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About This Club

A "Club" for those who own Compaq Computers of any vintage.

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  2. I have three Compaqs that are currently awaiting upgrading to Windows 98se: HP Compaq dc5750 Compaq Presario SR1510NX Compaq Presario SR1000V
  3. Totally forgot about these clubs. I acquired a DeskPro EN SFF earlier this year. Maxed out the RAM to 512mb, Upgraded to a "Custom" PIII-S 1400mhz Tualatin, and put in a fast 160GB hard drive. Replaced the CD burner drive with a DVD DL RW drive. Also added in a Geforce4 MX4000, and a USB 2.0 PCI Card. The USB card has an internal USB port, so I plugged in a small TP-Link adapter. The system works great, currently running XP Home. (I'll attach pictures soon)
  4. I should have four-five notebooks but I can only find two at the moment. Compaq LTE 5150 Compaq Armada 1592DMT I know I have a more "modern" Armada somewhere. I did used to have an Elite LTE 440/CX (my notebook from college) but it went underwater. I am not 100% certain, but the HDD from the LTE 440 might be in the LTE 5150. Alas that 440 went into the trash. I also believe a Toshiba Tecra was lost to the same fate. The only one I had kept that went underwater was a GRiD 1520. I've been meaning to do a proper PC part inventory and I hope to find those other systems then.
  5. Hello, welcome to the thread dedicated to sharing the systems you have. Pictures, backstory, specifications, it all goes here! (the rest of this post is outdated and will be updated) Personally, I own 3. Compaq Presario 1260 Compaq Presario 1065 (and a broken one for parts) Compaq Presario 3550 (Will add details Later) My father has a Presario 1200XL with Windows ME. (Still actively used by him for Excel and Word editing)

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