NVIDIA: GPU prices will continue increasing through Q3 2018

NVIDIA Geforce

You guys all have been able to observe the graphics card price spikes the past half year. Though things are a bit more steady and stable it seems that the trend might continue for a while. Nvidia now as well mentions that GPU prices will continue increasing through Q3 2018.

The news reaches us through dsogaming through hardware seller Massdrop, the pricing in the market will continue to go up through Q3 of this year.

In specific, a discussion post on a GTX 1080 Ti on Massdrop from tech community lead Brian Hutchins talked about a visit from Nvidia to Massdrop HQ, in which they discussed the causes for the current shortages.

As we’ve reported for a while now, it’s now stated by green team, the two main reasons causing the GPU prices to increase each and every month are the mining craze and the graphics memory shortage.

“While NVIDIA was here they also let us know that the pricing in the market will continue to go up through Q3 of this year most likely before we start seeing any type of relief,” Hutch says. “So, unfortunately, the end to this is not right around the corner and we have not seen the worst of it yet.”

Miners are still purchasing every new high-end graphics card they can get their hands on and as a result of that, all NVIDIA and AMD partners have a hard time filling up inventory and stock.

On the other hand, Apple and Samsung are willing to pay more for the memory that will be used in their smartphones.

Factories are using the same production lines for the memory that is used in graphics cards and in smartphones and this has created a shortage of memory for companies like MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and EVGA to make graphics cards. From the looks of it, things are not going to improve in the next couple of months.

Source: Guru3D