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  2. A semi-random thought, but maybe one could try actually disable the volume in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices\Offline and then mount the volume "indirectly" (and with another drive letter) via IMDISK, that does have a "direct extent access" feature: http://reboot.pro/topic/20450-mounting-split-image/?p=192170 It has to be seen if volsnap.sys actually hooks also this IMDISK volume (that appears not in disk manager, etc. as it is basically a "superfloppy"). jaclaz
  3. helpdesk98

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    is IE still supported under W7? It has been so long since I last used it & my system has not been updated since just before the Windows update experience (i think that is what it was called lol)
  4. I agree there should be a fix for volsnap.sys to ignore shadow copies from later versions. But I guess there's not. Since you do want to write to the USB drive from XP, but don't use system restore on XP, it sounds to me like the best solution @w2k4eva had was this: On W7, it appears you'd use the command "vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On = C: (assuming C: is your W7 system drive) /For = D: (assuming D: is your USB drive) /maxsize = 3GB (or whatever)". Which, if I understood the article correctly, would place the shadow copies of D: on your C: drive. Then there's nothing left on D: for XP to mess up.
  5. Everything seems good for the most part -- just some window border issues that seem to get slightly worse every Windows update (especially with Chrome/Firefox titlebar borders).
  6. You probably cannot do anything about it. I've studied shell32.dll code and there seems to be a bug in AutoColorization feature, so I must create some workaround.
  7. Hi w2k4eva, thanks for your answer. I want to read and write the drive from XP and 7. I don't use system restore on XP, I use it on 7. I disabled system restore and VSS service on XP but it is the XP driver volsnap.sys that removes restore points and previous versions from Vista and later, and it cannot be disabled. So the only "solution" is never use a drive with Vista or later shadow copies on Windows XP. I think the only trivial fix they could have done was to modify volsnap.sys to recognyze Vista shadow copies an NEVER, EVER touch them. Cause is inadmissible that an O.S. removes anything from an external drive. I wonder how many times back in 2006, somebody plugged a Vista user USB drive into Windows XP and removed all previous versions in the drive. Or somebody took a Vista system drive with a virus and plugged into an XP machine to remove it, and every restore point vanished...
  8. Tamris

    KernelEx for Win2000

    @blackwingcat Is there any chance you could make a version of KEx that would work with a polish version of W2000? I tried the english one but it didn't want to install.
  9. In XP flash has excellent hardware acceleration in firefox with these legacy radeon drivers, even in the 52.0 version but you had to go full screen for youtube and other videos. Guess I was one of the rare ones who didn't mind flash since the quality was perfectly fine but unfortunately few sites use it anymore. Mozilla messed it up in firefox even before its natural demise since after version 42 they forced the buggy plugin-container.exe by removing the option to disable OOPP. The result was choppy videos. It's the same reason primetime videos have reduced quality as well.
  10. @caliber Do you have the dom.messageChannel.enabled preference in about:config set to true?
  11. Isn't this one good enough? http://www.learnersdictionary.com/definition/spy jaclaz
  12. Looks like a problem with partially broken encryption to me. Check your cipher suites options, if you have Pale Moon Commander installed, or use about:config. Don't mess up! :) While doing so, if it's recaptcha, test it here https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo or here https://patrickhlauke.github.io/recaptcha/
  13. You are obviously unaware of the definition of spying.
  14. Trying to set up a XP x64 machine but i cant have a internet connection with it because i dont have regular internet like others.Even no WI-FI!(please dont ask why).So i have a copy of RNDIS driver that works on XP 32 bit.I tried it on xp x64 and it failed to install.Anyways my problem is that i need an Android RNDIS driver that works on XP x64 Thanks
  15. And you want to call this something that is positive....?!! Microsoft couldn't resolve a p***** in a brewery....so us sending them information via telemetry isn't going to improve the situation....God I have seen some crap in my time since this Windows 10 crap came out but the telemetry is just for spying on us and if it resolved issues why are there so many problems.....3rd party software....? a lot of the problems we have now is because Microsoft in its so called wisdom wants you to let them look after drivers for hardware etc....and then the computer just dies....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. @filth - Please set IDA to Win2000 mode or higher. GDI32.DLL:GetCharABCWidthsI is no longer enabled in BASE mode. Testers, remember to check CORE.INI and KTree when a regression appears. @Dibya - Install 98se, then: 1) install Kernelex 4.5.2 choosing Disable by default 2) copy KernelEx folder to K45_2016. (DOS 8.3 name) 3) extract Core Update 4.5.2016. files to K45_2016. folder 4) exit to DOS 5) rename KernelEx folder to K45_0002 6) rename K45_2016. folder to KernelEx 7) reboot
  17. I dont have any problems with captcha
  18. I have had an issue on another forum when trying to get registered because the captcha was not visible to me. I have tested different web browsers under XP and no one was able to see the captcha, with W7 I had no problem though. today I got a similar issue when trying to leave a comment on another site, the captcha was invisble even though ublock was disabled. has anyone suffered from anything similar ?
  19. Goodmaneuver

    Running Windows 98 in 2017...

    I know there is an IE5 SP4 available, a security rollup for 2K 2015 I think. I downloaded but have lost it? I found it last month. It was next to an update that had the msmpeg2 filter update for multiple OSs. The Google server stopped IE6 not long after the "poodle" attack on eBay Sept 2014. I had to manually turn off SS when trying to brows eBay after the "poodle" attack for a while. Google has not stopped IE5 as one other member has proclaimed. I wonder if 5.5 SP2 works? (I would make a remote 1:1 drive copy before experimenting though as it may be difficult to get these settings back?) Secure Shells' security design was compromised from the start. The 2016 update for Opera 12.02 to 12.18-1872 addresses web sites that have new SS settings. Manually copy all files across from your temp folder except for opera.dll as other members have said. This gets Github etcetera working again.
  20. How I can limit max value of balance? Or it must be in DWMGlass.dll? Sorry, I'm not understand all of this completely...
  21. I see what you mean. The main problem is why it changes value to that weird 0xfffffff3. However, if it is always this value, the quick solution could just be to limit max value of balance. I found similar problem described here - https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/chromium-reviews/_FyH8-EsI90
  22. Goodmaneuver

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    @Nomen; I slightly misread your question (tired). Sounds like the file is damaged have you lost it on your camera? The question is, is 5MB correct for a 25s clip? If it is, it does not mean that the file is all there. A partial downloaded file will play if it is streamable. I must have partially copied, years ago, an 8GB video from one drive to another that only played first 10%, the copied file size was 8GB. I wonder if this happened because NTFS preallocated the file size?
  23. Every time when I change ColorizationColorBalance to 100 after changing wallpaper it changes to fffffff3 and active title didn't have same color as borders... I'm tried to set ColorizationColorBalance to 100 in HKLM registry part, but it didn't helps... On 1.5.9 ColorizationColorBalance changes the same way but autocolorization works normal... I have 1 comp with 407 build and 1.5.9 version works normal - title and borders have very similiar color...
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