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  2. Fears

    Cannot say what exactly you are on, but it must be good stuff. jaclaz
  3. Fears

    I see what you mean. I was "up there cough cough cough" when I was writing that out. I guess I'm more surprised/impressed? about fear's wider implications. It- emotions can create so many different things. Behavior... Actions.. Like that saying about how small beginnings can lead to large outcomes. Like when I think about humans I'm usually trying to break it down/understand from a computer aspect. How we have the general stuff like memory, power supply, inputs, outputs, etc. What component or level in technology would be equivalent to how we experience emotion and its' side effects in computer terms? So with like how we have a HDD/SSD/Whatever and Processor kind of included in the "brain package", when we start to describe how emotions affect us in our heads, how can we/what can we use to describe emotions in a relational sense since if that makes better sense? I'm not asking if computers experience emotion, but what has similar functions to the brain/body as emotions does for humans but for computers unless there isn't? ..Would it just be considered a type of reaction? So just a possible output?.... I don't know. Maybe... If there were emotions, it tries to determine the correct priority set? So with being happy, sad, angry, and all that good stuff just changes prioritization of actions to be taken that may/may not be relevant to the current situation. Is this just going into an AI related conversation? Am I onto anything here?
  4. Fears

    It is not fear that paralyzes, it is doubt/insecurity. Fear causes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight-or-flight_response Those you describe seem "known unknowns" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There_are_known_knowns which are usually better than "unknown unknowns", and than "unknown knowns". jaclaz
  5. Fears

    You guys ever wonder about that feeling you sometimes get when you just know something else is going on in the world that isn't being known? Good or bad. It doesn't matter. It kind of just pulls you in like a magnet. It must be like an inventor's knowing a really great idea- there is a better one not too far away. So as to always strive for their 'perfection' they keep experimenting- they keep on building. I am wondering about fear- the word itself seems like its meaning is really the result of the lack of not knowing something and feeling unable to do anything about it. "He was paralyzed with fear", no no no. His paralysis WAS fear itself- at least at a higher dosage. Perhaps losing a sense of your surroundings/understandings about certain aspects of the world is a result of fear. In this case it was losing his knowledge of mobility- or ability to speak clearly or at all. It can be overwhelming like a computer forgetting how to do subtraction but to the mind- the body is a consequence of the minds' failure- almost/maybe a malfunction. So when we try to picture the world from what we know and realize there is much much more- does it not scare you in the slightest what else can there be going on?