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  2. The x64 version will never be installed in the Program Files on 64-bit system?
  3. Fixed Windows 7 atlas a little bit. List of changes: Added rounding corners Reflection texture (aero stripes) is removed, as it deforms when the window is resized and it's better to add these reflections using AeroGlassGUI. Nevertheless, I didn't remove the shine along the edges of the window. Partially redrawn the texture of the window buttons, as the original texture was of poor quality. Maybe something else, but I don’t remember. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1luiRyy6Q6ZFhMvruCscpl88TgMxEep6y Preview: sorry for my bad english
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  5. Window buttons can be made smaller using Winaero Tweaker.
  6. Adobe Flash Player has been updated today for unknown reason. Direct links to official distribution packages version with SHA-1 signatures (should work with Windows XP SP3/Windows XP x64 SP2) Internet Explorer ActiveX: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Mozilla Firefox NPAPI (also for Opera Presto/Google Chrome 44 and earlier): http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Google Chrome 45 through 49 PPAPI: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
  7. How to Inject VHD System to Fix Computer In case of computer troubles it is often desired to have a quick fix available without disturbing existing configuration. We can decide to Inject from USB in 10 minutes a 50 GB VHD with New Windows 10 x64 System for local account. Windows 10 in VHD has the advantage that the VHD can be copied to any location. Windows 10 is Universal and will adjust automatically the drivers needed for the hardware in use. - Prepare Portable SSD Bootable from USB with PE WIM and VHD file as described in this document Manual: Win10_Install.pdf - Disconnect Internet LAN Ethernet cable - Boot from USB - after beep use F8 menu - Select in Boot Manager Menu Win10XPE WIM file located on Portable SSD - Copy 50 GB VHD with New System for local account and located on USB Portable SSD to your internal SSD Drive C: - UEFI_MULTI is used to Add VHD in Boot Manager Menu for booting from internal SSD - BOOTICE use tab BCD and Z:\efi\microsoft\boot\BCD Or Z:\Boot\BCD in Prof Mode to Set as Default the Added VHD - For existing System Drive C: use Malware Removal Tool like McAfee Stinger - Restore Registry use Registry Backup Portable - Copy folders from RegBackup\MY-PC\datetime\C to Drive C: - Reboot from internal SSD by selecting in Boot Manager menu the Injected VHD with New Windows 10 x64 System - On Data partition Create 5x empty folder for Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Music and Videos My Computer - R-mouse on icon > Properties > tab Location > Move ... Select folder to change the User Data location - Swith to your Microsoft Account via Config > Accounts and Reboot - Restore Backup of User Data made with SyncBack Free on external USB and kept safely offline - Connect Internet LAN Ethernet cable Alternatively you can use: How to Fix Booting of Windows 10 using bcdboot Use bcdboot to Fix on the hidden FAT32 drive the EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD entry Or Boot\BCD entry - Boot from USB - after beep use F8 menu - In Win10XPE use R-mouse menu to Open Admin Command Window - Use bcdboot to make BCD in your hidden FAT32 drive mounted by WinNTSetup x64 as Drive Z: bcdboot C:\Windows /s Z: /f ALL How to ReInstall Windows 10 If you want to ReInstall Windows 10 x64 while completely disturbing existing configuration then - Boot with Win10XPE from USB - after beep use F8 menu - In Win10XPE then - Backup to external USB drive your User Data from C:\Users\YourName - In WinNTSetup x64 use as Windows Installation file your Capture Wim file Or use Win10x64 ISO file from TechBench - Select as Installation drive your Attached VHD mounted as Drive Y: Or your internal SSD drive C: and Use NTFS Format - Select Setup and Legacy Boot Menu Style and OK to Install Win10x64 in VHD or partition of internal SSD and Reboot
  8. Bad News, Good News Microsoft updated its What is Microsoft Security Essentials? page on Jan 14, 2020: Official downloads were nevertheless still available at both https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5201 and https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14210/security-essentials-download as of a few minutes ago, but the installers might be taken down at any time. Devotees of MSE might want to store an installer for future use!
  9. Forum member roytam1 kindly provided TCPMP media player, tested good for YouTube MP4s over the last couple days. It works in Windows 95 and 98, download link below to help keep the player alive. It is lightweight, full featured and does not require installation. Just unzip to an appropriate directory. For me this execuatable path is good for 9xweb's YouTube playback configuration. vidPlayer1="c:/program files/tcpmp/player.exe" If a new 9xweb release is needed TCPMP will likely be added as the default player. It plays MP4 out of the box. Minor settings configuration may be required to get video to display, etc. It can be set to autoplay and autoclose on completion, nice for YouTube surfing. Still untested whether 9xweb works in Windows 95, if someone knows, please tell. For comparison, TCPMP launches faster than VLC and SMPlayers 'mplayer.exe', even when bypassing SMPlayer. It is also the easiest to configure. Based on simple monitoring of Process Explorer's CPU meter, it requires more resources than SMPlayer's MPlayer but makes up for it with a nice full-featured display and GUI settings. As an all around player TCPMP is probably best of the three. Only on lesser hardware, if playback isn't smooth, would SMPlayer's mplayer be the better option. TCPMP_Win95.zip (2.27 MB, no JavaScript needed). http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=26236836007896588087
  10. For the Interlink Mail and News Client, I tried Matt Tobin's "real" version for 64-bit Windows. Has anyone come across working themes for it? I'd like to "flatten" the look of tabs for Windows 8 when I use the calendar and mail together. Just curious.
  11. The Enhanced Cygwin-Lite post back one page (page 17) was modified. The Bugs section recommendation to periodically run 'exec bash' to reset the Bash environment was removed, as this was found to create multiple Bash instances, not good. The recommendation was modified to below. If experiencing instability it may be useful to periodically reset the Bash environment by exiting Cygwin-Lite and it's COMMAND.COM window.
  12. Yes, and it still doesn't install
  13. IIRC, vmware and virtualbox use emulated video cards created specifically for those virtualization products. Any DOS VESA TSR you find it likely looking for a video card created during the time period it was created. Don't use vmware and virtualbox for DOS games except for edge cases like if your computer is a POS, the game doesn't have a windows or linux port, the game runs too slow in DOSBox or pcem.
  14. Hi, I can't install Office 2007 on Windows 2000 i tried with fcwin2k and NNN4NT5, neither worked for me. It appears to me that there was an error in the installation after 20% of the installation and it does not give me code or log, does anyone know why this is due? https://drive.google.com/open?id=14vRau1xzdIpkTwu0h_fLsbKUenOdaS-h
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  16. If we execute msiexec.exe with XP Compatible mode option, it may require "Windows2000-KB971913-v3a-x86-INTL.exe" official Windows Installer v3.1 sometimes stops on XP Compatible mode.
  17. I guess we won't know until later...but if they didn't bother doing this for Windows 8 they probably won't bother for Windows 7 either. In the event they do how hard is it to update the ApplicabilityInfo? As far as I know its just in a TXT file, but would it refuse to install cause of the executable being modified? I have not tried this before so I dont know. It should be possible to spoof your OS version as Embedded, too. Although how you'd go about that I wouldn't know.
  18. For those that don't want to give away their personal info/email: https://www.nsanedown.com/?news=394673994 Scroll down to see the links, which are from oracle...
  19. ATSC 3.0 doesn't have a hard cut-over date like the transition from analog to digital did. And for the next few years, stations have to continue broadcasting at least their primary channel in ATSC 1.0 if they decide to broadcast in ATSC 3.0. And the FCC doesn't even plan to ever mandate ATSC 3.0 tuners in new TVs! So I don't think we'll see an end to ATSC 1.0 broadcasts anytime soon. At any rate, though, that's a tuner issue. Presumably, once ATSC 3.0 tuners hit the market, SiliconDust will make an HDHR with them, and you can just put one on your network. There's a question of whether it'll be compatible with current models, and if not, whether drivers will be available for a product as old as WMC, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. That's correct. Unless you're using cable TV with a CableCard tuner, you don't need WMC. Any other PVR freeware would do. (Is MediaPortal still maintained? That one looked like the best alternative a few years back when I was considering my options.) But as always, it's a hassle to switch; so as long as WMC is working for me, I'll stick with it. Kind of like Windows XP, Vista, 7.... PSIP guide length varies greatly from station to station and from market to market. In my market (D/FW) most stations broadcast 2 days of guide data. PBS leads the pack with 3 days! A few only give 12 or 24 hours, though. At one time, I looked for programming that would convert PSIP guide data to WMC's peculiar format, just in case it ever came to that point. I found something that I thought would work, but since Microsoft's guide was working, I never tried it ... if SD ever goes away, I don't know if I could find it again.... but my standalone DVR will use PSIP data if/when its Internet guide goes away, so I can fall back on that while I consider my PC options. Again, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  20. Hello! How can I change the height of the window buttons? I want to make the buttons smaller... Also where can I get "Atlas maker\changer" or something? When I try to use png images from this forum, it looks awful.. I think it is because I use it without a .layout file...
  21. i need ask more 1 thing: why i can't install the Universal VBE20 2014.01.31 version or above? i get the Blue Screen after choose the 32MB's
  22. after being reminded about it by Michael MJD on YT, i was about to ask the same thing, i think there's a post from 2 years ago about this showing it might be possible. (though @Mathwiz brought up this point, given they didnt do this w/ a prior OS, they MAY do this/have done this to Windows 7/7 POSReady) "My concern, though, is that once Jan. 2020 arrives, M$ will change the "ApplicabilityInfo" string for newer updates to just read "Windows 7.0 Embedded;" etc. and they will no longer install on our Windows 7 Client systems without patching. Edit: OTOH M$ didn't do that with Windows Server 2012 updates; they still install on Windows 8 Client, so maybe there's nothing to worry about. I guess we'll all find out in 2020."
  23. So like Windows XP, Windows 7 has an Embedded version for it, called Embedded POSReady 7. Just like XP POSReady it has longer support than regular Windows 7, ending on October 12, 2021. My question is basically, would it be possible, like it was with XP, to use a registry key to enable the POSReady updates to install on Windows 7?
  24. Well, I wouldn't say it has been released... it has been leaked. Repositories with the source code are taken down as quickly as they show up. Pretty heavy fight going on right now...
  25. @Mathwiz Can it be of your interest? https://www.deskmodder.de/blog/2019/12/07/windows-7-erweiterte-sicherheitsupdates-esu-erhalten-wird-moeglich-sein/
  26. MSFN est um forum internacionel, où on post exclusivement en Anglais. Ça n'est pas optionel. Est-ce que vous deux avez lu les Règles?
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