the FullPack from my download Archive, and then use it to slipstream everything into your clean Windows
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  4. Hey all, long time no see. Been out of the loop due to IRL issues and such over the past few years. Haven't done a slipstream of 2k since 2014ish. I am in the process of putting together a new machine to run not only win2k, but also win98. I am sure there has been some major updates and developments done on win2k since then (7 years). Instead of me trying to go through 7 years of post and try to figure-out and piecemeal the most recent version of things, could someone kindly guide me to the link(s) to the most updated/best versions as of Jan of 2021? Thanks in advanc
  5. Some more observations, as result from testing on my Vista SP2 32-bit laptop: 1. The mms.cfg method with LATEST Flash (unmodified) will work ONLY when that file is located in its designated location (for me it's "C:\Windows\system32\macromed\Flash\") and it will ONLY be observed/honoured by the ActiveX and NPAPI varieties... My file currently reads: DisableAnalytics=1 SilentAutoUpdateEnable=0 AutoUpdateDisable=1 EOLUninstallDisable=1 EnableAllowList=1[ignored] AllowListRootMovieOnly=1 AllowListUrlPattern=file:* AllowListUrlPattern=https://wwwimages.adobe.com/ AllowList
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  7. My specs: Dell Latitude e6430 Laptop Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz 8 GB Ram TOSHIBA MK3261GSYN 298 Gb HDD Windows Vista Business SP2 x64 build 6003 With Workeng Updates Thanks To The windows vista update restore Tool For Vista
  8. Frankly, that is false, and your screenshot is of some higher version that contains the EOL time bomb. As I already stated, it is well known around here that 4.4.304.0 did NOT contain the April 2017 time bomb. In July 2019, I posted a screenshot of that specific version working on Vista here. The only thing “not working” to my satisfaction was that it failed to prevent download of the EICAR test file more often than not, which is why I prefer Avast antivirus on Vista. (Also It Is Not Customary To Capitalize Every Word In America.)
  9. You're right but they are usually combined with other stuff and are a mess
  10. @Tripredacus They recently added a "more options" link in the lower-right corner of that Supernova thing. You click that and a link to launch the game in Flash player shows up. If you have Flash set as click-to-activate, the page will reload after activating Flash, then you have to repeat this before it actually launches. Try it on the game Multitask 2, it worked yesterday. Unfortunately, none of the browsers on my PC can even reach that Supernova thing, so i don't get a "more options" link to click... just a blank frame and a bunch of errors in the console. I asked one of
  11. Mr.Scienceman2000 ... I just checked the version that I downloaded from that link. It does appear to be a different version. When I right click on the download and then hit the Properties / Version tab ... I am getting this version number I've had that happen before after downloading a program that is supposed to be the version I'm after and then it's not that version. This is the download name ... 'cispremium_only_installer'. So they have changed the download. I will download it again to check. --------------------------- OK, I downloaded from the link again and I
  12. Hi, I have a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 ST9320325AS that suddenly disappeared and freezes the machine (it was connected to a Xbox 360 SATA). It is not detected in BIOS on pc. There is nothing of value on the disk and I am a novice on this. However, I don't like leaving things unsolved (and I managed to unbrick a 7200.11 earlier on), so I'm giving this a shot. Here is what shows up in PuTTy when connect serially: LED:000000CD FAddr:0024F657 Rst 0x08M RW cmd 0002 req = 3D 49 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 49 1D 05 00 48 21 05 00 49 1D 05 00 opts = 00001121
  13. I would say 8/10 for fully patched vanilla windows 2000 and 9/10 to one with extended kernel. I am running win2000 vanilla on Fujitsu Siemens lifebook c1320 (2.00ghz Pentium M, 1gb ram, gma 900, 14" 1280x800 display 160gb hdd achi mode). For browser I use Palemoon 26.5 for win2000 (from this forum) with noscript and ublock origin and until lately it could play youtube. I got codecs so can play all of my movie files on it and browser web wirelessly (boingo client to wpa2), for games I got lot older titles that some needed appcompat tool. What is funny back in day I said I will never play
  14. Thanks, good to hear that from someone who actually uses Gmail!
  15. Odd. You sure version number on exe properties was 6818?
  16. I got outlook 2002 but config should look like that. Replace mattimeikalainen (fake email I use on examples) with yours, then for advanced settings set incoming port to 993 and check force tls/ssl and incoming port to 465 (if ssl) and you should be able connect
  17. Could I Have My Name Changed To VistaEX? Please
  18. I Tested Microsoft Security Essentials Ver 4.4.304.0 and Microsoft Security Essentials Ver Both Of Them Wont Work For Me And Only Gives Me The Windows Vista Is Unsupported Thing And The AntiMalware Service Is Stuck And Wont Let Me Turn It On I also Got The Sha2 Update For Server 2008 And That Did Not Fix It (Also Im From America Not From Afganistan My Profile Settings Were Set Wrong)
  19. You need enable login to insecure applications or create app password like showed here . I recommend try first mentioned before seperate password since that may not work. Then during outlook setup select IMAP and do steps here to configure traffic. Those step should work. Try tls first if not try ssl
  20. The equalizer appeared again with previous sound effects so I made a txt with the pressets and I can use it if sound effects would be updated again.
  21. I surmise that you haven’t studied English very much, because I have no idea what information you are trying to convey. There is no new version of MSE: Even has existed since November 2016. I was using it on Vista 4 years ago, but unfortunately it ceased to function in April 2017 due to Microsoft’s “time bomb” (see MSE For Vista Now Shows XP Nag Screens). It is well known that 4.4.304.0 was the last version that did not contain this time bomb, and that MSE definition updates have been signed with SHA-2 (requiring certain Windows Server 2008 updates) since 2019. So, what exactly do
  22. Yes it is v1.3. As far as Kongregate goes for me currently, in Chrome, Flash doesn't load, it just shows the Supernova thing. I haven't checked it since a few days ago so maybe it changed. When I tried to go to the game page in Pale Moon, the site doesn't load properly, even if I temp allow all scripts. Unfortunately, I am not going to be changing my security setup in order to play a game. I've had to make the decision to just not visit sites or play games that do not work with my security settings, so it is no big deal on that end. Times change and life goes on. And yes, the high scores table
  23. creating a new topic wasnt necessary all the needful info is in the other discussed posts/topics
  24. Finally, now I have a computer that supports Vista. I have to give special thanks to @Win10-Hater for selling his Pentium D desktop (he plans to replace it soon with his own custom desktop that he will build within the next 2 months, according to what he said). He upgraded the HDD on it to an SSD (1TB Samsung 850 EVO) and I upgraded the Pentium D 915 to a 945, and I will use this computer for Vista and retro stuff. I have a dualboot of Windows 2000 Pro and Vista Ultimate x86 on it.
  25. There is an increasing problem with the compatibility of older e-mail clients with modern systems due to increased security restrictions. As a diehard Eudora user, I know that all too well! The most obvious one is that many e-mail providers now mandate at least TLS v1.2 support to interact with their servers. If Outlook 2003 doesn't support TLS v1.2 that will be an immediate show-stopper with many providers. The other issue is that providers will only support older clients if an "app specific password" is used, which has to be specially generated for the program. This is used on the
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